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  1. It is real. I saw it with my eyes from his story on the Instagram
  2. Even the sanchez foul, I think he was about to trip down over himself even if sanchez hadn't tripped him.
  3. Happened to me on chrome android, since switching to firefox, it has stopped.
  4. Christensen definitely needs to have a game or two in the the bench, that's fair. People calling him to be sold are way over reacting. If we sell him, there is no point having a youth team
  5. Oh God, Willian seems to turn up his gear when he feels Chelsea are going through a rough patch or just coming out from one. He seems to love this club, and hate Tottenham. He's playing the best football he has ever played in a Chelsea shirt, even better then when he got poty. Sorry for ever bitching about him
  6. If someone told me before the game, we would lose 1-0, or I just saw the final time score, without any stats, I would be generally okay and actually be semi-happy with the result. However, I watched the game and the scoreline is nothing to be pleased about. We played as if we were a team fighting for relegation. No passion, no fight. Okay, the first half was fine, but as soon as they scored we didn't react, the players just stood there like nothing. Were we even playing football? Thank god, City didn't push up a gear. The players didn't believe they could win that game and unfortunately, that is down to Conte. As a manager, you need to psych up your players and make them believe that they can beat anyone. Yes, he is annoyed about the players brought in, saying they are not good enough and that we should have got better payers - I think we all agree with him. However, he shouldn't keep bringing it up, all it does is tell the current players that they are not good enough. THIS could be seen as it looked as if every player lacked faith in themselves and the tactics. The false 9 is just plain stupid, the way we play it. If we were to play it, I would put Pedro (when on form) upfront, not Hazard. Hazard is a waste there and he said so time and time again that he doesn't feel comfortable playing in that position. You could see this in his body language yesterday. Not only that, what is with him being subbed off every game? Honestly, I can't see him here next season anymore. The false 9 system works well when you play possession football and not counter-attacking. Yesterday, it was obvious we wouldn't have much of the ball and therefore it would be better starting Giroud as you can't boot the ball up to Hazard, can you? I loved Conte last year and didn't want to lose him as I felt he could be a long-term manager. However, he is making it obvious that he doesn't give two sh*ts about staying. I am now starting to feel like we need a new manager. I don't care if we play counter-attacking football, as long as we play football because what we played yesterday wasn't.
  7. Christensen is showing nerves, so different to what he was at the beginning. Damn, maybe give him some games off
  8. People complaining about our midfield 2,who was he meant to put there? Kante Bakayoko, ampadu are out. However giroud should start.
  9. He fits a midfield 2 much better. Which was shown today. Still not fond of him though

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