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  1. The issue I have with most of our players at the moment lies with the fact that each player should generally have 4 passing options. 1 - A longer, creative forward pass. 2 - A short punchy forward pass progressing the play. 3 - A neutral sideways pass, passing on the creative responsibility to someone else. 4 - A negative easy pass backwards towards your own goal. Most of our players and almost all of our defenders seem to only ever play the 3 and 4 passes. Passive or negative football passing the responsibility buck onto somebody else. Gutless football that is boring as hell to watch
  2. Doesn't need to be bollocked in public though. We've already seen this kids confidence fall apart just from an injury and a slight change in positioning. Would we really be surprised if his form started dropping off again now. Some things should maybe just stay in the dressing room.
  3. Joe Cole talking about Chelsea "dominance" and Southampton lucky to be 1-0 up. How can the only team to have a shot on target inside the opposition box be lucky to be leading. This is such bollox........again
  4. Hey Don't worry though because as Hoddle says we've had all the possession and that's what football is about apparently. It's nothing to do with scoring goals like little clubs like Southampton. The big clubs know how to pass eight passes in their own box with no opposition near. Possession football. It's fantastic. It's not boring or sh!!t at all
  5. Think we'd probably do the same if we had 6 competitive matches a season. At PSG even winning the league doesn't stop you getting sacked apparently! That's how competitive that league is.
  6. Sounds gripping. Can't wait for the fans to be allowed back at an average price of what £80 a ticket. We have 5 shots on target, all of which i would have saved, and they didn't even bother. Its the cream of English football, its the most competitive league in the world, its fantastic entertainment...and..it's LIVE!! (apparently according to that tw@t Tyler) Please. Do me a favour. EDIT: I have just read some of the other comments. Don't misconstrue that as a Tuchel bashing, cos its not. Nothing to do with the manager, I welcomed him on board and, in truth, nowadays i am not l
  7. We have already built a team no one wants to watch
  8. CHO got motm on BT Sports by Glenn Hoddle because he ran a lot. Speaks volumes really. Quality entertainment that is. I missed the last 15 mins. I went and washed and wiped up. Far more interesting!!
  9. But why do they have to do the checks on the pitch. The guy can walk fine, why couldn't he be checked out off the pitch
  10. I didn't realise that Podence was Portuguese for got no bollocks. Fck me do this lot overreact
  11. I wonder if the rumours about Frank not being able to meet with the players was because Tuchel was already here meeting them. Surely there would have been an introduction meeting before a training session. Night training. Good start if true
  12. There is no point in us being po faced about it now. What has happened has happened. We now have a new guy at the helm with fresh ideas and a new approach. He may unlock the undoubted talent that this group has and he deserves an opportunity. I'm sad about Frank going but I am really looking forward to what this guy can bring. Hopefully he can help us get to where we should be
  13. I'll admit that I have criticised the football and the management capabilities of the entire backroom team this season. I am certainly no plastic fan, 55 years old and been a fan since League Cup final day 1972 (Fking lost that day as well!!). I am disappointed in Frank not being successful here but i am not surprised. I will support whoever comes in for the next couple of years until they are sacked as well. For me the issue is not the manager, its not the players, its not the board. For me its the whole ethos around modern day football. The truth is, its all sh!t. There is no pass and r
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