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  1. I'm not,I'm gutted we still have him as our number 2 goal keeper.
  2. No excuses today,3 points is a necessity against this sh*t team.
  3. He has definitely lost his mojo,needs to get it back pretty quickly,like this weekend will do.
  4. Here we go again,never underestimated this team,back to back champions is always a possibility with TT and his warriors.
  5. I never knew that Scott ,I suppose I'm glad if this happens though.👍
  6. Your right because I was pissed when she posted a few days ago and it fell through,but I'm surprised she has again if there isn't a very good chance of it happening or she would look an even bigger fool.
  7. She posted about Saul a few days ago and it fell through, so you never know but I would have thought there is a good chance with her posting again.
  8. Marina has posted a picture of Saul on Facebook, so maybe there is life yet.
  9. What gets me is this is Tuchel's first transfer window,he did fantastically last season but will have more pressure to win something because of it,and all he has been given is one player surely he would have asked for a bit more that should have been given to him.
  10. No mate,we're not getting anyone Trevor will cover if we need it.
  11. Marina has put this on Facebook 'He's played RCB, CCB, CM through academy and on loan, his positional versatility is a huge strength'.This about Trevor ,so I don't expect any more signings now.
  12. Definitely agree about midfield, it's been extremely poor of the board not to address this, marina a week ago was posting about Saul,well that was egg on her face wasn't it.
  13. I'm sure if this doesn't happen it's the boards fault,surely it can't be the money with all the sales which have paid for lukaku we haven't spent anything.
  14. Well I for one has signed the petition saying we don't want him officiating any of our games again,probably nothing will come of it unless tge club speak out.
  15. I will be honest a few years back I thought Andreas was well overrated, I didn't see what all the fuss was about,but the last couple of years he has come into his own,and I take my hat of to a fantastic defender.
  16. Personally I don't feel he is good enough for midfield, defence yes.
  17. I feel you were a tad premature with this post mate,cr7 is now at man u ,and kounde and Saul are looking less likely.
  18. I will be really disappointed in marina for the first time if this falls through because she is going in with a figure Seville feels is just low balling and wasting their time.
  19. Marina on Facebook today said there is a number 17 missing in our squad, then there is a video of Saul,she has done this before with Lukaku, so who knows.
  20. Have to agree with u 100% mate.
  21. Sorry,but we have no-hope of winning the league this season, and I still feel we are a couple of players short to actually challenge for it,definitely another midfielder is needed.
  22. Just noticed the game is on premier sports,that's £15 month ontop of sky sports and bt sport,bloody ridiculous.
  23. Match day,I'm really not sure how today is going to pan out for us,hopefully we can grind out a win,COYB's.
  24. I believe he has to let chelsea know his plans today,but he is definitely hoping arsenal bid for him.
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