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  1. Boom Havertz !!!! Told you we'd lost a bit of control of the game LOL
  2. Subs haven't really worked so far .... we've lost a bit of control of the game for me.
  3. All way too bunched up and getting in each others way today ... Oh - we've scored LOL. Go Timo !!!!
  4. CHO has got into a lot of good positions so far, but his final ball is lacking in quality
  5. Probably spends too many hours each week having his hair dyed to practice any useful football skills ...
  6. Birthday goal !!!!! Terrific shot as well - power and placement
  7. Kepa could have a decent career in break dancing if he doesn't quite make it as a goalkeeper ...
  8. To be fair we have 5 centre backs and this is the pair you'd pick if you wanted to field the worst two on the ball LOL
  9. Complete mis-kick shot from Rudiger ... at least we're trying I suppose ... all rather toothless though so far. Good discipline and shape from Morecambe.
  10. Emerson on his best foot LOL ... bit of a shank .. he's no Alonso 🙂
  11. Looks like a full house of round pegs in round holes today ... a welcome change !
  12. I like the front six, but the five at the back are already giving me kittens LOL ... even against Morecambe 🙂
  13. Arrizabalaga Livramento Rudiger Tomori Lawrence Gilmour Jorginho Havertz Hudson-Odoi Werner Anjorin
  14. At some point in the near future, I would be looking to replace all of Jorginho, Kovacic and Kante with taller, more physical midfielders who actually have an eye for goal. You really need a goal threat from all over the pitch, and this trio of midfielders simply do not contribute enough, nor are they particularly adept at the defensive arts in mitigation. Kante in particular is a fish out of water in any team that isn't playing on the counter. Frank needs to find a way to try Gilmour as our deep play maker, and Havertz simply HAS to start as our attacking midfielder who creates and gets
  15. The midfield is the crux of it for me. We just don't have the right balance. I think we only need one of Jorginho, Kante and Kovacic to play, They just don't offer enough in the system that Frank is trying to play to play two of them. f**k knows why we let Barkley out on loan. He's exactly the type of midfielder we need in a 4-3-3. I think we might as well try Gilmour as one of the three. Havertz simply has to play as the AM as well.
  16. Interesting that in F1, Lewis Hamilton only qualified in third in his first Grand Prix back after testing positive for Covid. Covid has lasting effects ... I am not surprised at what we are seeing from Havertz. We are going to lose a few games this season. This one was one of them ....
  17. I think we win this one quite easily ... fancy Werner for a couple this evening.
  18. Just realised our three strikers are now up to a collective 20 goals for the season, and we're only just into December !
  19. A good night for everyone except poor old Kepa really. Pleased for Lampard. Makes 9 changes and wins 4-0 away against a tough opponent, plus gets Gilmour on the pitch. And what can you say about Giroud ? Fabulous performance. He'd have to be mad to want to leave this club at the moment LOL.
  20. From BBC: "Chelsea keeper Edouard Mendy has kept five clean sheets in the Premier League this season, the most of any goalkeeper. Not bad considering he has only played six times ... " 🙂
  21. On the plus side, we got an easy draw against one of our main rivals, and our other main rival failed to capitalise, only getting a draw with Brighton. We're going to finish above Spurs and the Scousers this season I reckon. We're a better side and a better squad.
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