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  1. Lol emotional. Of course he will be emotional. He isn't a robot. And what is this talk about tanking our season? He is trying his best. Sure, he has failed tactically in some games as he isn't perfect but he isn't intentionally trying to lose. To be frank, I expected better from you Roman.
  2. There are 4 equally good teams apart from us this season. We have no God given right to finish in the top 4. Spurs are the only one like us who didn't spend a lot but they also didn't have some core players leaving and were playing under the manager a lot longer than Conte. We deserve to be in 5th as we aren't a top 4 side this year irrespective of who the manager is.
  3. City have lost 1 game the entire season and we have Bakayoko, Moses, etc. as starters. I would be afraid before the game as well.
  4. Now we know why he was so negative against City. This team especially the "world-class" goalkeeper cannot defend an open game.
  5. Did u watch his interview before the game? He was visibly choking. Cute with your "friend".
  6. Might have to do something about his friend dying. Just a wild guess though.
  7. Because we went backward while others strengthened. Probably this has been discussed 1000 times already here so I will agree to disagree.
  8. Sure. Good for you. Every manager we bring in will underperform for you if you think our squad is good enough to challenge for the title. Also, remember, net spend.
  9. Enough for top 4, that's it. Lower than that is on Conte
  10. Who in your esteemed view will you be turning your back on next or the season after? Because no other coach is going to come close to Conte with our limited resources.
  11. No. He or his club had a number in their mind. For some reason, we try to haggle below that number. Sometimes we just have to meet them if we are really serious.
  12. As the joker says "If you are good at something, never do it for free". I won't call it greed.
  13. Conte turned Moses into a good WB. If Conte wanted him, I trust him to get the beat out of Llorente.
  14. The idea that the players city bought were "interested" while the ones we targeted weren't is quite simply rubbish. Every player has a price.
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