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  1. Sorry but today's hearing wasn't about her vs the club only. Sky actually reported there were representatives from the club, JM and her. It was a closed door session and whatever the result of the hearing is, its confidential ( according her lawyer) ,so one outside the courtroom knows much.
  2. In my opinion, Tibo is better, A more complete GK. De Gea struggled more than Tibo is presently in his first two seasons. Also he wasn't sidelined for long as Tibo was in the early part of the campaign.
  3. Lol Dea Gea was nowhere near Tibo's two seasons so far in England.
  4. You say it like he was getting runs from the previous coach.
  5. Personality would inform my mentality?.Yea,let's leave it as it is.
  6. I guess Matic, Cahill and Ivan (early part of the season) do, right?
  7. "I know this is football but I try to keep a smile on my face every time.” Also here's the conclusion of his interview. Strange you chose to ignore it, didn't suit the object, eh?
  8. Let's me get this. From your logic, for example, my commitment to this forum is same as my mentality to it, also same as personality?. Ok then.
  9. You have gone from commitment to mentality, now its personality. What next?.
  10. Just some last words. You know since I joined this site last year, I have seen tripe hauled at Roman with some posters going as far as using a strong word such as 'c*nt'. I've seen you doubt his sentiments, intellect and vision. I've seen the Emenalo thread full of hate words, seen a respected poster on here highlight the fact that his country is the second most corruptible in the world ( reason still beyond me). Point is, I don't see you advocating against all that but the moment you felt I opposed something you agree with, you accuse me of being rude to people in which the poster in question
  11. No problems with your advice. Just a question, by people, you mean I treat everyone generally with disrespect?. Also a dig at how I was raised contradicts your point.
  12. The post supports your objectives, no surprise there. Please there's a difference between a sarcastic and a rude post ( as I don't recall insulting him) but hey whatever suits your agenda...
  13. Yes yes, he confided in you over tête-à-tête and tea of course. Eagerly anticipating your next post sir.
  14. Oh V thread carefully, lest you would be accused of "condescension".
  15. Sorry mate for all of EPL's complexity and difficulty, the UEFA co-efficient is proving to the contrary. We are seeing teams of this assumed wishy-washy leagues progress to advance stages in european competitions while the EPL's 'sky four' have been below par recently.
  16. Ellipsis is three dots. Log in your eyes before speck in others and all that.
  17. Surely those comments weren't made by saint Jose. A prayer of benediction in his revered name. Bless him
  18. Don't get all that but I meant Guus displaying same type of attitude as Carlo even when it was a two horse race back in '10.
  19. Seen same attitude with Carlo when we are in a two horse race for the title. Being calm is different from being relaxed.
  20. Mikel must be on happy pills these days :)
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