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  1. Although, perhaps slightly tongue in cheek but if Sarri has plans on signing Higuain and Kovacic, bring on the ban now!
  2. I am starting to wonder if Sarri knows his. I am sure he has his system but is he capable of moulding players to play that system or adaptign his system to meet teh players abilities. He plays CHO, partly due to fan/media pressure and partly due to the consistently underwhelming performances of Pedro and Willian. He plays the lad on the right even though he prefers Hazard's left birth. Early on CHO shows he can skin a player hit the byeline and cross (aahh those were the days of proper wingers!) but he doesn't play a taller, aerially adept stiker in Giroud, he either plays Hazard or Higuain, both who want teh ball to feet. If Abraham can develop Giroud's ability to hold defenders off, play in runners such as Hazard Willian etc, and can improve his feet for flicks and one touch passs, and then add that to his shootign ability and presence to head crosses from CHO what else is needed from a striker?
  3. But regardless of any of your valid points he is the most in form striker that we currenlty have. In fact he is the nearest thing remotely resembling a centre forward that we have here. Sarri would rather fail playing Hazard as a false 9 (and pi$$ the lad off no doubt) than play a gassed out 33 year old, that knows how to pin a man, how to win a header, hold up play, spread to the wings, bring others in and chip in with goals. Higuain looks to me like we have signed Benitez again and put a shirt on him!
  4. One of the most inept performances i have seen for a long time. I cannot think of a single creditable thing that our defenders have doen tomnight, either defensivley or when in possession. Thank God Giroud led the line like a proper striker and Pedro's running off the ball worked. I dread to think where we'd be if it weren't for those first 20 odd mins
  5. Scored 10 fking years ago and the morons like Spackman trawl out "he just needs to hit it on the valve" bollox and boom another sh!t kick into the wall.
  6. Agree 100%. I cannot understand why anybody trying to offer a balanced opinion also gets grouped in and demonised as well. Surely the media of this country are not that feeble minded to realise that this is a social issue and not just one club. Do they honestly think that this is not ocurring at every club, why is it just Chelsea being vilified. I don't understand. I am not endorsing any of it but, as an example, i genuinely don't understand why a section of our fanbase were at oine point this season allegedly making anti semitic chants and Uefa were thinking of banning us behind closed doors, yet 62,000 Spurs fans chant y*dS at the top of the voices on national tv and not a word is mentioned. I'm looking forward to reading about the Man Utd security team conducting a sudden raid on hundreds of united fans, preventing them from attending the upcoming match due to the disgusting homophobic chants of Chelsea rent boys, that no doubt will be sung in some quarters. I reiterate i am not condoning or excusing any of this, it's fking ridiculous, but i would like to make a point about modern day media sensationalising. What was said about Salah was unpleasant, immature and uneducated but for Klopp to call it a despicable act,,come on please, perspective. The genocide of 6 million jews by a homicidal maniac is despicable, the murders and decapitating of dozens of women across America by Ted Bundy were despicable acts, calling someone names, it's childish, neanderthal but not despicable surely.
  7. Not only does this pi$$ me off but he doesn't even know the names of our players. When interviewed about CHO and RLC he normally calls one Callum and the other Loftus. Prat. You don't hear Klopp saying Oxlade or Trent. Things start off lost in transaltion. After a while though its either just rude, ignorance or plain thick.
  8. again... Total classless clown Him for doing it, not you for saying it Jacko obviously 😁
  9. But you promised us a 3-2 win. Whats going on?!
  10. Actually i think it probably highlights the opposite. I think we have got the tactics all wrong today and the substitutions have been underwhelming. Poor management and some loose, poor play by some of our players. This scouse team is probably goign to win the league and other than a worldy from Salah which (although i didn't overly rate him tbh) Courtois would have saved, with a better level of game management we may well have won this match.
  11. Be careful Scott, because he is sh!t in virtually every game, if anything is said about it we get accussed of picking on the scapegoats
  12. Sorry, disagree. I think he has been solid, strong and has been as effective as any of the midfielders
  13. Barkley. If its for RLC this Sarri is fking useless
  14. But that wasn't down to the false 9 other than us packing our midfield. They had 1 shot on target and so did we. Neither tesam created anything. As soon as they stepped it up we folded
  15. It also knocks him out of his rhythm as well. He's been on fire so Sarri changes it. He then spends a half huffing and puffing on scraps then when he does get back to his position he is slightly out of his stride.

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