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  1. That's a fair point, I just don't like the idea of having a player on a contract who has a release clause for another club. I can understand relegation clauses, team performance based clauses etc but this seems too much. Surely if you sign a contract, you're 100% committed to the club and that is where you want to be.
  2. The contract circus is now saying he will sign a contract only if he has a Real Madrid release clause. Probably nonsense as per usual with the media, but if it isn't, it would be an odd contract to agree to. The club would do it so they have more leverage with his price, but where does that leave us? Having a player that isn't committed to the club as he has one eye on Spain would surely be counter productive. Hopefully it's rubbish, but the way the game is going it seems entirely possible.
  3. We need to remember he's young, it's his first experience playing in such a physical league and it's the first time in his career he's the main man at a club. Everything that frustrated me with Morata yesterday, frustrated me with Drogba in his first season (the whole going down over a nudge in the back) and look how that turned out. Personally I won't be writing the lad off until mid way next season if nothing changes by then. Hopefully a season to get used to the league, the pressure and what's expected of him and we may see a different player come next season.
  4. You trolls come and go . . don't be so naive.
  5. For anyone who hasn't yet bought Fifa 18 this a little prewarning, the game has a few bugs and not really worth getting at the moment until they are fixed in my opinion. So far I have encountered: - Career mode. For some reason when you sell players or sign players on a precontract, they don't actually join/leave your club. Actually trying to sign a player is really tough. When a player is sold, there wages aren't added to the wage pot. This is really frustrating when trying to play a career with a team like Doncaster. - Finesse shot bug. If like me, you remap your button layou
  6. Absolutely solid yesterday. He will get games as we will need to rotate so I have no concerns there.
  7. He drives forward a lot with the ball which I like. He is a tall, strong lad and I think a midfield of him, Baka and Kante would be a powerful centre midfield. His game does need refining, but being his first top flight season I think he is doing well.
  8. When he adopted the role he did a brilliant job. Maybe that was because teams weren't used to facing 343 and had more time on the wing. But like you said, VM has been underwhelming, especially since the start of the season. His crossing has been woeful.
  9. I've never heard of him. But if what you are all saying on here is true, then I'm happy with it. The likes of Rafinha, Aurier and Danilo came from somewhere and didn't magically appear in the worlds best teams. Now we have a striker who has a lethal head on his shoulders, players that can cross a good ball gives our opposition more to think about. Great name too . .
  10. Some interesting points have been made. I wouldn't text an employee telling them they were sacked so seems very odd if it's true within their professional environment. I personally think Costa burnt his bridges in January and was on his way out regardless. Conte is a tough task master and he wouldn't bow down to any player on the planet. It's a shame as I do really like Costa. The rapport he had with the fans which you don't see on tv was brilliant. Southampton away the bloke got us bouncing. Great times.
  11. I know he's going but it just doesn't seem real. Seeing him in another teams kit will be gut wrenching and will then hit home. Top bloke (according to a few people I know that have met him, including an arsenal fan!) And a true legend at the bridge. He will be back in a few years I have no doubts about that.
  12. What a finish. The keeper never expected it at all and thought he was going for a chip.
  13. Rumours of a 50m bid from Inter in January. Pointless article and don't know why they would bother writing it. No club competing for a title would sell their main man.
  14. Moses just never stops running. His name was sung on par with Hazards and Costa at St Mary's and rightly so. Put in a good shift yet again.
  15. This. The dive was ridiculous, but he is scoring. He is passionate and makes silly decisions with being gobby and lashing out and he will pay for it. But, it shows he is hungry and that it's frustration pouring out. I'd rather a hungry Costa than someone who looks as though he wished he was somewhere else.
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