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  1. and a low centre of gravity, body strength, and a big ole booty to bounce off of players. can't be compared. You can compare Hazard to soemone like Aguero, but not Pulisic, surely
  2. Sorry, normally i woud listen to anyones point of view on here, but i cannot agree to this. Everton have been a serial cr@p team for years. Its cost managers jobs for years. Even when Moyes was in charge they would have one good season followed by one bad. They have continuously flirted with relegation for donkeys years and are doing the same again now. If they were that good a team they wouldn't have been in the relegation zone sacking their manager..again. We are a better team all over the pitch. Digne and Richarlison are about their only consistent players. Today we were sh!t. All over the pitch. Yes we were cr@p and deserved to lose. We have a defence set up incorrectly and a forward line that currently looks gassed and weak. But please, let's not start thinking that Walcott is a better player than Willian, Iwobi or Calvert-Lewin are better that Abraham or indeed that Sigurdson, for the 4 games a year that he turns up is any better than Kovacic.
  3. We may eventually get Bexit through and start trading with our friends over the water but at the moment, for a little while longer it still should be £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ Thank you
  4. Yes, we have a right back who is no longer good enough, so we are playing him at LB because our LB's are also not good enough. The thing is our RB is not good enough at LB either. We had one CB playing, making mistakes becuase he keeps wanting to play football in poor places. So we drop him and move the other CB over. This CB can't play with the ball at his feet but is good in the air. We are playing out from the back using a keeper who doesn't inspire confidence. We now have a non ball playing CB and a LB hanging out of his ar$e defending the oppositions right side (generally the strongest side of any team). Having dropped Tomori, we have brought in another CB who is as weak as pi$$ and can't jump and head. So having moved the non ball player header of a ball to the opposition's right side of attack, we now have the weak boy that can't jump at the back post where all the towering headers coem from. Behind all of this we have a weak small keeper that constantly makes poor decisions and is nowhwre near as comfortable on the ball as people seem to think. Scary days ahead. We must get a defensive coach. Please.
  5. Kind of think he said it as it is, especially about the third. Juts watch it again and teh pass from Kepa to Zouma is actually a bit of a reverse with both Christensen and Jmaes better options. So unnecessary.
  6. This to me is starting to look like the product of a thin squad of primarily weak back up players now catching up with us. Kids break. Most players will play most of their games at about 70% fitness, that's what happens. Our kids are now entering the real football period of digging in an manning up. Having shown that initial promise andability, too many have been found out a bit and are now disappearing during games and need to be rested and rotated. Mount for me looks miles off. He's not, he's a great prospect but he is miles off at the moment. Tomori started to look liek that as well. Zouma looks a bomb scare, Pulisic can be in and out. You only have to have 3-4 of these players off their game and that's it. Game over. We desparately need a core of solid pros that our young stars can use as a foundation to build on.
  7. What concerns me is Kante looks like i do when i try to change my golf swing a little bit. Soon as i start thinking about it and tweaking things the whole thing turns to sh!t. Since Kante was rested and got back to full fitness, playing him in a the different role since Sarri got here we seem to have lost that little bulldog guy that got all about the pitch retrieving the ball for us.
  8. He has not been the same player since his injury. Same thing happened to Michael Owen after he started to have the hamstring problems. Don't get me wrong he still had a good career, but that early Owen was like lightning. The test is now becuase its not just about pace, you have to be able to play as well. CHO probably needs a run but you've got to earn your place as well.
  9. I agree nut what royally fcks me off is this recent fixation with getting players to do these extra things to their game when they can't actually do the job they're employed for. I don't want ball playing centre backs, I don't fking care about that, i want defenders that can defend. I want a keeper that actually saves shots. I don't want a centre back who cant jump and is as weak as pi$$. When we're chasing the game and need to force the issue why is the keeper even trying to pass the ball to the worst ball player that we have when there are another seven players nearer to their goal.
  10. So what. Because the defence is fking woeful lets pass the ball to the opposition when there is 70 yards of pitch ahead.
  11. Object lesson to Everton though. We are proof that hype will only last for so long.
  12. Can we now please get rid of this fking useless keeper. Good with his feet. Bollox
  13. Not even sure here. I think Millie Bright could probbaly knock seven shades of sh!t out of him.
  14. Shocking first half really. I cannot think of anything of note from us at all during that half. Zouma overhits everything, Mount underhits everything. Kante's touch and awareness has been shocking. Dave's decline is actually speeding up now and he is starting to look like a League 1 player out there. Too much pi$$-ar$ing around trying to walk the ball in. I don't understand why those that are supposed to be the tactical geniuses can't work out the simple tactics againts playing a team like Everton. New manager bounce, running on adrenalin. So lengthen the pitch and make them run and run because they will run out of steam. hit the channels, get behind them and make them run themselves into the ground, instead of the tippy toe tap bollox.

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