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  1. Or adopt a 4-4-2 formation until all players are fi and available and play Giroud up top with Bats alongside. Bats can't play but knows where the goal is. Giroud is a player that doesn't score enough.
  2. Consistent performance from what i saw.
  3. Totally agree with your last paragraph. I have no major problem with Dave's attacking qualities. he isn't the most productive but few of our wider players do cross the ball that effectively. The wide players just have to put the ball in the area, that's it. If nothing comes of it, it is down to the atacking players. My concern is relating to recent decline in his main job, that of defending. The grappling, and dark arts of tugging and falling down have all the hallmarks of the start of Ivan's decline. His legs seem to be going which is bad for a full back where teh ball will often be pinged to the back post. pace and an awareness of danger around you are a must because you are the last line of defence at the far post.
  4. At his best, true. The point was relating to the speed at which he declined.
  5. Sorry but i can remember about half a dozen times when he was either out of posiition, turned off to danger at the back post, or conceded possession easily and was unable to track back and recover. The Maddison blaze over when it was easier to score came from Azpi losing possession on the half way line and then being unable to recover the ground in getting back. I've been a massive fan of Dave's for years but he is going south rapidly. The concern is that even with the direction he seems to be taking lately i'd still prefer him over Zappacosta at the moment and there is no fit available alternative.
  6. Zonal marking, which will be the death knell for our defence as it is for most others, and the fact that 5 foot 10 Dave was stood stock still on the penalty spot. If we must mark zonally let's at least have somebody with aerial presence in the kill zone, even if it's Tammy.
  7. It's already started. Signs of Ivan were evident at the back end of last season and are growing apace.
  8. Brave words off the back of a Teemu Pukki hattrick
  9. Having spent years ridiculing Arsenals failings at Zonal marking and laughing Brendan Rodgers Liverpool real fail doing, what are we trying to achieve with Zonal marking and why do we put a 5 ft 10 defender on the penalty spot. The mind boggles
  10. Woeful performance again. The energy and intensity of the youngster is great for the 20-25 mins it lasts, but then they just disappear. Lucky to get away with a draw Dave's decline continues. He has become Azpivanovic. What we already knew. A long hard season, possibly the toughest in the Roman era.
  11. What is love Baby, don't hurt me
  12. Spot on. As i said elsewhere i believe he has value defensively in clearing his lines and defending the position. The issue is more Zouma's comfort on the ball. I actually think he went some way to redeeming himself against Liverpool and played pretty well. For me, i think Tomori is the one that Lampard will eventually go for. In the samll cameo we saw you canalready see that he is a player as well as a defender, with pace, time and comfort in possession of the ball.
  13. Are fans losing faith though? The comments that I have seen have more been observations on how quickly the rot can set in if the first win doesn't come along quickly and how players can often get into a downward spiral confidence wise.

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