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  1. Cech Bosingwa Luiz Cahill Cole Mikel Lampard Kalou Mata Bertrand Drogba Turnbull Ferreira Essien Romeu Malouda Sturridge Torres Di Matteo
  2. We all complain about biased commentators, some of it justified, but it has to be said that Sky were pro-Chelsea that night. Neville was overtly rooting for us, to the point where he was orgasming on live TV, and Tyler's commentary was terrific. Goodness me, what goes around comes around. Well, he scored a magnificent header to equalise and take it to extra time. He gave away a penalty which should have been advantage Bayern, but wasn't. And it's come down to Drogba, who this time is the fifth penalty taker for Chelsea in the final shoot-out... He's done it! The greatest night in the history of Chelsea Football Club. European champions. They've beaten Bayern in their own backyard. They've found the Holy Grail after an adventure fraught with danger. And Drogba may never play for Chelsea again. He will never be forgotten. He's immortal at this football club. Still spine-tingling.
  3. I still get nervous watching the penalties. That's right David, blast the ball into orbit. And Didier, you know a two step run-up is not going to end well...
  4. It seems some people really believe we go into every match hoping to grind out a 0-0. Most of the time it's the other side who park the bus.
  5. In 1905 we were called Chelsea and played at Stamford Bridge. In 1905 Arsenal were called Woolwich and played in Plumstead. That means something to me. I could accept a move to Battersea or Earls Court, but I don't want us to end up in some distant outpost of London. A bigger stadium is nice but not the be all and end all and shouldn't be done at any cost. It certainly shouldn't be done just to comply with FFP which IMO will crash and burn in a few years anyway. Juventus moved to a smaller stadium than we have. Bayern, despite having a larger stadium, get lower gate receipts than us and they still manage.
  6. If it comes to a choice between having a big stadium miles from our heartland and staying at Stamford Bridge, I'd honestly rather stay at the Bridge. A bigger stadium would be nice but not at any cost. Juventus, a big and wealthy club by any measure, now play in a smaller stadium than we do.
  7. I think one of the bones of contention was the board promised not to look at sites further afield than 3 miles from the Bridge, but only until 2020. Which immediately begs the question: what happens after that? I want us to progress but I also want us to stay within our natural territory. No White City, Old Oak, East London etc.
  8. Which is particularly impressive for a defender who doesn't take penalties. Five more league goals and JT will be the highest scoring defender in PL history. He's currently behind David Unsworth (most of Unsworth's were penalties). It makes me laugh when he gets pigeon-holed as an old-fashioned hard man centre half when he's also a very good footballer technically. A good tip-off is that you can't tell if he's right or left footed. He's equally accomplished with either and has an excellent range of passing. He's a lesson for young players too. When he came through he had the World Cup-winning pair Leboeuf and Desailly in front of him, but he took the opportunity to learn from them and by the age of 22 he'd broken up that partnership
  9. And Drogba with his one step run up. No seriously Didier, take a proper run up.
  10. Key point for me. Ba has been written off fairly quickly without ever getting a proper run in the side. He was one of the in-form strikers in the league when we bought him, scored twice on his debut, and we've barely used him. It's no wonder he looks out of sorts and desperate to impress when all he gets are occasional 15 minute sub appearances. He's actually scored some good goals (9 in 20 starts) and turned the game when he came on at home to Soton.
  11. ^ 2004. You should be able to track it down online.
  12. The Uninvited Guest (not to be confused with The Uninvited). A stranger knocks at a man's door, asking to use his phone. The stranger then disappears and may (or may not) still be in the house. Interesting and unusual, and worth a look.
  13. Tutto va bene, il mio amico Belgo, e tu? (nonastante il risultato di stasera...) Tu parli Italiano e Inglese e Francese e Fiamminga?! Notevole!
  14. One of our best players this season, despite being played out of position for most of it. How much did pay for him, £7m? We've made some howlers over the years but we do get it right from time to time.
  15. Well like I said I don't see it happening. The RFU probably wouldn't be interested. Just thought it preferable to some of the other options being put forward. Twickenham is more appealing than groundsharing with West Ham in East London.
  16. I don't think sharing with a rugby team would be a major problem. Other teams, like Wigan and Reading, share their stadiums with rugby teams and they get around it. They even have rugby at Old Trafford from time to time. England never have more than six home games in a calendar year anyway.
  17. I did originally suggest it tongue in cheek and it's not likely to happen. But given we're running out of other options, it's preferable to some of the alternatives.
  18. The idea is growing on me actually. 80,000 seats in a Chelsea stronghold. And it's already there! Better than paying the best part of a billion quid for an Emirates clone in White City or Old Oak!
  19. Why don't we just buy Twickenham off the RFU? Then lease it back to them for the five days a year they actually use it.
  20. If that comes true you'll be hailed as a genius. Well, on Twitter anyway.
  21. Funny how none of the 'in the knows' knew anything about the Salah deal until it was virtually sewn up.
  22. ^ Why do you bother posting on a Chelsea forum Haifarul?
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