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    Nevamind got a reaction from TheSage in Erling Haaland   
    If you saw him play then idk why there is any doubt at all. He is lethal fast strong, he got everything. He banged in the goals for Salzburg in the Champions League, for Dortmund and this over a prolonged period of time. He is superb.
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    Nevamind reacted to Slojo in Following our Nearest & Dearest Rivals 2020/21   
    I'm not sure about that, what's Morata's goal record in that time? 
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    Nevamind reacted to haviet1 in Super Frank Lampard *Officially our Manager*   
    Frank def deserve credits for the game today. Solid first half, late 2nd half was a little rattled, but still a very good point won. 
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    Nevamind reacted to Gol15 in Man Utd v Chelsea (PL) Sat 24th Oct 2020 17:30 GMT   
    The buildup still going on... Cmon Chels
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    Nevamind reacted to Deino in Mateo Kovačić   
    He's our most well-rounded midfielder second only to Havertz. I believe Kova just needs to be converted to the Modric role. He can pass, glide with the ball and tackle, he just needs to lay it off to any one of Pulisic, Havertz, Werner and Ziyech
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    Nevamind reacted to Kev56 in Super Frank Lampard *Officially our Manager*   
    I'd like to think Santa does exist.
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    Nevamind reacted to Scott Harris in Jorginho is a Blue   
    True, but most teams that sit deep will press us a lot more than Crystal Palace did yesterday, and that is where Jorginho struggles the most. It's not just Jorginho though, it's all of our midfielders. Dealing with the oppositions press has been something we have struggled with as a team for a few years now. That is why I was so shocked to see Crystal Palace stand off us so much, they played right into our hands.
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    Nevamind reacted to Droopy in Jorginho is a Blue   
    He doesn't have Fabregas' vision about the game but he is pretty darn valuable to the team still. 
  9. Haha
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    Nevamind reacted to Scott Harris in Chelsea v Crystal Palace (PL) Sat 3rd Oct 2020 12:30 GMT   
    Yeah, Dragon Ball Z was a lot more popular than Dragon Ball here in the UK. Dragon Ball didn't start airing until after all Dragon Ball Z episodes were aired. I didn't even know Dragon Ball existed before Dragon Ball Z when I was a kid. The first time I seen Dragon Ball was on a RTL 2, a German tv channel that my dad used to be able to get on his old Astra satellite dish.
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    Nevamind reacted to Backbiter in Following our Nearest & Dearest Rivals 2020/21   
    BT Sport have announced a week of mourning for their beloved team.
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    Nevamind reacted to Valerie in Kai Havertz coming to Chelsea   
    We are, what...4 matches (in 2 competitions) into the season? Give a young lad new to English football  time to learn and to adapt.
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    Nevamind reacted to Spiller86 in Chelsea v Crystal Palace (PL) Sat 3rd Oct 2020 12:30 GMT   
    Hell yeah. Alonsoesque hit! Now keep a f**king clean sheet damn it.
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    Nevamind reacted to PloKoon13 in Chelsea v Crystal Palace (PL) Sat 3rd Oct 2020 12:30 GMT   
    This game was f**king brilliant. I remember very well a MOTM performance from:

    Out of the many, many sins that Conte committed, selling this Chelsea legend was the worst. He should be our captain right now.
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    Nevamind reacted to Droopy in Antonio Rudiger   
    It's unbelievable how much some players can be tolerated and how less others. Rudiger is treated like a trash after 2 very good seasons and one bad right after nasty  injury  and Christensen is still a regular starter after very good 6 months and terrible 3 years and a half. No injuries, different managers, different styles, absolutely zero excuses for him. Meanwhile the same excuses with the injuries are apparently to be valid for the likes of CHO, Loftus-Cheek even Barkley at the beginning. 
    Is it too much to judge the players by same standards? I would agree with either to blame them for their sh*tty performance despite the injuries or with the 'not guilty' due to the injuries. But mixing it like that based on the player and whether you like it or not... that's low.
