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  1. On 21/11/2019 at 20:30, Valerie said:


    I also forgive Joe Cole for playing for a gazillion clubs, amongst others Liverpool, after leaving Chelsea.

    I don't get some people are getting so worked up about a former manager getting a new job in the EPL. Why would managers have the same loyalty to a club as its supporters do? There are hardly any players anymore who play for the same club their whole career, the same goes for managers. For players and managers alike, signing for a new club is just about a job. What are they supposed to do, only sign for a new club in a different country because the supporters call them a Judas if they dare to work again in the same league? That's going to be a lot of moving from country to country then. Even Ranieri managed two other clubs in the EPL, and he's worked practically in every country you can think of. Nobody called him a Judas, or prattled about losing all respect for him.

    We switch jobs, why wouldn't they? At the end of the day, only the supporters have ultimate loyalty, that prabably explains the kneejerk overreactions when a former club employee  sees things differently.

    The whole loyalty thing works both ways too. You can't sack a manager or get rid of a player, then complain about disloyalty when they show up at a rival club. Do people expect him to go and manage Leyton Orient or something?

    We sacked Jose. Twice. As I recall, a lot of people on here were happy with that decision. He's entitled to look for another job and he got an offer from a Champions League club who also reached the final last season. No unemployed manager in the world would turn it down.

  2. 42 minutes ago, Nibs said:

    I know, it seemed harsh and was sad because Robbie was one of our own. But you say he didn't do a lot wrong - we were CL Holders and we got knocked out at the group stage. That was enough for the powers that be to press the button.

    On goal difference in a tough group. Is that really a sackable offence? Only by our ridiculous standards. Fergie, Wenger, Conte and Benitez have all been knocked out in the group stages before and kept their jobs. That same season City finished bottom of their group and didn't even win a match.

  3. 1 hour ago, Nibs said:

    I know it was all very unfortunate and we all thought a lot of RDM but regrettably it was inevitable.

    Of course the FSW coming in made the situation a whole lot worse but in hindsight RDM should never really have got the job in the first place. He's an okay coach and somehow led us to the CL (but the will of the players / written in the stars had a lot to do with it). I think his record since then has shown that he hasn't got what it takes to manage a top club and he was never going to last long-term.

    He was clearly doing something right though. He got the players on side, which AVB had failed to do, galvanised us and ending up achieving something that no other Chelsea manager has done. Maybe he shouldn't have got the job but after winning the CL he couldn't not get the job. My problem was really that he hadn't done a whole lot wrong when he got sacked. We were playing some fantastic football and were 4 points from 1st (and it would have been closer but for that dreadful Clattenburg performance against United). I'm sure he could have matched Benitez and won the Europa League.

  4. On 14/10/2016 at 07:47, AlexTommo said:

    Think it was Robbie in 2012. Malouda tweeted a picture of the youth acadamy and said "This is where I'll train for my last season with the blues!"

    Something like that.

    Probably more a dispute with the club than Robbie specifically, since Benitez didn't bring him back into the first team.

  5. On 09/10/2016 at 06:47, havelschayes said:

    raging bull was on hbo last night and im started thinking what the hell happened to him, he's arguably the greatest actor of all time but since the 2000s it's like he fell down a rabbit hole of sh*tty comedy movies, i mean i watched dirty grandpa and it's just painful

    Funnily enough this topic cropped up at work the other day. To think De Niro used to make films like Goodfellas and Taxi Driver and now he only appears in garbage like Dirty Grandpa and The Family! Perhaps he just stopped caring or he has a lot of debts we don't know about.

  6. 2 hours ago, Backbiter said:

    So we're not planning on ignoring current stadium regulations when we build the new stadium.


    In other news...

    Seriously, though, this would be brilliant.

    But only if the government change the laws, obviously. Wouldn't want our safe standing area to be illegal.

    I don't really get how standing can be illegal in the top two English divisions, but okay in the lower divisions and in Scotland. Are those fans somehow more trustworthy or less in need of protection?

  7. 1 hour ago, coco said:

    Have you got a problem with your reading ? I put 'midfield', which includes Kante.

    Conte obviously thought we would do better taking off a midfielder and bringing a defender and switching to three at the back. The midfielder he took off was Cesc, make of that what you like, but we din't concede again after that.

    At 0-3 down it was just about damage limitation by then, so swapping a creative midfielder for more defensive-minded players was hardly surprising. Even so, us not conceding again was probably more because Arsenal were happy to coast through the rest of the match than anything we did.

  8. 27 minutes ago, coco said:

    Fabregas was Conte's 'plan A' against Arsenal, say no more.

