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  1. Or perhaps they just aren't going to get carried away after two goals against Nordsjaelland? Especially as those are his first goals in a month and probably the last he'll score this side of Christmas. Two well taken goals tonight, but I'm not getting carried away.
  2. Trouble is, it's the middle of November. For the next two months we have Torres and Sturridge and that's it. Torres has had his chance and has surely proved once and for all that he isn't up to it. We have nothing to lose by giving Sturridge a run of games at CF at least until January.
  3. That's a bit like saying you don't change a team which won the Champions League. But we did, because there were still obvious weaknesses in the side which needed addressing, and we're now better for it. And I'd say the number of goals we're scoring has a lot more to do with Mata/Hazard/Oscar than Torres.
  4. The most telling moment for me on Saturday was not the shot he put just wide but the chance where he had a 5 yard head start on the Spurs defence and dallied for so long that the defender was able to catch him up and make a saving challenge. This is as good as we're going to get from him now. At least he's no longer the forlorn figure we got when he first joined. He's involved in the play, he's getting chances, creating chances and scoring some of them. I think he'll get a reasonable number of goals this season, say 18 in all competitions.
  5. Don't bother watching the shoot out. Everyone knows there are three certainties in life: death, taxation and the Germans winning on penalties.
  6. Perhaps they should ask Leeds fans about being robbed in a European Cup final...
  7. Well 2 days later and I'm still in a daze. Chelsea, champions of Europe, it still hasn't sunk in. Forget luck, the whole tournament was a triumph of sheer guts and determination, after all those near misses with Monaco, Liverpool, Moscow, Barca.. they just refused to lose this one, 3-1 down against Napoli, 0-2 down and a man down against Barca, 0-1 down against Bayern on their own ground with minutes to go, even behind in the shoot out. Can't single out anyone for praise, it was a proper team effort. The greatest game in the world, the greatest club in the world, what a high. Chelsea, champions of Europe.
  8. Agreed, and if we could somehow do it tomorrow I think it'd be more special than if we'd won in 08. After all the troubles this season, knocking out arguably the best team in Europe against all odds, and then to beat another great European club on their own ground, amazing. Out of curiosity Zippy, I expect a lot of non-Chelsea fans in the UK will be rooting for Bayern tomorrow. I wonder, do you think most fans of Schalke, Dortmund, 1860 etc will be supporting Bayern or Chelsea?
  9. No Barca-Real final? Someone at UEFA dropped the ball on this one! Just goes to show there are no certainties in football. The two unfancied teams made it through to the final, and the two best players in the world both missed a penalty which effectively cost their team the match. Bayern will be tough, especially on their own ground, but I still feel they're more beatable than Real would have been. Bring em on!
  10. The Girl Next Door... based on a true story of a teenage girl who was tortured to death by the woman she was living with and her kids. It was well made but very disturbing. Don't think I'll be in a hurry to watch it again.
  11. I watched the prequels for the first time in ages, and to be honest the Red Letter Media reviews were more entertaining than the actual movies! Also watched Midnight Run, a quirky and very enjoyable film.
  12. Only thing I could find on the Talksport website was this Van der Kraan: 'Wesley Sneijder will join Manchester United but it won't be an easy ride'
  13. I've just had the dubious honour of seeing 'The Human Centipede'. Without giving it all away, it's about a mad scientist who for some reason (presumably because he's mad) wants to create a human centipede by surgically attaching three people mouth to arse. It's really a bog standard horror, just one with the weirdest, most gruesome concept I've seen. Not recommended for those without an iron constitution!
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