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    Nevamind reacted to rtwelch in Reece James   
    The way he is playing and probably instructed to play means there will always be space behind him when we don't score from his crosses. He played an absolute peach to Tammy on Saturday which should have been a goal. Like TAA he is not superman and can't immediately be in the defensive line after making a cross. His team mates need to cover for him as mentioned above. I think he is given leeway because he is 20 years old. No more no less. 
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    Nevamind got a reaction from Oiboy78 in Welcome Ross Barkley   
    I am kind of baffled. Always positiv when he came on, good squad player and Frank ships him out? 
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    Nevamind got a reaction from Strider6003 in Welcome Ross Barkley   
    I am kind of baffled. Always positiv when he came on, good squad player and Frank ships him out? 
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    Nevamind got a reaction from jack_super_class in Marcos Alonso   
    I mean you always got the feeling Lampard never rated him. He just had to play him last season because Emerson is worse and Azpi at LB is not a solution. Players can feel when they are not wanted and Alonso knows as soon as Chillwell is fit he is out of the team. 
    It was a bad night of him but you can see there is always so much space down the line, same on James side and he gets the benefit of being young and homegrown. Idk seems like a situation where everbody is losing and only Frank's ego und the media wins. 
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    Nevamind reacted to haviet1 in Mason Mount   
    Really like Mount. Has a great moto, presses hard, and always give everything for the team.
    BUT, Lamp is not doing him any favor by playing him every minute, anywhere in the field. Heck, I think Lamp would put mount in as a CB if that's what it takes to get Mount on the field.
    Lamp will either run him to the ground real quick, or he'll quickly loose the respect of his players.
    Lamp will need to manage Mount much better, for the benefit of the team and Mount's career.
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    Nevamind reacted to reparto corse in WBA v Chelsea (PL) Sat 26th Sep 2020 17:30 GMT   
    Yes and AFAIK it never worked. The only time we had a functioning midfield was when Jorginho and Kovacic played together without Kante.
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    Nevamind reacted to The Don Antonio in Chelsea v Barnsley (LC) Wed 23rd Sep 2020 19:45 GMT   
    You can blame CHO's  advisers for that. Mason paid his dues and worked up the ranks. He went on loan to Vitesse and Derby to get game time and grow as a player . Odoi on the other hand put in a transfer request and got a big contract to tie him down (He earns waay more than Mount) . To make matters worse Chelsea let Willian go with the hope that Odoi could take his place and have less of an obstacle into the starting line up but Lampard says he isnt putting the shift in during training and he doesnt track back which is blatantly obvious when u watch matches. 
         Eden Hazard could choose not to track back because of what he offered on offense but CHO is too young and isnt that good offensively to have that attitude. It would have been better for his career if he had gone on loan to develop his game but hindsight is 20/20. 
         I hope he can make it at Chelsea because there is real talent in CHO but we all know that to make it in football and in life in general it takes more than talent to make it. You have to be willing to put in the work which no one can deny that Mount does
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    Nevamind reacted to axman2526 in Chelsea v Liverpool (PL) Sun 20th Sep 2020 16:30 GMT   
    If we want anything from the game we need to approach it like we did City at home, wind them up and hope lady luck smiles on us.
    Not sure if any of the injured will be back but I hope Silva is for his leadership.
    A very deep 4-2-3-1 with Werner feeding off long balls, James supporting Dave, Kovacic supporting Alonso, Kante mopping up the middle and CHO and Mount Harassing them on the ball.
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    Nevamind reacted to Deino in Callum Hudson-Odoi   
    Actually, they had to convert Alaba into a central defender because their CBs was mostly injured. What they didn't realize was how good Alaba was at CB and how good Davies was going to perform at LB as he was predominantly a LW at club and country before that. It was almost a miracle how world class both was in their new position. 
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