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  1. Whilst I thought that Sarr struggled with the aerial aspects I liked his strength and willingness to be first in the tackle. I wonder if, under Tuchel's tutelage he couldn't be groomed as Kante's understudy. I have been impressed with RLC under Tuchel as well and think he likewise can develop in the Jorginho role
  2. 2 on the bounce. I have been a big fan but these last two are big black marks against TT. Shocking performance
  3. Worst Juve team I can every recall seeing pkaying in front of a crowd of friends and family going by the quoted numbers and we have insisted on dumbing ourselves down to their level so that we are now in a massive hole. What dross this is
  4. It's gutless football 5 yard passes to each other unmarked. Shifting the responsibility on to someone else. Totally gutless
  5. Brain dead football trying to do the same sh*t at 70 minutes they were failing at after 10 minutes. There is no way through the fking middle. How many more times
  6. Have we actually had a fking shot tonight. Not sure but is this Kovacic's worst performance for us so far
  7. Just watch the interview. My catchphrase of the season. "What Thomas said"
  8. I don't know how they flew all the teams over to Manchester to play the match, cos the fcker only ever seems to ref matches at the end of his fking road. Seems to be in the middle for every Manc game from what I see
  9. Wasn't he going to be the next big thing
  10. I actually don't think that he is anywhere near as good as he was prior to injury. That blistering pace seems to have gone a bit which has undermined his game. He can now be a bit predictable and has often been underwhelming. Dont get me wrong he is a decent player still but doesn't seem to have the extra bit of unpredictability and something special.
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