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  1. 1st. We have a good chance of beating anyone that isn't Bayern
  2. Hes not wrong. Shocking footballer masked by his effort and hard work. Anticipation is zero, composure is zero and finishing is zero.
  3. I remember this. That was absolutely shocking. One of the worst things I've seen. I don't think I've seen something like that before where it was so easy for a defender to get in front on the striker.
  4. Must win game, yet we must win this without Lukaku getting any minutes. Need him fresh.
  5. Well done Mendy. Our attackers can't score Our defenders score But.... What concerns me mostly.....Our level of good quality effective football. We had a second string team out there last night. That proves our squad depth is just ridiculous. The bad thing though is that had we played our first 11, the performance would've been exactly the same. Certain key players really need to step their attacking game up.
  6. This. As long as we turn up and put in a great (doesn't have to be perfect) performance, we win this game, regardless of the ref. It reminds me of the Barca travesty in 2009. As bad as the ref was (the worst I've ever seen), had we taken a number of our chances, the cheating from the red wouldn't have mattered. Brentford are not Barcelona.
  7. Thank god! Glad I was wrong. This is one of those miserable weekends you don't want to drop points.
  8. Harsh red. I got the feeling we still won't score. 😞
  9. We really need to improve our style of play against these teams most importantly off the ball movement in possession. Quick one twos to stretch and catch defenders out. I watched the Benfica highlights and that's how they ripped Barca apart. We are just too slow in attack. Very predictable. The passing we do around midfield is fine as long as we can go up a gear but we never seem to.
  10. Had we never signed Havertz and put faith in RLC who put in those exact performances from last season until now (CL final goal aside), we would all be clamouring for the club to sign a better attacking mid in the next transfer window.
  11. That is the biggest worry concern for me. What exactly that he do well for that makes him stand out as an attacking player? Timo is is dogmess for the most part but I can instantly see what he does well and brings to the team. When we signed Hazard, straight away from the City and Wigan game you knew what he had in his locker. With Kai I don't see anything. In fact I see more of what he doesn't do well and that lazy style without doing anything effective makes it more frustrating.
  12. That's the only reason why I cannot be overly critical, the winning goal in the biggest final but aside from that, I just cannot see the hype. Salah was always a goal threat and showed us a thing or two in Europe (hence us signing him). To be honest I never knew he would turn out this good. KDB is different. I instantly knew he had the talent and potential from when he played against us for Genk. Also we had Hazard and and it was clear to see that Belgium had a generation of talent. The only person that never gave KDB a chance and wrote him off was Jose. The fans didn't even get a chance to see him play enough to come to the conclusion that he was not good enough. I hope I'm wrong obviously, but I only got excited about Havertz purely from the hype. I never knew about him before he was linked with us.
  13. Cannot compare Kai to KDB. Had KDB been given as many chances and playing time as Kai, he would still be a Chelsea player as he would've shown his talent. Kai has been given so much playing time to prove his transfer fee and shown very little for it in the vast majority of games.
  14. I knew the excuses last season wouldn't be proven right this season. Just looks completely average. Nothing special about him at all. If Kepa was a dud, then so is he. He only gets a pass for the CL final goal.
  15. Kai Havertz is just consistently ineffective. Yes he won us the champions league but he's severely overrated. His career can easily drop off to a midtable team
  16. Can we at least lose a game by playing with urgency? Tired of seeing lacklustre, static defeats.
  17. We should be competing for the title. There are zero excuses to not compete. City have no out and out striker and Liverpool lack depth. We are European Champions.
  18. For anyone saying 6 out of 6 is unrealistic, you're hope of winning the league is unrealistic with that mentality also. Winning streaks make champions.
  19. That is such a bitter comment. Just because you have the most money it doesn't guarantee anything. When he took over from Rijkaaed, Barcelona were on the wane. He brought them back up. Not many other managers would win 4 out of the last 5 prems with city in the fashion they have as Pep has done playing such attacking football. The guy is a genius.
  20. Let's just put this to the side. No matter what Tuchel did, losing to City is a strong possibility. They are coached by the best manager ever imo. Don't worry and lets move on.
  21. Exactly this. We won the game that mattered. Still a long season ahead. We must win the next league game.
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