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  1. I definitely wouldn't want to run into him on a dark wet night in Stoke that's for sure.
  2. I would love for Declan to playing for us,so much that I would like to ask you fellow supporters for a whip around towards getting him lol.
  3. I think next season will still be to early to challenge for title,but finishing back in top 4 and a cup would be fine by me.
  4. Over the moon mate,I was extremely negative probably as a way of coping if we lost.
  5. Getting closer,and the nerves are already in a mess.
  6. I would be disappointed if I was on the board and Tuchel had just lost 2 finals and only got champions league next season because of Tottenham.
  7. God the closer it gets,the bloody more nervous I'm getting.
  8. I personally hope we don't go for him,never been impressed.
  9. If Eden came home I would be as happy as I was when I heard about the second coming of Jose.
  10. Well last day of league, please lads 3 points needed,KTBFFH.
  11. I think watching chelsea is slightly more painful.
  12. It is what it is,we have all had the wind knocked out of our wings with results lately,if we fail to win tonight so be it.
  13. Well done Mason,well deserved, future captain in the making.
  14. I really don't know if this team can get themselves up to win this,it's a very weak minded lot,no big players who can kick others up the backside.
  15. Optimism won't help us mate,there is no backbone in a lot of the team,there is only one winner on the 29th and it isn't us.
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