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  1. Kova coming on and Lamela. He's dangerous.
  2. CHO nearly scored, Kante nearly scored also off the woodwork. Spurs have been lucky. Bring on Kova for Barkley, CHO has been very good. Bring on Giroud.
  3. Sarri needs to change this team. Barkley off, Willian off, Giroud and Pedro on.
  4. Kane was lucky because he'd lost control of the ball. No way could he have scored.
  5. http://www.sportwoop.com/Tottenham-Chelsea-VC9MME
  6. Not sure about Barkley. Pedro should start with Hazard and Giroud upfront. This false 9 usually doesn't pay off. Also Chrisiensen in defence and no Kova in midfield. I would prefer Luiz and Kova.
  7. If you are known as 'The REd Army' you are not going to call them 'The Blue Army' Totally daft. The Y Army is their name and that is what they should be known as.
  8. But that's what Spurs fans call themselves.
  9. Another tough match coming up. Let's hope we don't get slaughtered like we did recently against The Spuds.. Sevilla are interested in Moratta so I'd play Giroud.. CHO should get a run out but not to start. We need to cut off their lines of attack. They are better than us at the moment. Fingers crossed. COME ON YOU BLUES !!!
  10. Chelsea = A Bag of sh*te with Sarri in charge. He's too timid. He should be demanding new players. We really are up sh*t creek without a paddle.

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