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  1. Good God,it was just a figure of speech,murder him,some people need to calm down and get a slight sense of humour
  2. I would push him,off chelsea bridge,the player is complete dross
  3. He does need to consider it,COME back to chels and work with staff
  4. Wikipedia has sarri as head coach
  5. I bloody wish they could put us all out of our misery
  6. Im not sure I want sarri, he has been to volatile in Italy, he wouldn't be able to fart over here without the press on his back.
  7. It's chelsea rumours,it has the ed's on it
  8. There is still talk of sarri not being considered on other forums for chelsea, because of his past,so who knows what is actually happening, Enrique apparently is still being considered if they can agree a figure
  9. We do it ourselves every time, you would have thought we would have learned from previous times,but no not chelseas board
  10. This has gone so quite, is conte staying or going
  11. I came on here to read something about our possible new manager, I must have got the wrong thread,this one is about other managers and youth.
  12. Here we go with the chelsea cheap skating,pinch a penny here pinch a penny there
  13. It is never bloody boring being a chelsea supporter
  14. The board need to realise if Jose wants willian that badly then they hold all the cards.They should definitely play hard ball with Jose.
  15. If sarri is our next manager,I will support him 100%,I'm not bothered by a past we all have one of those
  16. Pep can go and do one, no amount of money would justify that.
  17. The F.A won't stop at anything to stuff chelsea ,they have even asked the government to hold roman's visa lol
  18. I believe he is definitely a better manager than what he has shown this season,he has only run the season on roughly 60%,because the board he believed didn't back him enough.
  19. In the words of The Clash ,conte needs to quickly decide ,should I stay or should i go now.
  20. Looks like a major fallout,the bloke needs to grow up,that is really childish of him,I still wouldn't let him go to united though, that would be a mistake
  21. I still can't believe we were bloody robbed of a penalty
  22. Surely conte can see what's happening, maybe he just doesn't bloody care

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