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  1. Playing in 4 or 5 positions and drifting through games at the moment and the majority of last season. All players have a preferred role though in a team, i'd be interested to see where Havertz thinks his is.
  2. In regards his best position i'm not too sure either. Seems to be a player similar to Muller at Bayern, who he too i wouldn't be able to tell you where he plays? Just give them freedom and let them create or finish chances i guess. Tuchel doesn't seem to offer such a role in his well drilled systems.
  3. The confidence he gives everyone around him is incredible. By no means slow but his positional awareness means he should, in theory, play for a couple more years if he chooses. Would love to see him stay in a coaching role after retirement too if it's something he's interested in.
  4. Seems to have his confidence back. No hate against Lampard at all but our defence was very open during his tenure and that seemed to hurt his confidence a lot. I imagine most keepers will be fine under a Tuchel regime, which is a positive for Kepa while Mendy is away. Glad to see a smile back on his face.
  5. Yeah but a player performing isn't down to Marina though? At the point of buying them Kai was the best youngster in world football, Chilwell was a massive upgrade as he showed last season and has English tax and Werner was banging in 30+ goals a seaon. All worth what we paid for them at the time. £4.5m loan fee for Sual is absolute pennies too. Drinkwater and Bakayoko are the from the anomaly window. As someone above mentioned, they will have been chosen by a scout, i seem to remember a lot of hype around Bakayoko due to the Monaco run of form at the time. Wouldn't say they're bad deals on Marina's part. Batshuayi was another promising young player with teams like Juventus wanting him the year we got him. £30m for a 22 year old striker off the back of a 23 goal season was a good move. I really don't see how you can blame Marina for him not adapting to the prem in the same fashion. If anything the club has learned from the mistakes of Bakayoko and Batshuayi and moved away from buying promising youngsters from Ligue 1. If i'm remebering corrently the only player we've signed from that league since is Mendy? That's why i'm so surprised so many fans wanted us to move for Tchoameni or Camavinga.
  6. Disagree. Leicester wanted a similar fee as Maguire for Chilwell and Marina got him for £45m. MAnaged to get Kai when all big clubs wanted him. Beat Utd for Saul on a very cheap loan deal. Werner looked like a steal at £45m too. I'd say the only 'fails' she has had are when she's been told to buy a specific player. Someone obviously told her to get Kepa and everyone know Bilbao only ever sell players for their release clause. I think its a lazy argument that we see quite often about Marina not buying players for good value with the last few windows we have had. Interested to see what your point about the other aspects of her job are.
  7. Its worse when you realise Foden is an 84. Wouldn't say he's better than Mount at this point in his career. One was starting for England and playing nearly every minute in a CL winning campaign while the other one was playing every other game and benched at the Euro's.
  8. Physical is calculated as an average of their stamina/jumoping/strength/aggression stats i believe. Or at least it was on previous fifa's.
  9. We don't play with wingers now which suit players like Ziyech and CHO. At Ajax, and under Lamps as mentioned above, Ziyech would be almost against the touchline to whip those deep balls into the back post. We seem to play with two number 10's behind Lukaku with the wing backs doing the work along the touchline. Sadly i can't see Ziyech or CHO truly shining as attackers so long as we play 343.
  10. Its incredible how many 'fans' are getting upset by this banner on twitter. I forgot how many idiots we have in our fan base sat behind keyboards.
  11. I wanna see Chilwell start this one, not played a lot of football through no fault of his own over the past few months so need to get him up to match fitness. I believe he's been left out the England squad too so plenty of time on the training pitch to be ready tactically for the match. Mendy Chalobah Christensen Rudiger Azpi Kovacic Jorginho Chilwell Havertz Lukaku Werner I imagine Gareth will have Mount playing every minute for England so might be a good time to rest him.
  12. Modric is different gravy though, he'll still start the majority of games. When he's not playing i expect Valverde naturally slots in. regardless, i doubt Camavinga starts much at all.
  13. Sitting on the bench behind Modric/Kroos/Casemiro/Valverde etc. Expect him to have the Jovic/Odegaard treatment and end up at West Ham in 3 years.
  14. I’ve changed my mind, I can’t even be arsed to argue with you. It’s like talking to a child when Jorginho’s name is mentioned.
  15. Not really relevant at all to the discussion we were having or the point I was making. Thanks for being Jorginho’s white knight again though, I’m sure he appreciates it.
  16. I couldn't care less how he does at a small team because when he's at Chelsea he's not at a small team. Whenever he has played for us he almost always picks up MOTM. Put Jprginho in the Norwich team and see how he does. More minutes means little if they're playing at a level equivalent to Sunday league football most weeks.
  17. Does he have more to prove than Tchouameni or Camvinga? I don't think so. They've been playing in the French league, which isn't even a top 5 league anymore while Billy has been picking up MOTM awards in the CL and against Liverpool etc.
  18. Jorginho just won player of the year playing for a PL team. Null and void argument.
  19. We walked through Real's midfield a lot easier and i'd still take Modric/Kroos/Casemiro at Chelsea. He's head and shoulders ahead of RLC and Ampadu as of right now and i'm a massive RLC fan. As for Tchouameni, if we're going for the league/CL again i'd rather have some experience in the squad over someone with less than 70 league appearances to his name. Could end up being another Bakayoko, if we want youth we should have kept Billy around.
  20. What do you mean at this stage of his career? He's only 26 and starts for the team that just won La Liga. Sounds like you're making out he's coming to the end of his career, when realistically he's just entering his peak.
  21. Should be ahead of Pulisic for me.
  22. As a wingback its always in the back of your mind that if you lose the ball, you're the player that has to track back and defend out wide. You're bound to be more cautious. As a winger in a flat back 4 you know you have the cover of the full back and likely another player in the middle of the pitch to drop in. You can afford to take more risks. CHO at LW, or even RW, to me is a different beast to at wing back.
  23. Has he had a choice on the wing for Tuchel yet? Every opportunity seems to be at wing back. Obviously against nothing opposition but didn't he play the other day in that behind closed doors friendly on the wing and get 8 assists or something?
  24. Don't see why players should take pay cuts because the business is run poorly. Fans should be booing the board, not the players. I certainly wouldn't take a pay cut at my work so they could hire more staff.
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