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  1. It’s not about winning the FA cup or top4. It’s about the manager showing the club and the players the basic respect. irrspective of winning the FA cup or not, I will be saying “good riddance” the day conte leaves
  2. Werner looks really impressive.
  3. LB should be least of our worries now. Need a CM/ST on the highest of priorities.
  4. Started brilliantly and then that one mistake against barca made him lose the plot completely. Seriously think he can be a massive player for us in the future (near and long-term). Needs to bulk up though. Lets hope he has a good world cup (they have one of the easiest groups and can get into knock outs), gets his confidence back and we can get the start of the season andreas.
  5. Cesc and Pedro are players that we seriously need to sell somehow. Both have a year left on their contracts, turning 31 before the start of the next season, should not be anywhere near the starting 11 but would be good options off the bench. But with no CL, and playing in the EL, players like these 2 can and should be replaced with the likes of kenedy and RLC. Apparently on a combined wages of 256,000pounds/week or 13.3mil per year too.
  6. Well put. By the way, what exactly was his reasoning to rest Hazard and specially Tibo. The GK was exhausted too?
  7. SACK HIM!! If there was a f**king thought out, intentional f**k up, that was one.
  8. Moreover, whats going to change next summer? We are still going to try to break even, not spend over the top (or rather net spend), plus without CL we may be unable to attract the players we normally do and take for granted. So he is not going to stop moaning, his in-game management is not going to become pro-active all of a sudden. Most of the problems will stay as such.
  9. Also thats been arsenal's mantra so far... world of good thats done them.
  10. Should they just sulk and add to the negativity created by the manager? Luiz is a character and I am sure thats not just on the pitch but in the dressing room, the gym, canteen and everywhere.
  11. Nah.. but would have loved to be an extra in any of the star wars movies of that time though.
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