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  1. So scared of loosing him. He is irreplaceable in my opinion. I can't think of anyone we could realistically sign to replace him. Our team is built around him & it will be a massive blow to loose him. We should ask Madrid for Bale to come the other way, he is suited to the league & could do well, worth a try. Really hope we can convince Eden to stay, love watching him play.
  2. Drogba. Undisputed king. Going with him into any final there's always a 99% chance of the team winning.
  3. Would hate to loose Eden, absolutely live watching him play but if we are to then the only sensible option would be ask for Bale plus cash in return. Bale wants out & I'm sure would love to return to the PL. I'm sure bale would do a decent job of replacing hazard, he is PL proven and of fit is capable of scoring more goals in a season than hazard. This is the only sensible and best option in my opinion.
  4. Such a difficult one this, can we afford to give him another chance as our 1st sticker and risk out on not competing for the league (need a striker who can score at least 20 goals if we are to have a chance at the title) or do we sell him and get in someone else. The only thing he has going for him is that he is at a good age & can definitely improve, I would hate for us to sell him and he goes on to become a world class player...sick of that happening to us. Difficult one, decisions..decisions.
  5. Long looks a better striker than Morata lol .
  6. Long looks a better striker than Morata lol .
  7. Don't get it with Eden sometimes, he is capable of so much more. When he is at it then he is easily the best player in the PL. He has so much of natural talent I don't get why he is so inconsistent. At 27 I already thought we would be the in the top 5 players in Europe. Seems he is content with just being good, such a shame as he has all the talent and ability to be great. Having said that he is still our best player and we depend alot on him, I also love watching him play. He has played key roles in our last 2 title wins & if he stays and we add more quality in & around him I'm sure we would do well.
  8. Conte & the board have made mistakes this season but Conte is still a great manager, we can't keep sacking managers every time we have a bad season after wining the league..we need some consistency & we need to give Conte a chance to learn from it & take us foward the next season. Let's see what happens, hope he stays..would like to see how he turns things around next season .
  9. Big game this , we need to beat them to keep our top 4 chances alive. We need a big performance, also if Kane is still out then that helps our chances.
  10. Despite the result I'm proud that we didn't just sit back, we took the game to Barca went foward and tired to create. We just weren't clinical enough in the final third, that coupled with individual errors cost us but we gave a good account of ourselves. This can still turn into a good season if we make top 4 and win the FA cup. We still have something to play for, it's not beyond our reach.
  11. This team may not have the leaders from the 2012 team but this team has more talent and pace to hurt Barca. In the first leg we created many opportunities and on another day could have won 3-0 or 3-1 but such is our luck this season . If we show the right attitude we can definitely score more than 1 at the Camp Nou. The players seem more motivated in the CL & understandably so. I think 2 goals would do it for us, i don't think we'll concede more than 2. Going for a 2 all draw. Goodluck blues.
  12. That was a good performance from us actually better than 2012 in an attacking sense ..we looked so dangerous when we got in and around their box and we created more chances . We kept Suarez and messi really quite, if it wasn't for a mistake we would have won..barca never looked like scoring. On another day we would have won 3-1 and Willian would have had a hatrick. I feel if we score 2 goals away that would be enough to see us go through. Be proud guys we made barca look a mediocre team . We deserved the win .
  13. Time for Hazard to step up on the big stage against a big team and put in a world class performance and show everyone why he is one of the best players in the world, he has it in him. Going for a 2-1 Chelsea win.

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