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  1. Listening to a Chelsea podcast, Phil Daniels said that the Stones transfer broke down because of Jose. He didn't say exactly what happened but Kenwright had some issue with Jose. Daniels is good mates with Kenwright and told him personally.

    I think there's more to the story than the club low balling.

    It's been obvious from the start. anyone who followed the stones transfer saga from the start ( right before Everton's preseason game vs arsenal would have an incline.
  2. Link

    The Mail say we've got Milan's 17yr old keeper lined up to replace THibo should he want out

    This is along the line of thinking I had when I suggested taking the money. 70m can buy you a few young GKs and I for one am comfortable with Begovic for a year or two while the young guys build up some experience. This kid from Milan already has a lot of experience with the first team for someone who is only going on 18. Take a look at him, he's big too. 6'5" and from the looks of it he's got some mass to him

    Just like Tibo was when he was his age, everyone who watched Tibo's youtube compilation at Genk knew he would develop into a top GK. Still willing to pretend this season never happened and look forward to next season,I believe he would be back to his best next season but of course if he pushes for a move come summer then fleece whosoever wants him for as much as possible.
  3. As a genuine football fan, I'd rather see a player with ambition to play at the highest level and make history.

    Leicester will be in the Champions League next year and we won't. This could be the only chance for some of their players to play at that level. Not all footballers are mercenaries who will jump towards the money.

    I don't disagree with your post. But, recall when JT was willing to join City when there was a break down in contract talks despite them not being in the CL, does that make him a mercenary? Clearly not. Thing is football also a career (sometimes a short one) and people earn a living from it. Kante joined Leicester beceause they could pay him better.

    Do you want the exact quote from the book, idiot?

    If so I'll happily dig it out for you when I get home this evening, idiot.

    Edit: here's a snapshot of those words, idiot. I have made it bold so that it is idiot-friendly.

    "‘We established that several very desirable candidates were unavailable. It became apparent that Jose Mourinho had given his word to Roman Abramovich that he would return to Chelsea and that Carlo Ancelotti would succeed him at Real Madrid. We also knew Jurgen Klopp was happy at Borussia Dortmund and would be signing a new contract".

    Oh thank you very much, was that really difficult?. Oh back to insults?. Ironic isnt it?. "Give me sh*t, you eat turds", famous words those, dont you think?. I can drop down to that level too you know...
  5. I'm sure you won't be surprised to learn that again I have deemed this latest post of yours as more unadulterated shite.

    Given that old red nose Ferguson is happy to hang all and sundry out to dry in each and every one of his published works, it is highly unlikely that he would unnecessarily pass comment on Mourinho's overt commitment to Abramovich and Chelsea at the time of the Moyes appointment.

    What would Ferguson achieve by making these comments? Why bother? To me, it read like they had actually approached Mourinho who told them that there was no chance, not the other way around. For me, they were lumbered with Moyes as Jose had already committed his future elsewhere.

    You've backed yourself into a corner on this one chief and it would be easier to hold your hands up and concede that you're wrong. Belittling others on here and shooting them down simply because "you are right" is the sole reason that I am responding in an equally condescending and unpalatable manner.

    I'll see your cuntishness, and raise you 10 cunt points.

    JUST A SNAPSHOT OF THOSE WORDS. Too difficult a ask?. Yea totally understand you raising to my level of "passive aggressiveness". Lol
  6. You want me to assist you with finding a book called 'Leading' on Amazon?

    Go to Amazon

    Type Leading into the Search bar.

    Meltdown averted?

    I asked for proof, aren't you and others supposed to be providing it?. top kek on the meltdown hint. good laugh that.
  7. Maybe you could get away with calling one person a liar - maybe.

    But now you have multiple members of this community telling you and you're still not only refusing to believe them, but being rather belligerent and rude whilst doing so. If you don't respect these people then why are you engaging with them? Or simply find the book on Kindle and prove them wrong. What you're doing isn't exactly helping anything is it?

    Lets stick with ignoring each other and you visiting my profile everytime. thanks. Also assist in finding the book on kindle and prove me wrong instead
  8. hehe....no: for the benefit of the recipient - the necessity of proof always lies with the person who lays charges you dolt

    in this case it is beyond dispute that it was Uxanga at post # 1639 who commenced the imbroglio by asserting (the rather circular statement) that Fergie was against (the appointment of) Jose because he didn't get the job. In those circumstances it is incumbent upon the asserter to establish the proof and not on those who deny the assertion. In order to shift the evidential burden of proof, Uxanga or the dolt or others have to provide evidence of some sort that Fergie was against the appointment of Jose at the material time. Neither have done so. Moreover, evidence as against the assertion has been provided herein by reference to what one of the material subjects has stated concerning his discussions with the other material subject: that evidence has been corroborated by others close to at least one of the material subjects.

    so much words, so much rubbish. Dont you give up? Glad not to see the word ' dirge', really cringeworthy and amusing whenever you use it.
  9. OK, but other than mourinho, fergie, mourinhos agent and the then Madrid president saying it, what evidence do we really have.....

    Proof my man, proof. Fergie said it? proof, Jose's agent said it ( let's forget he's always on the lookout for his agent for a moment)? proof, Madrid's president said it? proof. Some actual quotes won't be too shabby. thanks. Fully looking forward to seeing " f*ck off", "bollocks", "dolt" and what have you. Pls disappoint me for once.
  10. With all due respect, shite.

    I had the misfortune of reading Sir Alex Ferguson's book, "leading", a few months ago. In it, Ferguson himself says that at the time of the David Moyes appointment, when possible successors were being discussed, that it was clear that Mourinho was going back to chelsea having already given his word to Abramovich that he would return.

    I think that stacks up as fairly comprehensive evidence to counter your grotesque passive aggressive attitude.

    Erm, proof? sorry I don't believe everything I read?. Pls don't tell me months ago. Did you just have a say on aggressive attitude. Surely not.
  11. I'm fairly sure that Mourinho had already agreed to come back to Chelsea by the time United appointed Moyes.

    No you aren't fairly sure. Me, you and like every other tom, dick and harry only read stories and whatever little the persons involve say. Jose rejected the utd job? Utd rejected Jose?, very sure many don't know the true story.
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