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  1. On 27/08/2019 at 16:34, GhostOfDembaBa said:

    I don't think most are going overboard. 

    He's doing better than he was but that wasn't much of a standard to beat in all honesty.

    A little bit of praise where it's due. That's all. 

    Agree entirely. Think we are seeing more from many of our midfielders, including Kovacic, which is encouraging. Lampard effect perhaps? Think and hope there is more to come from him

  2. 17 minutes ago, evissy said:

    Bakayoko in limbo... Is the market still open?

    There is still time to secure a deal but limited interest by the sounds of it, particularly if we are being picky. Its a shame but confidence looks shot and just looks like 'a swing and a miss' for us on him

  3. Good luck to him - seemed like a decent enough bloke and player, but if we are going to promote youth, we don't really need an experienced pro as a back up.

    I think it will take a lot for Lamps to replace Azpi so expect James may get his chance mainly in cups.

  4. 1 hour ago, Imran_CFC said:

    Firstly I am thankful that the Refs have stopped going over to the sidelines to watch the enitire game again before making a call, however like a few have mentioned VAR should only intervene on clear and obvious errors & maybe let each team have 1 review per half for a decision which they believe may have gone against them. At the moment there just seems to be this lack of clarity around the involvement of VAR on a game. Play should be allowed to continue and the Ref should make the decision and unless it is obviously incorrect the decision should stand.

    In the City & Spurs game it seemed fairly obvious that the Ref was happy with the goal and even the Spurs players had accepted the decision and than VAR got involved which seemed absolutely ludicrous. 

    Totally agree - the review of every decision is painful and takes some of what we love out of the game in my opinion. A limited number of reviews that can be initiated by the team could be one option as you say, plus refs could ask the VAR crew to take a look. I agree with Nuno Espirito Santo. I have come to accept that it is going to have a place in the game, but please not a painstaking review of every decision. Go with the ref, unless someone challenges them. 

  5. CHO signing will be a welcome relief and if nothing else, Lamps will have got 3 of our youngest and brightest on long term deals. Should be careful not to put too much expectation on his shoulders though. He was promising in flashes last year, mostly against limited opposition. Expect he'll have his ups and downs this year just like the rest of the young team.

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