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  1. Totally agree in terms of quality but a lot of the Bayern team are seasoned international players who have been to that stage of the competition before. on what Lampard is looking at I’m fully behind him. Before Covid-19 I thought we should have been focusing on the defence getting an experienced left back promoting maatsen as a back and a leader at centre back helping to get the best out of the younger players I think with getting the right players in the next few windows we could challenge for the title though what the transfer market will look like in the next few windows is anyone’s guess. The level of quality coming through from the youth team puts us in a strong position.
  2. TV companies will need to be very careful how they handle this. If the government lift the restrictions on showing football at 3pm on a Saturday what’s to stop clubs selling a season pass to watch all the home games that sky or BT won’t show. if the TV companies decided to try and cancel existing contracts because it’s not want they signed up to ie games behind closed doors the premier league could set up a Netflix for football The idea has been floated before and rejected but in the current climate we have already seen how clubs are willing to put cash before anything else.
  3. After watching that front 3 tonight would leave anyone frustrated.
  4. Huge job on now for frank to get fourth. That was one of the worst Chelsea performances I have seen. The next two summer windows are going to be massive. The squad currently isn’t good enough. This has been a problem at this club for the last few years especially in recruitment. We need a new GK, centre back, left back midfielder and striker. Personally I think Frank should be given time I think if we stick with him it will come good.
  5. Needs to chance to a diamond in the second half get two strikers on never scoring tonight at this rate.
  6. Great post. After the money we have wasted over the past few years I’m sure the club isn’t wanting to get there fingers burnt again with average players. We have a lot of them in the squad that need moved on in the summer.
  7. I personally don’t think kloop does better with this current team than lamps. Liverpool’s two wide players have scored 28 between them this season our 3 wide players has scored 10. Frank has done a fantastic job to get us to fourth this season. Klopp has done a fantastic job what he has done really well is recruit fantastically well and he plays a system that he sticks with. He has also spent 425 million and been there 5 seasons. Many in the media like to portray Kloop as the guy who built this wonderful team on a shoe string budget because it’s Liverpool.
  8. Totally agree I think frank is doing a good job. At the start of the season most fans would have been happy with a fifth or sixth place finish because of the ban and losing hazard. I don’t understand all this talk about how good Klopp is don’t get me wrong he has built a very good side but he has also Spent 425 million and been at Liverpool since 2015. That Liverpool side is no better than the team Mourinho had his first time here. We got branded long ball merchants and boring but Liverpool are fantastic to watch even tho they are the most direct top six side in years.
  9. Your 100% right. We definitely do miss hazard. We win that game last night with hazard and the one at Newcastle. With hazard in that team I’d say we would be comfortable above Leicester. lampard is relying on William to fill that huge hole of creating chances and scoring goals in the tight games which he will never do. Personally I don’t think signing Cavani solves the problems we just aren’t creating enough clear cut chances.
  10. Totally agree seen him play against Arsenal in a pre season game thought he was definitely one for the future. if it softens the blow for anyone if you take into account what we got for the snake we really only paid 36 million for kepa.
  11. If the first options aren’t available this Window that will improve the squad id rather us wait till the summer and maybe look at loan deals to secure champions league football which is a must if we want to sign any big players in the summer. everyone knows we need a left back but we seriously need to upgrade the wide areas. I just wonder if Chelsea paid Gareth bales full wage roughly 11 million for what would effectively be 5 months now would real be open to a loan deal. If he stayed fit for 5 months he would definitely guarantee champions league football. Real seem to want rid of him and with the euros coming up I’m sure he will want game time to keep fit. Could be a win win for both clubs. would definitely be something outta left field but I’m sure it would give the club and players a lift.
  12. Ideally this window we need a left back, winger and another centre forward. This would hopefully allow Pedro,Giroud and one of Alonso or Emerson to leave. No names spring to mind with regards to the left back or centre forward but I would really like us to sign a left footed winger to play on the right to give us the option of something different. Someone like Ziyech or even Mahrez he’s not an automatic starter for city and they are in desperate need of a centre back. Rumours in the summer Pep really wanted Christensen maybe a player + cash deal could work. This could work especially if we have a buy back option with Ake. For me Christensen will never be a number 1 here and it may be a good way to off load him. I really think we need another midfielder who can get 10+ goals a season for wide and William is definitely not that player.
  13. I really hoped this appointment would work his Napoli said played fantastic football. I just don’t understand why he doesn’t change the formation. He can still play his football with a few changes. If he used 4231 Kante could help Jorginho Hazard as the number 10 and CHO on the left. It would at least add more pace to the side. Alonso def can’t play left back and it’s time to give Emerson a run of games at left back.
  14. Burnt out from what? They got a rest the second part of last season and this year they play one game a week.
  15. after watching contes Italy in the euros they also defended very deep making the most of the size of the pitch and playing out from the back. I can't understand why he didn't give Kennedy a run in pre season naturally left footed with a great engine. he could have played left midfield freeing hazard to play behind Costa

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