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  1. Yes you're right. If he was in form he would be starting irrespective of his workrate. Agree with you on the fabregas issue. He un-balances the team imo. Tbh I'm having an unhealthy dose of paranoia about hazard leaving also given we have lost good attackers in recent past (robben, mata, debruyne, salah?) to this issue of workrate. I guess its up to the player to prove the manager wrong on the pitch.
  2. I didn't miss your points. I gave those stats to tell you a simple fact. Under jose I don't expect us to smash team so you saying I expect us to be smashing villa is wrong. As for fan expectations, any football fan who doesn't want is team to play excitingly and score goals is maybe watching the wrong sport? Not saying it would always happen but its what a fan would desire for his club. As for hazard, I state again, I'm not against dropping him because he has offered little to nothing offensively but saying you are dropping because of his defensive contributions?. No, that's wrong
  3. I didn't purposely miss your point or ignore it. I believe we both have different understanding of Jose words. For me I stated if Jose had said hazard was benched because he wasn't offering much offensively or out of shape. I would be nodding my head in agreement foolishly at the TV. Sorry I would disagree with you about hazard's defensive workrate last season, I didn't think he did much of the defensive end he was much better offensively. Also correct me if I'm wrong but the top attackers in football atm (messi, ronaldo, bale,neymar,silva,robben etc) don't have willian workrate. Do they? Its
  4. You're right sir. I'm not criticizing the result or the clean sheet. I'm against dropping our best attacker cos he couldn't 'defend'. City lost 2-1, 4-1 back 2 back in the league no one raised an eyebrow. Why? Because everyone expected them to bounce back well and they did, they won their next two matches 6-1, 5-1 and still top of the league with a healthy goal difference. Just saying sometimes it shouldn't all be about defending...
  5. 1) "To think because we are Cheslea that we should hammer teams like Villa every time ". Jose's record against villa is mediocre. Villa suffered their heaviest defeat against us during ancelotti's league triumph. 2) Since 2004/05, his first and our first Premier League winning season he oversaw us score 72; 2005/06, 72; 2006/07, 64; 2013/14, 71; and 2014/15, 73; or an average of 70.4 goals a season as earlier stated or 1.85 goals a game so I didn't really expect smashing but villa are also in a poor form. We were at home, needed to win and score goals (maybe try and cancel out a negative
  6. If it worked why are we going through it again? If he had said something like "Hazard isn't in form (which the player admits)" or "Hazard isn't in shape". That's fine and true but to criticize your LW for his defensive contribution when we concede more on the right? And fabgregas contributes what defensively?. Like I said, he's human, he can/will make mistakes which is perfectly normal but let's not say it was the right call
  7. No sir, he signed an 'improved' contract to earn better salary. He has a family to maintain and upkeep. Signing a new contract doesn't mean he's unapproachable, its means he would cost more to leave.
  8. Sigh. Sorry mate but you don't get it. This isn't me bashing Jose or anything. People seem to think he's perfect. No, he's human he can and he's allowed to make mistake. Publicly criticizing hazard was a wrong move is what I'm saying
  9. After the athletico loss Hazard: 'Chelsea aren't set up to play football,' Belgian Hazard told beIN SPORTS' French station. 'Chelsea are set up to counter-attack.' Jose: "Eden is the kind of player that is not so mentally ready to look back to his left-back and to leave his life for him. If you see the first goal of Atlético you completely understand where the mistake was and why we conceded that goal. The perfect team at the top level cannot make these kinds of mistakes."
  10. Anyway I expected a string of comments defending Jose as always, he can do no wrong . But I just think there has to be a way of getting his message across to players without having to call them out so publicly. This is what was going on at Real Madrid and I think the problem is that Jose can’t really walk in their shoes since he never really played the game. That part of him is what’s lacking as a manager, but otherwise he is a fantastic manager, everyone knows that. The drama just needs to stop really. Hazard didn’t deserve this especially when you consider Fabregas playing poorly with low de
  11. No don't misquote sir. City beat bournemouth 5-1 without Aguero/Silva. Barca beat Rayo 5-2 without messi. No disrespect to the lesser teams, its football, in the league goal differences matter, every football fan want to see his/her team play well, score goals.
  12. I understand mate. But throughout the entire match we had just 3 shots on target. Chelsea have the 3rd highest wage in the league, we should be putting villa down not thinking about defending... Hazard is an attacker, give him freedom you think when he looks at the stats of d likes of sanchez,ronaldo,messi, debruyne even sterling, he's gonna be happy? If he doesn't have the work rate, adapt him. Players like him compensate so way else. Ozil doesn't have a industrious bone in him but Jose turned him out fine. Silva is a luxury player but every team would love to have him. Pls don't let us go do
  13. Mate I understand and share your sentiments but I don't think it matches Jose's. Here's what Jose said. "Hazard was left out because we are conceding lots of goals." "To defend better we need midfield to be worried just with central area of the pitch - not to be worried about compensation on the left or right and playing with Pedro and Willian means the midfield players don’t have to look to left or right because they know that they control very well." "They did amazing defensive work - the allow midfield to be comfortable and to have performances like Ramires and Fabregas contro
  14. Train harder at defending? How good is cesc defensively again?
  15. If he had said that, fine. Why say all these about workrate and defending now?. He was waxing lyrical about all of last season. He was very influential in our league win for God's sake. There are just some players don't have massive workrate. He should have kept in in-house imo. Why tell the media that?
  16. He should since he won't be spending most time protecting iva
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