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  1. "you have used a tenure to slay Mourinho...". Finally the crux of the matter. You see as that, I dont.Enough said.
  2. Must be he wants to leave,right?
  3. In 2 and half yrs since he returned there have been 9cups/trophies up for grabs. We won two, not ungrateful and wish him all the best but again I state no one is assured success.
  4. There's no certain success for any coach. We fans can only speculate.
  7. The fans weren't consulted when we signed Diego,cesc,hazard,oscar et al or when lamps, didier, ballack left, we weren't called in to deliberate?. So why now when obviously the man wants to leave and asked if the club could honor him by not letting him leave London as his family was settled. A huge request but the club felt he deserved it and granted his wishes which many has praised the club for earlier in the season.
  8. Balanced against the wishes of millions of fans? Fans should be the one to judge how a man wants to be happy and improve his career?. Mate many here wants me and you to f*#k off and never return. Would you abide by their wishes?. Exactly.
  9. A crime now to respect a man's wishes?
  10. Its called Headcannons or fanfictions mate. Most fans should be fictional writers.
  11. Moan about players, coach, ref, ticket prices, opposition players, FA, games? Yes I do all that but to moan about the club, owner, board members ( most who I don't even know their names)? Nope, I don't.
  12. Maybe leaving the club to support another solves all problems. Moaning about the club doesn't.
  13. Most of the players wanted to leave due to lack of game time, i might be wrong but i think the club always let players who want to leave have their way. Drogba was 1yr option. If rumors are to be believed, it was either Falcao or Benteke and why would the club pay 32mil to have a player sit on the bench?. I still dont get what you mean by not having ambition, i have always repeated that the sqaud is the third most expensive in Europe with the exception of City and Madrid, honestly what else is expected?.
  14. Made up monetary values?. You must mean the various websites that shared the news.
  15. The team sold Petr Cech who wasnt a starter and had just won the league some previous months back. Stagnant? yes, weakened? No way.
  16. Yes you're right, what was I thinking. Over a 100mil for two players isn't splurging (silly me), nothing defines prudent better than that. Please forget it.
  17. midfield + defence = Pogba + Stones. If that isn't splurging then I don't know what is.
  18. oh not to worry maybe with the happy pills ....
  19. hmm, either you have a massive hard on for me or you are an idiot who has a grudge with someone over the internet. which is it mate?
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