    And his plan A against Liverpool was to leave Fabregas on the bench for 80 minutes, not exactly a roaring success.

    Maybe it's Conte's plans that are the problem.

  9. Just now, Chelsbear said:

    Or maybe we saw how Luiz can be when he put in a MOTM display in our biggest game in the history of the club....while he was injured.

    He had far more good games for us than bad ones, scored important goals and won important trophies. No one on here has once said he was world class or the best defender in the league...he's not a poor defender though....you only have to look at what he's achieved to know that.

    The whole crazy hair and such is just throwaway comments people make these days. Because some love his passion and enthusiasm to be here they shouldn't have to be tarred with the above nonsense.


    Was Luiz MOTM against Bayern? In any case, Bosingwa had the game of his life at centre half against Barca in that semi. That doesn't make him a great defender or mean we should go and re-sign him.

    Even saying he's had more good games than bad is really damning him with feint praise. We should be looking for more than than in a centre half.  Remember those same years we won the CL and EL with him in the side we were also miles off the pace in the league.

  10. 53 minutes ago, Chelsbear said:

    Meh I can't be bothered anymore.

    Call me crazy but I'd rather get behind a new signing (and a previous winner) than try to pick apart his few bad games and make it all seem doom and gloom.

    It's like some of you would have rather we brought in another Papy than a proven top level defender who has done it all, Moaning for moaning sakes I think.

    Of course I want Luiz to do well and I hope he proves me wrong. I just think this signing was unnecessary and will turn out to be a mistake. I don't see the point of blindly hoping his two years in Paris have turned him into Franco Baresi.

    Just seems to me that some are happy because we've brought back a guy with funny hair and a wacky personality rather than a proven top level defender.

  11. 6 minutes ago, Chelsbear said:

    1 game doesn't make a bad player, name me one Brazilian who played well that day? 

    Bossingwa and Kalou weren't starting most games during those runs that's the difference, no one said Luiz was a great player in any case unless I have missed that? He's clearly not as bad as people are making out in here

    Van Persie made a mug out of Terry at the Bridge a few years back when we got battered but he isn't a bad player, it happens. 

    By all accounts Luiz was the one who forced the move through as soon as he heard we were interested. PSG have a new manager who maybe wants a new start

    Surely your argument goes both ways. If he gets credit for winning caps and being in teams that have won things (none of which necessarily makes him a top defender), you can't ignore a 7-1 thrashing on the biggest stage of all?

    Bosingwa did play in the CL final and the semi against Barca (at centre half!). Roque Junior won a World Cup final with Brazil. Djimi Traore won a CL final with Liverpool. And so on and so forth.

    Thing is, JT's disasters are rare and that match was five years ago. Luiz was made a mug of against Monaco two weeks ago. He might not be as bad as some are making out, but he's also not as good as some are trying to make out. He's simply not a top defender, he's not a significant upgrade on what we have already and given he'll turn 30 next year, it's not as if he's likely to improve or one for the future. A team chasing PL and CL success should be looking for better. I still can't make sense of this signing.

    I think it's revealing that a shrewd manager like Emery was happy to let Luiz go even though it was at short notice and left him short of defenders.

  12. 11 hours ago, Chelsbear said:

    So you just blatantly ignore the caps he has won for Brazil, captained his national side...club side...won league titles, domestic cups, champions leagues, Europa leagues playing as a starting CB?

    He did also captain a Brazil side which lost a World Cup semi 7-1 at home.

    Being part of successful teams doesn't necessarily make him a great player. Bosingwa and Kalou won CL and Premier League titles as well.

    You have to ask why PSG were so happy to sell him at a loss just two years after signing him when it left them short of defenders with no time to sign a replacement

  13. So that's six players who can cover centre-half for us: Terry, Cahill, Ivanovic, Zouma, Alonso and Luiz, not including Christianssen and the gazillion other young defenders who could surely have been used in an emergency. Meanwhile for the next four months we have two strikers, one of whom is new to this club/country and the other rarely goes long without being injured or suspended.

    I'm surprised there's such enthusiam for Luiz' return. Sure he's wacky and likeable and all that, but he can't defend to save his life, and surely that's the bottom line. I wonder what feelings would be if he played the same way but looked like Wayne Rooney and had the charisma of Steven Gerrard?


  14. All this stems from a rumour which originated with the Mail and which other sources have since disputed. The whole thing sounds dubious at best. Not to mention...

    A new centre-half isn't a priority for us, so I don't know why we'd be splashing out on one when there are more pressing areas, like full back and attack, where we need cover.

    I can't see Conte, who loves clean sheets and a solid defence as much as Jose, being interested in someone as erratic as Luiz. .


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