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  1. On goal difference in a tough group. Is that really a sackable offence? Only by our ridiculous standards. Fergie, Wenger, Conte and Benitez have all been knocked out in the group stages before and kept their jobs. That same season City finished bottom of their group and didn't even win a match.
  2. He was clearly doing something right though. He got the players on side, which AVB had failed to do, galvanised us and ending up achieving something that no other Chelsea manager has done. Maybe he shouldn't have got the job but after winning the CL he couldn't not get the job. My problem was really that he hadn't done a whole lot wrong when he got sacked. We were playing some fantastic football and were 4 points from 1st (and it would have been closer but for that dreadful Clattenburg performance against United). I'm sure he could have matched Benitez and won the Europa League.
  3. What made the Benitez thing worse was the way we dumped Robbie, who had done nothing to deserve the sack, to make way for him. That's still the sacking that annoys me the most.
  4. That brilliant league title in 2015 is very inconvenient for some people and the narrative they're trying to peddle. I'm sure some would have been delighted if we hadn't won it just so they could prove a point about Mourinho.
  5. It is an exaggeration and it's not a statement of fact to say we were about to go bankrupt when Roman bought us. Against £250m of assets, the issue was a £9m Eurobond installment we were about to default on. The problem was short-term liquidity, ie cash flow. Not an ideal situation, but not on the verge of bankruptcy either. In that situation, before going bust, we had the option of seeking out new investment (which is what we did, successfully), selling some assets or trying to renegotiate/restructure the debts. The fact that the likes of Roman and Ecclestone were interested at all shows we were considered an attractive proposition.
  6. Probably more a dispute with the club than Robbie specifically, since Benitez didn't bring him back into the first team.
  7. I was referring to 2003, when Roman forked out £60m for something he could have apparently had for peanuts days later. In 2003 we had £250m of fixed assets, including a stadium on the most valuable real estate in the world, a multi-million pound squad, were in the CL, etc. The problem was short-term liquidity, with the £9m Eurobond installment we were struggling to pay. Not exactly an ideal situation, of course, but it's an exaggeration to claim we were at the point of extinction either. Had Roman not bought us we probably would have been sold to Ecclestone's group.
  8. It's a myth that we were near bankruptcy and extinction...
  9. Funnily enough this topic cropped up at work the other day. To think De Niro used to make films like Goodfellas and Taxi Driver and now he only appears in garbage like Dirty Grandpa and The Family! Perhaps he just stopped caring or he has a lot of debts we don't know about.
  10. 36 posts and almost every one of them spewing abuse at Mourinho. A jilted ex?
  11. Celtic get 45,000+ at their home games.
  12. I don't really get how standing can be illegal in the top two English divisions, but okay in the lower divisions and in Scotland. Are those fans somehow more trustworthy or less in need of protection?
  13. At 0-3 down it was just about damage limitation by then, so swapping a creative midfielder for more defensive-minded players was hardly surprising. Even so, us not conceding again was probably more because Arsenal were happy to coast through the rest of the match than anything we did.
  14. And his plan A against Liverpool was to leave Fabregas on the bench for 80 minutes, not exactly a roaring success. Maybe it's Conte's plans that are the problem.
  15. Seems a bit too conservative for my tastes so far. Defending deep, two defensive midfielders starting at home, our most creative player on the bench, and behind for over an hour before making a change.

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