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  1. I'm a little more romantic than others and feel a partnership with Christensen, along with James, Loftus-Cheek, Mount and Abraham playing fairly regularly, would have produced the comradery and willingness to play for each other that enables players to excel beyond their means . Man City obviously think he's great, and I think he would have been better here.
  2. Really grew to love the stadium design after initially being shocked by it. A real shame, not sure projects like that ever recover, but rather get replaced with a more achievable yet unremarkable new stand.
  3. Bought it at lunch and took it home to get the 20GB update happening while I came back to work. I agree but I'm hoping for a good story and actual repercussion to decisions, not the perceived ones in Elder Scrolls/Fallout.
  4. Anyone getting Kingdom Come: Deliverance tomorrow? I think I will.
  5. You’ve missed my point a little. I never said we would stop signing stars, we will as well as players with potential, players to fill a roll, players for experience etc etc. Just not every window and every position every time we sign someone. There needs to be some perspective. Of course Lampard makes a good point, I totally agree with it, but I also can see an older player being complacent and a younger player being hungrier in another case. But again, we aren’t abandoning signing top players. It’s just not every signing in every window. We also don’t f**k ours up like other clubs seem t
  6. You've more or less proved what I was saying, even though I wasn't directing it at you. The last two winners of the premier league haven't done so on the back of signing genuine top class players. Granted Kante is a star, but he wasn't when Leicester signed him and I think players like Moses and Alonso along with Conte's tactical changes were the hallmark of our title winning season. The total disregard of coaching meaning anything and this lust for ready made stars to fill up our fantasy team is the point I'm making. But how many times do big players underperform at new clubs as well?
  7. Anyone who's upset with not signing Aubemeyang, Sandro and Mahrez in the same (January) window and piss talking about Barkley, Dzeko and Palmieri. And there are loads of em.
  8. Wow. Another press conference with same questions repeated which Antonio answered exactly the same as the last 6 times. When he decides to leave/is sacked, it will be as much about the absolutely nonsensical repetition and gossip reporting as it will be about any lack of support from club leadership.
  9. There's plenty wrong with having your expectations at a level where you can only tolerate top 20 players, 3 of them, each window. Especially considering the best teams win leagues, not the best players. It's absurd the winging that's going on. Imagine, IMAGINE, sit there and conjure a thought about the the uproar there would be if we were going after an unknown Spanish right back from Marseille for 9 million pounds right now. I tell ya what, there would be some quotes for a generation there.
  10. Saw someone say this the other day and it rather resinated with me. I can’t wait to sign more players of this ilk so we can ship off the fairweather supporters
  11. Should have gone in for Tim Cahill
  12. Did Everton not even register him because of his injury? I guess he’ll be pumped then, if he gets off the then bench.
  13. This blooding of youth has gone far enough I tell you!
  14. Even when we are losing and need more numbers going forward? That's what I was answering sorry should have been more clear. Watch the games again if you like.
  15. Seriously, so frustrating. We were in such a good position after last season and just needed a few tweaks with good investments. Instead we will reset and spend more all over again. This club has no direction. Penny wise, pound foolish. I just don't understand posts like this. Can you outline a basic direction you want to see and what that entails so I can understand a little better. Also what you hope the outcome of that direction is and how that outcome is by far and a way better than what we are experiencing now and have done for the last 15 years? Would also help if you used
  16. West Ham, Norwich (both games) and possibly others.
  17. I didn't really see any of his comments about the transfer market and the way Chelsea operate as whinging. The media keep asking him about it and he keeps answering the same way. If the club want input they ask him and he gives it. Seems like a good process to me and he doesn't answer unrelated questions by talking about the transfer market. Am I missing something?
  18. Fa cup final and league cup semi final is excellent even before I've bothered trying to look up how we did in last years league cup. How is that shocking? Yep we have done it a few times this year.
  19. People that brag about their size generally don't know how to use it
  20. Let's say Morata get's injured for either Barca game I think Conte would opt for the three midgets up front anyway. So it's a loan for sure and then who knows.
  21. I remember that^ "Start the party now"
  22. Not the same type of player but Toni Kroos has been the best central midfield player in the world for a few years for mine. Guys f**ked
  23. Anyone playing this Fortnite game? Seeing a lot of chatter about it/lot of streamers playing it.
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