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  1. Its no good having possession then losing the bloody ball.
  2. She is the one that suffers mate,everyone else in the family is chelsea.
  3. God i love the fact internationals are over,we get to see our team twice a week,a win and a clean sheet tonight please boys.
  4. I know what you mean,but don't you feel Werner is best coming in from the left.
  5. I'm just thinking of rest,that team is still capable of winning ,its because of facing spurs next which I don't want to lose.
  6. The only thing is if Pulisic is out a majority of the time Werner plays on the left, and if Giroud goes Abraham is the only striker then,I just Don't feel he is a top striker.
  7. Because of the threat spurs will be i wouldnt play silva,my team would be Mendy Dave Rudy Zooma Emerson Kante Jorginho Havertz Ziyech Giroud Cho
  8. Have to agree kante was my MOTM yesterday.
  9. I will probably get a barrage of abuse, but I still think Tammy is only a great backup striker,I would still look to bring in another striker at some point.
  10. I hate to say it but spurs are a title challenging team,I hope I'm wrong but this really could be their year.
  11. I'm starting to worry now,just our luck andy bloody carolle will come on and score
  12. Not impressed since we went 1-0 up,maybe it is because of the internationals.
  13. Bloody need this second goal,and God we are so wasteful
  14. I love some of the pictures chelsea put out,come on boys 3 points is needed go get them.
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