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  1. Pulled out early/mid 2020 when all the football stopped because of COVID thank god so ended up making quite a bit from it. A few people I still follow on Twitter from back then have lost 10’s of thousands with it. Shocking how it all went.
  2. Hope we replace Jorginho with im
  3. I would honestly rather die than see him in a Chelsea shirt again.
  4. Went for Reece James. Has played well at RWB/RB/CB/CDM when needed. Good to see the academy boys doing us proud. Its been obvious for years our Academy produces gems, just needed a chance for first team football with Chelsea. Thank you, Lamps.
  5. I think Chilwell has been a fantastic signing for us and we finally have a complete LB since A.Cole left. Thank god the club listened to Lamps here and paid the money for Chilwell instead of going for a fancy name like Telles who can't get in the team over Shaw or Reguillon who can't defend for sh*t.
  6. I mean Hudson Odoi hits 10 goal contributions in 1800 mins. So 1 every 180 mins. A lot of these minutes (probably most) were played as a wing back under TT too. Ziyech got 10 in 1900 minutes. 1 every 190 mins. Pulisic more underwhelming with 10 in 2400 miniutes. 1 every 240 mins. Not to forget Pulisic and Ziyech have both been coming back from injuries at some point this season which is bound to hurt their efficiency. I think our issues clearly lie at CF with Werner/Giroud/Tammy and money should be spent there instead of another winger. Especially if we're playing wing ba
  7. Can't say i've watched Swansea much but i'd assume he's competent on the ball. Most modern day CB's coming through academies these days are taught to play out from the back at a young age.
  8. I’m sorry but Azpi isn’t captain material at all.
  9. Chilwell has been a great signing, credit to Lamps for sticking to his guns when wanting him and not going for the easy choice like Telles etc.
  10. James was fantastic both legs against Leicester nullifying Vardy, don’t talk silly.
  11. In fact, Tuchel has to take some blame too. Really don’t get why he’s mixed it up and put Azpi at RWB. If you want James at RCB play CHO RWB so he can actually offer something going forward.
  12. I mean it’s a blatant penalty, can’t complain about that one.
  13. I think I say it about 10 times a season but someone PLEASE tell me what the f**k Jorginho bring to the table. f**k him back off Italy like we should have after Sarri left.
  14. Been a bargain for us this season.
  15. Do we just give him the POTS award already or what?
  16. His pace in behind is so important for us. Even when he's not scoring he's been able to pull defences about and make them think about dropping deep. So happy for him getting that goal today.
  17. f**king love the bloke. My god i hope the board gives this man the keys to the castle and don't piss him off like PSG did.
  18. I think Lukaku is inevitable. Has unfinished business here.
  19. Seems to have cranked it up a notch at the business end of the season again, always good to see when every game is a cup final at the moment.
  20. Captain for me next season if T.Silva isn’t on the pitch. Leads by example and always see him communicating with his team mates.
  21. UEFA have had years to try and sort the CL out with little to no improvement. The competition generated £3.3b in 2019 with only £300m going to the actual clubs competing in it and winning the tournament. This is just one set of billionaires trying to take the money from other billionaires. Personally i'd rather see the money in our back pocket and the money will filter down through the league tiers anyway with us getting charged even more extortionate prices to attract players from the 'smaller' teams.
  22. That’s not an opinion, Rice has a better rating for the season according to Whoscored.
  23. Jorginho had a one month purple patch when the new manager came in. That’s not a good season.
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