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  1. Yes the 441 system is a good one. I like how Simeone uses it at ATM, don't know if Conte is any good with it though.
  2. You're right its 22mil Euros. That seems cheap, must be the 1yr left on his contract.
  3. By what happens in France, I'm assuming you meant the euros, well I think Belgium will have a decent campaign but might fall short of expectations (managerial shortcomings?) but defensively Tibo with Kompany, Vertogen, Toby (Aldewierld?) ahead of him will have a good run out as I think that's better than what we have presently. As for Eden, I have no idea.I think Chelsea will have a fantastic campaign next given all is put right this summer. I don't agree with some who think the situation is dire than it seems, we could use some player injections but I don't believe a clear-out and buying 7/8
  4. Agree except the Rodriguez part, in my opinion, I would love us to move away from the 4231 system, tactic is predictable to play against ( one of the reasons I'm excited about Conte is his tactical flexibility, hope he doesn't disappoint) and correct if wrong, James is best suited as a 10. Just an opinion, you're right, he's a brilliant player.
  5. Can't disagree with that (although I think him being English factored in that and the whole world knew City needed to fill their home grown quota) but given how inflated the market is these days, I won't be surprised if Tibo only went for silly money unless the club is looking to sell or he hands in a request and throws a tantrum.
  6. I think its the other way around. Quality goalies move for quite expensive fees. Examples are Buffon who 15yrs ago cost Juve 33mil pounds for his move from Parma and recently Manuel Neur who despite having a year left on his deal still cost Bayern 21mil pounds from Schalke 04.
  7. Then ignore my posts. Simples. Life's not difficult, we humans just complicate it.
  8. No mate ,don't get desperate to score a point, its embarrassing. Thanks for taking my bait though and posting this heartfelt reply. I just added 'gullible' to your growing qualities. Also Thanks for reminding me of when I posted first and the quality of my posts these days, shows you check up on me. I'm touched.
  9. >Jose sacked thread>Jose f*g says it's vital part of recent history Ok then. I know I'm a fish but gimme a break. You didn't put any effort into this baiting, did you?. Really weak, I'm disappointed. Try harder mate next time and who knows I might fully indulge you. Nice word processing skills with that post over the weekend.
  10. This can of worms must be opened everyday. Pls mod lock or delete thread.
  11. I think he will leave. Top player but too many baggage. Hope we fleece ATM as much possible that if they prove stubborn in letting us get Griezmann in return. Perfect option for SS role in Conte's 442/352 system.
  12. We would be Conte-nding with Conte next season. This I believe :).
  13. LBB pls endeavor to use "my opinion". You never know when you could get in trouble...
  14. Worship or be whipped. Situation's a tight one, up to you to fight or run.
  15. Imagine all that media stir up about lack of professionalism and to be fair they would have a point. He's already committed to a role that would end after the euros, let him do his job and leave then. Best the board can do to aid him his maybe bring in his targets (or equivalent) for him and allow him bring as much staff as he wants. While he is away at the Euros, maybe his first team coaches/trainers/physios can at least put the players through his training methods and drills, so it would be an easier transition when he does arrive. As much as l love the Azzurris (favorite European team), I h
  16. From this I'm assuming you're projecting a scene similar to our season. Compared to other question, yours seems more logical.
  17. Lmfao. Even FM's board don't ask "how much do you need". Top five words there. Christ, my sides hurt badly. TheShedEnd is the place to be right now.
  18. Common mate, Tibo as back up? Twice he's won Zamora trophy (golden gloves) in the la liga. He's got many years ahead of him to improve and reach his potential. If he's looking to leave, he won't be short of suitors.
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