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  1. We were fantastic up until November and most people were talking about us as genuinely one of the best teams in Europe at the time. With the amount of new signings we made a blip in form was always bound to happen. The worrying thing for me though is the actual decisions and lack of style from Lamps at the moment. I understand Kante was missing but before the ball was kicked you could see that midfield was never going to work. Mount and Kova are both box to box players and Kai is an attacking player. Why Billy didn't start to sit and anchor the midfield is beyond me. Per minute CHO h
  2. Personality doesn't warrant a start over ability i'm afraid, shocking decision.
  3. Mason getting frustrated as it seems he's the only one on the pitch putting 100% in right now.
  4. Really not sure how Rudiger has made it back into the team, we look so much worse defensively with him in the team.
  5. Its quite impressive how we've managed to get so much worse over the course of a season.
  6. The only CM we have at the moment that should be starting every game. Kova, Jorgi, Kante, Havertz and Billy can all fight it out for the other two spots.
  7. Best player on the pitch again once he came on. I want to see him on the left and Ziyech on the right going forward. Hopefully it can replicate the partnership Ziyech had with Promes floating balls behind the opposite full back for him to run on to.
  8. Wonder is CHO and Gilmour would get a start next game if they both came on and scored a hat trick.
  9. Mendy James Zouma Silva Chilwell Gilmour Havertz Mount Ziyech Werner HudsonOdoi Argument for Kante to start over one of Mount/Havertz too.
  10. Most inform player in the squad at the minute, should be starting every game from now on until he hits a slump.
  11. Interested to hear how you think we should be setup? Because outside of James at RB i don't think this is far off our best starting 11. Maybe Havertz for Kovacic but he's been sh*te so far.
  12. Would JT stay on the floor in such a situation? A CB play acting like that in unforgivable. Soft of sh*t, should have sold him 2 or 3 windows ago. Such a shame Tomori has wasted a year of his career watching him too.
  13. Thought he was the best player for us today. I mean the other players didn't give him much to compete with. Him or Mount.
  14. Are we sure Gol isn't shagging Jorginho?
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