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  1. Morata as expected seems on a completely different wavelength
  2. Nauseating listening to NBC commentators saying Pep is the best coach in the world. Yeah, he only needed 500m. He is a very good coach but come on, he just got routed in the CL.
  3. It is mind boggling how this guy is still a ref after the mistakes he keeps making. Not a penalty
  4. Ok Pogba. You had a good game. Calm down. You weren't instrumental in United winning the CL today.
  5. Lol emotional. Of course he will be emotional. He isn't a robot. And what is this talk about tanking our season? He is trying his best. Sure, he has failed tactically in some games as he isn't perfect but he isn't intentionally trying to lose. To be frank, I expected better from you Roman.
  6. There are 4 equally good teams apart from us this season. We have no God given right to finish in the top 4. Spurs are the only one like us who didn't spend a lot but they also didn't have some core players leaving and were playing under the manager a lot longer than Conte. We deserve to be in 5th as we aren't a top 4 side this year irrespective of who the manager is.
  7. City have lost 1 game the entire season and we have Bakayoko, Moses, etc. as starters. I would be afraid before the game as well.
  8. Yeah we aren't overtaking Pool. Hope Spurs implode somehow
  9. Don't like him much nowadays but fair game to him to take the blame. Was pretty brutal about his own weakness in not closing his legs quickly enough.

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