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    bluebilly1 reacted to bisright1 in Super Frank Lampard *Officially our Manager*   
    I 100% support frank. 
    My concern is not losing to Tottenham 3-0 at home or losing 3 away games on the bounce. 
    My concern is that if (and I think it's likely) that happens. We will sack him because the fans will turn. 
    I'm just highlighting that having a good season against objectives still means losing heavily to rivals. 
    I don't think he did anything wrong. I think he had a great season. 
    But fans who say we can come 4th or that they will be happy with 5th...well I'm not sure if they accept what that means in reality. Basically I think some of our fan base are stupid. 
    If we lose 3 away games on the bounce 4-0, lose at home to Tottenham, go crashing out of all the cups and come 6th I'd back frank for another year. That's what I'm saying. I just don't know if every other Chelsea fan will think the same. 

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