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  1. ......and then they gave the job to Benitez!!!!
  2. Which it looked like he spent on food!
  3. And to put things into perspective, after the whiff of discussions when at Napoli, he was removed and replaced by Ancelotti. thus technically being unemployed. Without his stint with us he may not have got the Juve job, so an element of gratitude, however small, would have been too much to expect.
  4. Apologies, my Like icon has now disappeared form my screen view. So. Like!
  5. I think it was for our European games last season, he wasn't even allocated a squad number. I may be wrong, I normally am. I think my message was that I don't concur with the theme of his totally sh!t. These guys thrive on adoration and therefore their egos, confidence is paper thin. I've seen on countless occasions where a slight dip in confidence results in a previously top quality player becoming torres, sorry torrid! I don't think he is a total write off. He may not have the flair of a hazard, David Silva, KDB etc, but hey neither did Frank when he started with us. He was a workhorse midfielder that through sheer hard work and endeavor took himself to another revel.
  6. and sixth, he wasn't really given an opportunity. kicking his heels and not even being given a squad number has helped him go off the rails a bit. he needs to knuckle down, get fit and start playing. as a no nonsense workhorse in the middle of the park, Drinkwater can do a job for us. Often there is a fine confidence line between decent consistent performances and dross.
  7. I was kind of hoping that we would accept the 35m for Willian on the condition that whoever bought him had to take Bakayoko as a BOGOF.
  8. But we have seen this kind of behaviour throughout though. This guy couldn't even shake hands with the opposition managers at the end of games. On numerous occassions he had to be stopped from darting down the tunnel to have the common courtesy of shaking the hand of his opposite number. He came here with a reputation, We all thoguht he wuld break the mould, he'd be a renegade. Cult figure. In the end he just turned into an ignorant, scruffy fag smoking bloke with very limited social skills. Cult figure? nearly.....one letter away!
  9. Agree totally Bonzo. I guess I would prefer to see the focus pointing in the most applicable direction at any given time. By that I am not demeaning the importance of the work in football to totally eradicate it but I feel that it is an unfair reflection of society if the press are hammering football clubs due to 1% of their fanbase, whilst, say for arguments sake, racism, sexual harassment, etc may rife within, dare I say it the television and entertainment industry. If you're going to highlight these issues, then I don't think they should be used to also fit another sub-text. But we're in agreement anyway Bonzo
  10. There are still Nazis in the world. You'll never eradicate bigoted opinions. All the time there is a diverse culture in society there will be bigots, bullies, and troublemakers. What never seems to be exercised is Perspective and perhaps it is because sports media as an industry is so over inflated with hangers on and people "cheating" a living that sensationalism becomes a stock in trade, sloppy, weak journalism and the stereotyping against clubs such as Chelsea is clearly evident. Racism, anti semitism, religious fanaticism and religious intolerance has existed forever and still exists in every walk of life. We don't see a group of boozy firemen on a night out throwing a black lad off of a train, because it doesn't resonate. Show Chelsea fans doing it and get a double scoop of highlighting bigoted behavior (which should be done) but get eh added bonus of a bit of Chelsea bashing for free, like the club could do anything to eradicate that kind of behavior. Clough had it right about the Hoolies. There is no such thing as a football hooligan. There are hooligans that go to football. It's a societal issue.
  11. Not all of it Mr Neal had us going in the right direction

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