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  1. Nah not interested in doing jigsaws. You stated Fergie always kept his squad on their toes by splurging which wasn't the case ( as I proved otherwise) and if buying a De Gea who was replacing Van der Saar and was benched aplenty during his first stint at Utd is keeping a squad on its toes, then we did same with Pedro.
  2. Then same this season (if Pedro can be counted as headline) and of course a net loss ;)
  3. Sorry but isn't Simeone the longest serving manager in Spain in recent yrs?.
  4. 2011/2012 PLAYER FROM FEE DATE David de Gea Atl Madrid £18,900,000 29 Jun, 2011 Frederic Veseli Man City Signed 31 Jan, 2012 Nick Powell Crewe £4,000,000 12 Jun, 2012 Total: £22,900,000 PLAYERS OUT Corry Evans Hull Signed 01 Jul, 2011 Nicky Ajose Peterborough Signed 05 Jul, 2011 John O'Shea Sunderland Signed 07 Jul, 2011 Wes Brown Sunderland £1,000,000 07 Jul, 2011 Gabriel Obertan Newcastle Signed 09 Aug, 2011 Owen Hargreaves Man City Free 31 Aug, 2011 Darron Gibson Everton Signed 13 Jan, 2012 Daniel Drinkwater Leicester Signed 19 Jan, 2012 Mame Biram Diouf Hannover Signed 28
  5. 1986-2013- Man Utd. Unless Utd sacked and re-hired him...
  6. Top kek. This thread is absolutely palpitating!
  7. Anytime ma'am, anytime. Believe it or not, you have my utmost respect.
  8. Oh too much foreign books, so I learn foreign things. Liking this interrogation, am I wanted for committing espionage ma'am?
  9. Always wanted to ask about your username. Suspected as much but skipped my memories. Yea really some many rival fans everywhere most especially gooners. Argh!
  10. Typos and all but thanks ma'am,. Really honoured :) (oops, a 'u' in there).
  11. No ma'am. Could've have agreed if one wasn't born in Russia and doesn't view his possessions as plaything but as his sweet lost love 'Anastasia'.
  12. We both know Sheik loves to show off his 'toy' and would spend any amount to have it perfected.
  13. Moyes got 100mil? Or it was just paper-talk?.
  14. Since we are making assumptions about the future, can I say Pep going to City is also going to end badly for Utd?.
  15. Not wanting to be in Mata's shoes atm...
  16. This. I like him and hope the new manager wants him in the summer, we might have marcelo v2.0 in the future if well groomed.
  17. www.eurosport.co.uk/football/premier-league/2015-2016/chelseas-radamel-falcao-in-madrid-to-finalise-atletico-madrid-return_sto5098346/story.shtml Back to Atletico it seems. Hopefully this goes through.
  18. Yes, you're right about the transcript but what I read slightly differed, JT said he told his agent to arrange a meeting and the board to him their decision to his face which he respected.
  19. Seems legit. Could be in spain by the end of the week
  20. $5mil.Certainly a good value, hope it becomes an excellent bargain.
  21. Irrespective of what I believed, it was hilarious.
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