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  1. Pretty good striker's movement and finish for his goal today ! Sign him up LOL
  2. Grand Master Tuchel playing 4D speed chess today ... simply superb game management from Thomas :-)
  3. Only just gone half way through September, and we've already smashed both of our North London rivals away from home. Lovely jubbly ! Oh ... and ... Top of the League ... :-)
  4. The best replacement for Rudiger would be another striker after we've gone to 4 at the back :-)
  5. What a super story ... as the man himself might have said !
  6. RIP Greavsie. Too young to see him play but loved his punditry !
  7. Whoscored seemed to think he did ok in the latest Norwich game ... best rating in the team !
  8. Pretty good end product for a bloke with a thigh injury LOL.
  9. Really needs a loan ... can't remember the last time I thought he had a decent game ... Hindsight being a beautiful thing, I imagine we're kicking ourselves that we didn't sell him to Bayern when they came calling in the January 2019 window.
  10. The best thing you can say about that finish from Kovacic is that it was "Lampardesque" 🙂
  11. I still think we will need Mount on before too long, probably in pace of Havertz, who has also been well off the pace today ... oh we've scored LOL
  12. Don't think I've ever seen us be that dominated for half an hour at home ... be interesting to see what TT does at HT, as he must be livid at that display ... can't believe we aren't losing !
  13. Fair play to Simeone for trying to hide Niguez at left back ... 🙂
  14. I'd actually think we'd all be saying what a bargain we got 🙂
  15. As well as the non-existant midfield, we look well dodgy and indecisive at the back as well Thank f**k for Mendy. Tuchel has to do something here
  16. All Villa since the goal ... we have zero control of the midfield ...
  17. Right now, I think Barkley would be doing better than Saul. Great pass/goal from Kova/Lukaku. Villa taking us apart at the moment though ...
  18. Nice to see Bamford making his international debut today. One player I thought could have been given more of a chance with us a few seasons back, especially after a sublime goal he scored in a pre-season game.
  19. I'm sure Lingard would agree with you, and I think he'd have loved to go permanently to West Ham after his successful loan there last season, but unfortunately for him, United wanted a much higher transfer fee than Hammers were prepared to pay.
  20. For all the goals he scores, it's still not proven that it actually translates into trophies. At Red Bull Salzburg he won the league twice in the two seasons he was there, but Salzburg are in any case on a streak of eight straight titles, and they won 5 in a row before Haaland, and also won the title after he left with Patson Daka as his replacement. At Dortmund, they've won a single German cup in his two seasons. Granted it is extremely difficult to displace Bayern at the top of the tree in Germany. Huge gamble to fork out £500M for 5 years ... and probably one only Perez is crazy (desperate) enough to take on ....
  21. I agree. Comes across a s a top bloke, totally focused on the team rather than himself as an individual. Best of luck to him.
  22. Granted most didn't work out, but it wasn't too bad on paper LOL. You have to give the positives as well as the negatives for the Conte-era signings, and certainly Alonso, Rudiger and Kante haven't turned out too shabby LOL. Just a shame about most of the rest 🙂
  23. I'd love to know how Sky put that chart together ... for us they must have deducted the original fees of players that we sold rather than the current amortisation value ... doubt they included loan fees either.
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