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  1. Spot on. It's not like he relies on pace and has lost it, as that can never be recovered, but vision and passing stays with you until the end - Pirlo being testament to that. So I don't understand how he is unable to pick out those passes that we bought him for. Before the second goal he got the ball just outside the halfway line with moses in acres of space to the right, yet passed it back. Absolutely baffling.
  2. Maybe after this humbling tonight he will focus more on his game than talking about Madrid.
  3. I've thought this about Fab over the past few games. His game has got so lethargic that he is playing mostly short balls either sideways or back. Where has his world class vision and passing gone? If he can no longer do that then we may aswell have DD in the middle, atleast he can tackle.
  4. Can't go upsetting the darlings of football can they.
  5. We established it runs through Barcas veins, not just Messi, after that absolute sham against PSG last year. A joy to watch? F*** off
  6. If anyone wants a solid stream, download soda player and head over to reddit soccer streams. Copy and paste an acestream link and they are generally bang on.
  7. That's a fair point, I just don't like the idea of having a player on a contract who has a release clause for another club. I can understand relegation clauses, team performance based clauses etc but this seems too much. Surely if you sign a contract, you're 100% committed to the club and that is where you want to be.
  8. The contract circus is now saying he will sign a contract only if he has a Real Madrid release clause. Probably nonsense as per usual with the media, but if it isn't, it would be an odd contract to agree to. The club would do it so they have more leverage with his price, but where does that leave us? Having a player that isn't committed to the club as he has one eye on Spain would surely be counter productive. Hopefully it's rubbish, but the way the game is going it seems entirely possible.
  9. We need to remember he's young, it's his first experience playing in such a physical league and it's the first time in his career he's the main man at a club. Everything that frustrated me with Morata yesterday, frustrated me with Drogba in his first season (the whole going down over a nudge in the back) and look how that turned out. Personally I won't be writing the lad off until mid way next season if nothing changes by then. Hopefully a season to get used to the league, the pressure and what's expected of him and we may see a different player come next season.
  10. Strange isn't it considering this is a huge game for both teams.
  11. Anyone would think united were 3 up the way they are just walking around.
  12. I Feel sorry for Pogba. Looks as though the shield fell off his barbers clippers half way through his trim.
  13. United with a 433 apparently. Showing some intent there maybe?
  14. I can't be any worse than our 'Mourinho: potato field' back in 2006

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