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  1. What's with the hair btw? he looks like a piece of marble cake.
  2. I have a dream of playing 3-5-2/3-5-1-1 that sees hazard playing along the striker or behind, that'll look like this: tibo dave-luiz-christensen/cahill moses-kante-bakayoko-cesc-sandro hazard lukaku Baka could be a great signing, waiting for it. Happy Days.
  3. The performance he gave last night was brilliant! Thought he and Willian was our best players until the costa goal, and really happy to see him prove his worth to the club.
  4. Well he was decent this game, but Hull isn't really the most threatening side to play against (3 consecutive loses, having conceded 11 goals in these games) so I hope he'll perform against the top sides as well. Good luck for him, and I'm all for ivanovic on the bench... or in a different team.
  5. You just got to love the personality of this player! Hopefully he can grow here and become a legend like the previous guy from marseille ( )
  6. Well I can say Tibo had a very good season when he had Cech as competition. I feel as if he has so much potential, and he's still rather young for a goalkeeper so I really don't know where it would go but he has alot of good saves alot of games. maybe if Conte will bench him for a bit he will wake up.
  7. I just saw a couple of games he played and a few highlight videos which counts to nothing, but I got a good feeling about this guy. Seems like he can keep the ball, get some good crosses to the box and overall pretty decent. Not world class obviously, but he's still young and can improve. Fingers crossed!
  8. Don't get me wrong, he can do amazing stuff, only problem is that he f***s up too much for us to see them. Honestly I don't think he's coming anyway, so for me none of this is relevant.
  9. I'm quite torn and cannot decide if I'd like him to return or not.. I mean I love him when in the club, such a nice character and always smiling. On the other hand he's not brilliant defensively and him going forward all the time has cost us goals (and created some). None the less I would probably be happy to have him back although his goal celebration against us (having said he will not celebrate).
  10. "Let's get the latest on a Chelsea target, Napoli defender Kalidou Koulibaly. Our Sky colleagues in Italy tell us the defender has not yet signed a new contract but that Napoli do want to keep him - and that there's a "90 per cent chance" he's going to stay. We understand, though, that if Napoli can sign Torino's Nikola Maksimovic, they may consider selling Koulibaly. One chain reaction to watch out for; we'll keep you posted..." on the http://www.skysports.com/transfer-centre
  11. Considering the fact Cavani was sold to PSG the year after (and at the time I don't think they had anything else to offer besides huge paychecks) I reckon they just want to get every penny they can. Do you think our club would snub a 40-50 million pounds deal for Zouma this summer if he wasn't injured?
  12. Is it just me or is Napoli a really annoying club to deal with? I remember the same thing happening with Cavani a few years ago and it was a nightmare
  13. No CL for us probably means we'll have a hard time recruiting someone of a high caliber such as Griezman, don't you reckon? Oh well, always nice to dream.. haha
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