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  1. I don't think he the worst player at all, he was actually one of their better players but because they were pretty woeful there wasn't really a high bar.
  2. How Rashford was in over Sancho I have no idea.
  3. Bloody Trippier, shouldn't be nowhere near the team over Chillwell / Shaw.
  4. If we signed him I wouldn't even worry about a Madrid or Barca dream, both those teams have a long effort to rebuild and they just don't have the financial power these days to buy up the best talent.
  5. We just won the Champions League, we won't be shy of money along with a few player sales.
  6. I think it is clear that we need a top striker, we should have killed off so many games over the season.
  7. I would have Tomori in the squad over Zouma. Zouma too me isn't that great on the ball and looks really shaken at times.
  8. This guy will get better and better, he is so silky and is just so calm and collected. Yes he had a funny start but that's understandable when coming to a new league, having covid etc.
  9. I doubt Lukaku would want to go to Spurs even if Conte did go there. They aren't winning any trophies without decent upgrades and I can't see Levy being generous with the cash.
  10. I remember that. I actually thought he'd got the cross in then all of a sudden it was plucked out of the air by Mendy. Class keeper.
  11. I think we are much better in her final third under TT than Frank, that was the real U shape of death. It's scary to think of the amount of chances we've failed to put away the last few months.
  12. Buzzing like mad and can't sleep, playing Pro Evo 2021 ha ha!
  13. Coms blackout for me all game, but get the f**k in! Sooooooo happy, what an amazing performance all round and Kante was a super hero!!! The fans out there were superb and are a total credit to the club, they sang their hearts out and helped get the team over the line.
  14. Still can't believe he signed a six year contract.
  15. Put it this way, I believe if we had Lukaku playing this season we'd be higher than fourth and we'd have won the FA Cup.
  16. Reaching a cup final is never a guarantee, we are playing a very good Man City team as well and are going in as underdogs. As a team we have progressed better under TT in our style and being more defensively sound. TT has had to work with what he inherited as well, so I don't think the board would be disappointed overall. Who cares about Spurs, we got enough points to finish 4th overall no matter how it is dissected.
  17. Lamps should come to Ipswich if Paul Cook doesn't work out. They are my local team and there is a great family community and passion in the fan base. The club has some decent history under Alf Ramsey, Bobby Robson and George Burley and would be a great club to get back to the Premier League over the next 5 years. Not too far from London either.
  18. I really hope we can beat City with their supposed full strength team. All I keep seeing and reading is that we only beat them twice recently because they didn't have their main team out. They've even rolled out Mark Hughes on Sky Sports to say exactly the same thing. Honestly, when they are winning with different squads people cream over their strength in depth, yet when we beat them suddenly they trot out "it wasn't our best team". Let's do this!!
  19. We go in as underdogs which I am happy with, we seem to find a way when people have written us off. For me it has been an incredible achievement to reach the final and we can be incredibly proud of the team with all the ups and downs. I believe next season we will be far more consistent with new additions to the team and getting rid of the deadwood.
  20. Under Frank I would have had my doubts, but he's been solid under TT. I just think having that extra attacker will benefit us far more. These guys have all played in a back four, they are good enough to adapt.
  21. Chilwell, Rudiger, Silva, Azpi. Christensen could play instead of Silva if required but I don't think he would be ready. I would play this team on Saturday as I believe we would be far more efficient in attack. Hopefully Mendy is back to!.
  22. Our front 3 should be Werner, Havertz & Ziyech. Play Mount in attacking midfield with Kante and James behind him (4-3-3) Kova and Jorginho need to be dropped.
  23. Madrid looking to offload Eden and Bale. I'd have Eden back if we can get him on the cheap, he can get a full pre-season behind him to lose the weight, get match fit etc.
  24. He's a better player that's why.
  25. He was, but he did start off a little iffy at first; after that he was great. I find Kovacic and Jorginho quite a boring midfield pairing, and we need to improve on that next season to be able to challenge.
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