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  1. Tommy Hughes is Scottish, I knew that anyway, but just checked him out and he was born in Dalmuir. I didn't realise but he played 11 times for CFC (according to wiki). Very good keeper at our level.
  2. Hello Chelsea. Hereford fan here if I am being honest, but I have been to see Chelsea about 30 times over the last 5 seasons with my lad who plucked Chelsea out of the air somewhere in his childhood. I always feel a bit of a tourist at the games, but have been to hundreds of really crap football matches so I reckon that gives me a bit of a free pass. I also came to SB in the mid 80s to see you lose 1-0 at home to Charlton. Anyway I find this site a bit addictive. When I first took my lad I thought I had better tune in to the bit of Chelsea I would have been part of behind the modern fan experience Chelsea glitz. And now 4 years later I have a nose on this thread at least weekly. Fan porn. Speaking of which, I am not sure if you have seen this page. Knock yourself out if you haven't. The SB page isn't great but there are some pearlers elsewhere. Grounds that you have had many a cultural visit to. https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/3-ian-thompson Finally, he never played for you as he was understudy to the Cat circa 1970, but Tommy Hughes lives in the next street to me. He put in about 300 games in goal for Hereford in the late seventies. Obviously settled in Hereford. Became a carpet fitter. Just like David Beckham when he retired. He did a fan Q&A once and pointed out that his missus was a receptionist whilst he was a blue and earned more money! He got to be in and around the team at that time though. Not the worst start to adult life. My lad is properly gone on CFC and will no doubt fully drag me in eventually. I have wasted enough love already. Cheers

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