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  1. Clarkson height, he's got to be a centre back surely
  2. Thanks for that. That's a whole new level of anxiety that I hadn't thought of yet. Going to love these Europa games now. Lol
  3. I think we should all have official chocolate partners. "WhiteWall, in association with Dime Bar"..Mmm
  4. Its all gone ominously quiet. Worrying.
  5. Didn't see hardly any defending in those clips. Can he jump, can he head, can he tackle, can he get back into position, can he mark and defend corners. We have loads players that can run down one side of the pitch and cross the ball into the box
  6. So are we saying then that everything is hunky dory if we have a defence that cannot defend and a group of attacking players with a goal ratio of 1 in 10 games. With these types of credentials is it any wonder that when the crunch games come along we cannot help but fail.
  7. so that's a 1 in 10 game ratio then
  8. Although I have no axe to grind this has to be done in pairs and Jorginhos lack of pace often leaves Kova in a last ditch tackle scenario imo. If Mount is going to press high up the pitch and Kova is going to go hunting the ball then the other midfielder need Jorginhos ability on the ball but a level of mobility similar to Kova which we don't. Throw in a sprinkling of cheers when it comes to defensive duties and we are so easily exposed
  9. True but this team seems to have too many ball players that can't tackle for toffee. Yes Kova gets booked, yes he'll get reds and yes he us sh*t at shooting but he is one of the very players we have willing and capable of tackling for the ball. Not nicking it off the toes, actual fronted up tackling
  10. The point being is that both Zouma and Rudiger are the same players which frankfully and apologies for offending, is not very football intelligent. These are the players that can look good by being on the front foot and getting ahead to win and clear the ball, to be first, to dive in and press. What is needed is one of them and a CB alongside that has a brain and can play. By asking these to to mark space, box players in, nick possession and look to play out is a recipe for disaster. I now see Rudi galloping mindlessly all over the pitch then being exposed thus making stupid rash decisions allied to shocking positional awareness.
  11. But that is also worrying. Just because zDave happens to be the last one throwing in a last ditch tackle doesn't mean he's the best of defenders and if he is our best its a true indication of our plight. Dave is at least 1 and maybe 2 seasons past prime. I like him and I like his spirit but with decent defensive coaching and better players coming through Daves career could have gone on much longer in a secure defense rather than diving in to make up for the lack of pace and reactions now evident
  12. but if offers came in he and Ancelotti would discuss it. Which is standard agent posturing. Anyway the point wasnt really about Richarlison, I just threw that out there. The point I was making is that CHO should be at least a full season away from our team and needs to go to a decent team in a physical league. I'm not convinced at the moment that he has the tools to make it currently
  13. We turned down similar money for CHO and would be lucky to scrape half of that now
  14. That was pre Covid and the player ir agent is already touting for offers

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