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  1. This. Some logic are tiring, honestly.
  2. Cresswell that old? Wow. Opinions opinions, I find bellerin more exciting to someone rated for his ability to make 15 yards passes.
  3. Also, most promising defender? must have omitted the word 'central' from that post. Hurt to say this but I would rather watch a bellerin or cresswell play over stones.
  4. It's been obvious from the start. anyone who followed the stones transfer saga from the start ( right before Everton's preseason game vs arsenal would have an incline.
  5. Just like Tibo was when he was his age, everyone who watched Tibo's youtube compilation at Genk knew he would develop into a top GK. Still willing to pretend this season never happened and look forward to next season,I believe he would be back to his best next season but of course if he pushes for a move come summer then fleece whosoever wants him for as much as possible.
  6. I don't disagree with your post. But, recall when JT was willing to join City when there was a break down in contract talks despite them not being in the CL, does that make him a mercenary? Clearly not. Thing is football also a career (sometimes a short one) and people earn a living from it. Kante joined Leicester beceause they could pay him better.
  7. >Criticize Jose. Forum has changed for the worse. > Insult Roman, call board members derogatory names,say club is soulless and only foresee bleak future. No problems there, let's like such posts. Christ you couldn't make it up!.
  8. But I thought it's inevitable he would be joining Utd?.Can't wait for the City job offer stories :)
  9. Weak my man, try harder. Off to bed now, thanks to you and other folks for keeping my company through dinner:) Ciao
  10. Oh thank you very much, was that really difficult?. Oh back to insults?. Ironic isnt it?. "Give me sh*t, you eat turds", famous words those, dont you think?. I can drop down to that level too you know...
  11. JUST A SNAPSHOT OF THOSE WORDS. Too difficult a ask?. Yea totally understand you raising to my level of "passive aggressiveness". Lol
  12. Like this mate. From bellend to internet troll, don't relent, can't wait for the next one :).
  13. I asked for proof, aren't you and others supposed to be providing it?. top kek on the meltdown hint. good laugh that.
  14. Lets stick with ignoring each other and you visiting my profile everytime. thanks. Also assist in finding the book on kindle and prove me wrong instead
  15. Coming off after you my good man or you need lessons in history?
  16. so much words, so much rubbish. Dont you give up? Glad not to see the word ' dirge', really cringeworthy and amusing whenever you use it.
  17. would appreciate if you can carry out your suggestion. Proof would be appreciated pls.
  18. Proof my man, proof. Fergie said it? proof, Jose's agent said it ( let's forget he's always on the lookout for his agent for a moment)? proof, Madrid's president said it? proof. Some actual quotes won't be too shabby. thanks. Fully looking forward to seeing " f*ck off", "bollocks", "dolt" and what have you. Pls disappoint me for once.
  19. Erm, proof? sorry I don't believe everything I read?. Pls don't tell me months ago. Did you just have a say on aggressive attitude. Surely not.
  20. No you aren't fairly sure. Me, you and like every other tom, dick and harry only read stories and whatever little the persons involve say. Jose rejected the utd job? Utd rejected Jose?, very sure many don't know the true story.
  21. I was excepting Conte to earn his bread by showing everyone what he could do with 10 men, afterall hes Conte :)
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