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  1. Now they are reporting that we haven't. Like I say, its all media bollox
  2. Just proves it all media bollox anyway. After the CL final we were linked with just about every available player. A didn't go past where we were not pretty near the top of the Gossip pages. But it in reality it had feck all to do with the club or reality. Just a load of newspaper and media people with no proper work to do, sitting around thinking up what they think we need and then creating false links. What have bene the actual verified bids. Did we actually bid for Hakimi in the end, it all got a bit murky. have we actually mad an official bid for Haaland yet.
  3. Plus there should also be some other targets as well
  4. Thank you for the clarification Sydney, that was a very helpful summary.
  5. I thought these players went to likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid because it was their boyhood dreams to play for these clubs. Nothing to do with the €500k a week here or Bale's £600k a week at RM. So I would suspect none of these players would even contemplate moving away as it is all about the love of the game and their boyhood dreams, rather than anything to do with money. I am sure the likes of Griezmann would probably drop their salaries in order to help out the clubs that they have always dreamed of playing for. And if Barca are in such perilous trouble financially why are they still allowed to sign players?
  6. But he didn't want to come here, though. Didn't he sign for PSG or someone?
  7. And Ings has a history of injuries. After making a name for himself at Burnley with Sam Vokes he then Missed a large part of his time with them due to injury. Made of glass. He should be biting their hands off and return some loyalty to those that have been loyal to him.
  8. I think the message is there in the soundbites, if we look for it hard enough> the majority of our exposure is regarding players leaving rather than coming in and i have seen comments in some outlets where we need to sell first to cover FFP for the level of players that we want. If all that is true i can easily see us running out of time because we will struggle to move players on for the sums that we might be valuing them at.
  9. Wants to spend his time on the treatment table of a big club.
  10. I do like Ndidi, but i put in another thread that i like Franck Kessie. From what i have seen (which isn't a huge amount i confess) he looks like he would fit the DM/CM profile very well.
  11. Franck Kessie. Cheaper with at least all of the attributes. The only unknown is not having played in England he has played in a weaker league.
  12. I feel that he has gone from the precocious youngster now though and will need to be as rounded and ready as any other senior competing for the position
  13. But if as you agree the choice is down to two players only, and they don't want to come here regardless or the clubs refuse to sell at any price, then you're not going to get what you want, whether we are the current champions of Europe or not.
  14. I don't disagree but in reality how many of these elite forwards are there to choose from. Haaland, Mbappe, Lewandowski, Kane, Lukaku. After this you are then splitting opinion, due to age, finances, style of play, etc. Even Lewandowski, Kane and Lukaku seem to divide opinion on here, so you're only looking at Haaland and Mbappe that we all universally agree on being top top quality.
  15. Because they are the King's club and its all dodgy over there. Maybe he'll buy another facility for massively overblown prices and then give the facility away to the club anyway
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