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  1. Found this apparently it's from the reliable not Sun, Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has his sights set on bringing on-loan Leeds United defender Ben White to West London in January, according to a report. White, who joined Marcelo Bielsa’s side from Brighton on a season-long deal in the summer, has become an unmissable part of the team which has conceded the fewest goals of any team in the Championship so far this season.
  2. Agreed,I would but will the club.
  3. Here are some premier league stats on Zaha for the past 3 seasons; 2017: 7 goals and 9 assists 2018: 9 goals and 3 assists 2019: 10 goals and 5 assists He is a player that seems to have been improving every year and whilst playing for Crystal Palace. As a Chelsea man, I have to say the above statistics should be the minimum of what we need from our attacking wingers. Unfortunately, no matter how good our wingers have been recently they leave a lot to be desired from a goals/ assists perspective which is what matters in the end. Willian is a very good dribbler of the ball but his end product isn't good enough. Pedro is very inconsistent. Pulisic and CHO are young players and will come good. If Wilf is attainable in January then maybe we look to sign him just silly money may be downfull
  4. Apparently we do,and Barcelona are interested in him
  5. Realistically if anyone thought we where going to be in the top 4 at the beginning of the season they were on another planet, this is a transition season,losing our best player,not being able to buy in the summer,new manager who is learning the ropes.this is a new chapter for us and the fans and board need to lower expectations and enjoy us evolving.
  6. The more I read the more I feel for Frank,he's in a damned if he does damned if he doesn't situation, but he has a strong character,he doesn't have game changers on the bench ,hopefully given a bit more time he will turn things around,but at the moment he needs total support, from club and fans.
  7. Makes you wonder if he is even in Frank's plans anymore.
  8. I don't know how true it is but I read,its Frank that wants zaha,and the club have doubts about him.
  9. I read somewhere the club are not sure of him because Dortmund are asking silly money for him,probably more 120 -140 million.
  10. A crowd that can be the 12th man.
  11. In all honesty we really do need another left back,whether we get one is another matter.
  12. The problem is the young players confidence with get dented,and if we get battered by spurs it really could be downhill for a few of them.
  13. That's true,its one of those days and I really totally forgot those 3,I was on another planet thinking of bakayoko,zappacosta etc.
  14. I'm keeping fingers crossed this happens,but with Chelsea you never know.
  15. Not that I'm all for it,but it definitely looks like Ake and zahara this transfer,carrying on the mediocre transfers of lately.
  16. It definitely shows Frank is learning the ropes,needs to learn quickly
  17. Good shout,big call for Frank to leave the Dave out
  18. Under 3 hours left ,anyone care to guess what side will be out.
  19. The Blues are reportedly monitoring CSKA Moscow frontman Fedor Chalov, a Russia international with two caps to his name. Sky Sports say Chelsea owner Abramovich is a big fan of his fellow countryman, while Crystal Palace also remain in the hunt for the 21-year-old.
  20. He should be sharing game time with Reece,just covering Reece the occasional game giving him a rest.
  21. I'm afraid past his best,and has never been captain material

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