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  1. It’s not about winning the FA cup or top4. It’s about the manager showing the club and the players the basic respect. irrspective of winning the FA cup or not, I will be saying “good riddance” the day conte leaves
  2. Hahahahhaha... So you quote me and I am "stalking" you. Oh the delusions of grandeurs. Go back to Lala land mate. Also, I have said this before, I will do as I want. If I want to put you on ignore, I will. If you have such a problem with me, I would simply say take your own damn advice and do it rather than posting utter nonsense and bullsh*t like you keep doing. Again, I am fine with being called a glory hunting, does not change a thing about me. You on the other hand really need some help. Bigging yourself up or putting others down, well... like I said before... Over compensation. Also, get over your bloody self. No one gives a f**k about you. No one cares about you. Get over this 'oh people stalk me, poor me" drivel that you keep going on and on about. Just like in this thread. You bloody started it. Have the decency to argue without bringing sh*t up. Lastly again with the wig. Awww. I can guess why so much insecurity. Its fine. Only advice - get over it.
  3. Talk about getting aggressive over disagreement. The trolling is strong with this one. For someone continuously accusing others of being an Internet warrior, the amount of time this guy spends just randomly spouting hateful sh*t and name calling any one who dares disagree with him, it’s mind bogglingly ironic. Calling/insinuating that others are not good enough fans and trying to big himself up on an Internet forum, ya THAT definitely is not over compensation, right?
  4. Hmmm. Do go back and show the apparent “every opportunity”. PleAse. Since you are so sure of it, please do it. another boring, sh*tty, non-constructive, lack of any apparent know how of whatever post.cant imagine the utter sh*tty life one must have to be this way. the only one obsessed with hair, be it conte’s mine or anyone else’s seems to be you. Please take your weird fetishes else where
  5. Ya, because knowing the options available for national team is exactly the same as knowing what the coach’s preference is. the best thing is as soon as this guy is proven to be the egoistic condescending maniac that he is, he tries to give it a spin that it is the other person’s fault. Talk about moving the goal posts. Next time when you try indulge somewhere you don’t belong, make sure you are doing it correctly, rather than it all ending up in your face. ps- someone is seriously insecure about their hair. oh well..
  6. Having problem reading and comprehending grandpa? Maybe an early onset of ... again.. knowing options of fullbacks as to asking exactly who the “starting” fullbacks were. 2 very very different things and very understandable. let me try to break it down for you- are you aware of argentina’s Attacking prowess? Messi, higuain, dubala, aguero, iCardi, maria. Do you know who “starts”? Give your brain a jog? Try it. You might be able to understand the differences in knowing the options and classifying them as iffy because you are aware of the players available, but not knowing the manager/coach’s preference of the starting players.
  7. Anyone with half a brain would have been able to comprehend exactly what was asked and said. First of all, the question was "who are the starting fullbacks?", a question asked by someone not following german national football, but very much in the know of the options available to germany for the said positions, for ex - kimmich as a RB though he barely plays that position for bayern but a natural RB, we have seen loew employ howedes as a RB multiple times. For left back - they have hector, and toljan who was kind of linked with us. Main problem being none of them have either played a world cup before or the full backs not being there no.1 position. Either ways, just shows exactly how much you know. Try adding something creative and constructive to the forum rather than going about creating problems like a grumpy old sad man that you are. If you cant do that, keep your nose out of others business rather than trying to show off and coming off as an idiot.
  8. Werner looks really impressive.
  9. LB should be least of our worries now. Need a CM/ST on the highest of priorities.
  10. It’s the defence where I am iffy about them. Specially both the full back positions. Who are the starting full backs these days?
  11. Would really love a lot of youth integration next season. We are in EL and its a silver lining kind of thing. GK - Tibo, Willy, Blackman (HG) RB - Azpi, Zappacosta CB - Andreas (HG) , rudiger, Zouma, Cahill (HG) LB - Alonso, Palmeiri DM - kante, Ampadu (HG) CM - Barkley (HG) , RLC (HG), DD (HG), X RW - Willian, Mahrez LW - Hazard, Odoi (HG) ST - Martial, Giroud, Batshuayi We need options in the mid. I feel DD is the best after Kante that we have in our roster and should be kept no matter what. Not having Andreas in the squad will be a massive mistake. Again, we are in EL and he can atleast play the earlier stages of the tournament and get his confidence back and iron out his issues. Outs - Luiz (15mil), Bakayoko (20-25mil), Cesc (5mil), Pedro (5mil), Morata (50mil) Ins - Zouma (Free), Mahrez (40mil), Martial (40mil), Bats (free), RLC (free). What we need is a proper CM. My best option would be verrati. Andreas, Empadu, RLC and odoi should get a lot of minutes the next season.
  12. Started brilliantly and then that one mistake against barca made him lose the plot completely. Seriously think he can be a massive player for us in the future (near and long-term). Needs to bulk up though. Lets hope he has a good world cup (they have one of the easiest groups and can get into knock outs), gets his confidence back and we can get the start of the season andreas.

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