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  1. Boom Havertz !!!! Told you we'd lost a bit of control of the game LOL
  2. Subs haven't really worked so far .... we've lost a bit of control of the game for me.
  3. All way too bunched up and getting in each others way today ... Oh - we've scored LOL. Go Timo !!!!
  4. CHO has got into a lot of good positions so far, but his final ball is lacking in quality
  5. Probably spends too many hours each week having his hair dyed to practice any useful football skills ...
  6. Birthday goal !!!!! Terrific shot as well - power and placement
  7. Kepa could have a decent career in break dancing if he doesn't quite make it as a goalkeeper ...
  8. To be fair we have 5 centre backs and this is the pair you'd pick if you wanted to field the worst two on the ball LOL
  9. Complete mis-kick shot from Rudiger ... at least we're trying I suppose ... all rather toothless though so far. Good discipline and shape from Morecambe.
  10. Emerson on his best foot LOL ... bit of a shank .. he's no Alonso 🙂
  11. Looks like a full house of round pegs in round holes today ... a welcome change !
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