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  1. I think this is a good thing for the youth team players the really good ones will kick on playing with better players and the ones that don’t will be loaned or sold. For years it seemed we were trying to find the next Messi coming through instead of using the youth team to fill the squad and buying the best players available. It seems like the club is hopefully realising after that disaster of a transfer window a few years ago. That summer chalobah was sold for 7 million and we purchased drinkwater and Baka for 70-80 million. If we had of kept chalobah as back up and signed a world class player with that money we would be in a far better position. Since 14/15 season we have spent around 80 million on left backs a position we will need to improve again this season. We have also sold Bertrand and van Aanholt. Are these two players world class no but they would have been solid squad team players which would have allowed the club to purchase a world class left back with the money. hopefully with frank and big Pete now at the club they will first look to the youth before going into the market.
  2. I was reading that article earlier and I've said before in this thread i think it would be a massive risk selling that many players in one window especially when our last match is more than likely going to be Saturday and we start again on the 12th September. Trying to bring that many player in at once when the teams around us will probably sign 2-3 players max could give them a big advantage. The club now has a long term project with big Pete and frank at the club if they think that many players need to leave i really hope its over the next 3 windows. I would also like to see us going after high quality targets instead of taking the 4th-5th player on the list for that position and then introducing the youth team players into the squad like we have done this season. We have already signed two quality players. I think the club really likes Havertz but didn't expect to be in the running to sign him until covid. If Havertz is signed that's 3 players signed who will probably take time to find there feet in this league. I think we really need a GK, left back, centre back and a holding midfielder but i would like to see this done over the next two summer windows. A commanding GK and a holding midfielder would help stop the leak of goals and give the centre backs more protection until a world class one is available.
  3. This is a big worry for me as well. With the league starting again so soon we wont really have a full pre season to integrate the new players into the squad. Ziyech hasn't played since march so he will take a while. I think that's one of the reason we could be looking at Pope, Henderson and Rice as they won't take as much time to settle in and know the league. There isn't a host of World class centre backs available who can lead a defence. We are really missing a leader at the back and any of the current centres backs would improve with a leader beside them.
  4. I could be wrong but I thought he has only scored 4 since the restart. 3 pens city West Ham, Watford and 1 free kick against West Ham. Takes him till 9 for the season his most productive season
  5. Most goalkeepers at this level usually do something really well be it shot stopping commanding his area etc. Kepa doesn't do anything well from what i can see. I wonder did we ever scout him as bad as some of our transfers have been we have done really well with goalkeepers. We really need to replace him this summer. The only silver lining yes we did pay 71 million for him but we did get 36 million from Madrid that same summer so he only cost 35 million. If we got 35 million for him we would only really lose his signing on fee and wages the last few years.
  6. You do realise that we still have a game to play and we only need a point? Frank has done a fantastic job anyone would have struggled under the circumstances.
  7. If we get top 4 regardless if we win the FA cup of not we have had a fantastic season considering all he has had to deal with. We may not have a set formation yet but we can see a style of play developing. We have tried all the best coaches in Europe and after the disastrous transfer window a few seasons ago the club now have something in place to bring us success in future years with a hero at the helm. Someone who is also willing to promote youth team players to either take key roles in the squad or fill holes which allows us to sign the key players.
  8. Thought he had a good game today Im wondering is 4-2-3-1 our best formation next season with Jorginho in beside Kante. I was surprised he was left out after the restart. I wondered if we would sell him but in the current climate I can’t see to many buyers. I think having kante beside him would protect him a lot more allowing him to concentrate on getting in the ball.
  9. We need to win at least one of the last two games. If we draw both and Leicester win we lose out on goal difference. Ideally we need united to end up in the Europe league again. I think the contract with Adidas will be reduced if they don’t make champions leagues which will hopefully let us create gap with them.
  10. He's still only 23-24 so there is still room for improvement. His best qualities for me is when the balls at his feet. What he really lacks is strength and aggression. Strength can be worked on and i think its really hurting his game teams are starting to target him. What he really needs is a leader and someone to organise beside him. No of the current centre backs we have can do that.
  11. He looks a shadow of what he was at the start of the season. Its maybe a combination of match sharpness and confidence at the minute. I don't remember him falling over as much at the start of the season it actually looks like someone is pulling him down from behind. 4 maybe 5 big games left hopefully he starts to quickly find some form.
  12. Totally agree with what you have said and I've said it on here many times having Hazard allowed us under what ever manager to be more solid at the back because he was a world class player. We are now seeing how terrible recruitment and changing managers who are completely different have left us with the squad of players we currently have. I personally think Frank has done a great job with the current squad but the next two summer windows are massive for this club. If this time next year the defence hasn't improved and money has been invested i feel some of the criticism frank is getting now will be justified. Before covid i thought the club had two option this summer be totally ruthless and gut the team bring in a load of players at once which can have mixed results or trust in Frank and give him time to slowly build his own team. For me we need a new GK, left back, 2 Centre backs, Holding midfielder and a centre forward.
  13. The first time i seen him play was against Arsenal in a pre season game. He looked like a real superstar he made bellerin look like the youngster against a seasoned pro. He hasn't really kicked on but i feel that's due to the injury and the switch in position. Frank seems to play him on the right. I thought he played well there in games under Sarri last season especially with Hazard because he stretched teams allowing Hazard to move into the space. He's just signed a new contract i think he needs to get his head down now if he wants to stay at the club.
  14. He isn't Drogba or Costa he's a different type of player. I agree he doesn't do enough at times but when given chances he takes them. I cant see Werner playing up top in the premier league, it's a much more physical league and he's played wide left most of the season.
  15. We had 71% of the possession tonight the problem is creating chances. Apart from the Pulisic chance we didnt have anything else in the first half. We got into a number of good positions we couldn't play that final ball.

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