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  1. I think stellar performance may be stretchingi t a bit. I thought first half we were dire, with our usual sloppy, lazy passing and lack of movement. Azpi i thought was poor, sloppy and on too many ocassions had to make tactical fouls, Kovacic too many times gave away sloppy dangerous passes that would have killed us against better opposition. Too often we penned ourselves in too deep due to poor care of the ball and too many needless touches in and around our own box. I would even go as far to say that the driving run through midfield by Kante to set up the first goal actually breathed life and confidence into the whole team. We would rarely have such opportuntity to develop during a game in the EPL.
  2. Now this is where good man management needs to come into play. I just watch CHO coming off the pitch, handing his shirt to a young kid, his confidence up and he's enjoyed his night. He now needs to play, to be embedded into a team of seasoned pros around him. Not dipped in with the second string, but a fundamental part of the A listers. Its what Pep did with Sterling, Klopp with Alexander Arnold. CHO will flourish if we nurture that air of confidence. Bench him again now and bring him on for the last ten of a game we've already lost wil just deflate all of that confidence. Sarri, whilst the kid has got a follwoing wind of confidence, let him play. If he then has a poor game, at least he's had teh chance. Confidence breeds confidence
  3. Maybe it the Dom/Sub in me but i miss him already
  4. Actually booing your own players onto the pitch is Pathetic. Actually its f**g disgraceful. what our recently departed Yorkley friend would have called f**g plastic w*nkrs
  5. Please tell me i'm wrong and that wasn't chelsea fans booing Jorginho onto the pitch then ffs
  6. But Kante has always done that nicking the ball and driving into the oppositions half. He did that as a DM for us and for Leicester before us.
  7. I absolutely f**g hate Ian Darke, he is so f**g sh*t. Random, i know. Sorry
  8. WhiteWall

    Match Going Fans

    Who are ya, who are ya!!
  9. WhiteWall

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I don't do abusing forum members for their opinions, that is what this place is for and I like reading people opinions if they differ from mine. What I would say here Coco, and I like a lot of what you post, is surely in the modern game every player has a role to play with and without the ball. The keeper needs to be able to distribute with the ball, organize his defence, communicate and sort his starting position out without the ball. Similarly the defenders need to move the ball efficiently out of danger to the midfield or forward area with the ball, and organize their line, positioning and marking of opponents without. The wide players need to run the channels, pass effectively, and cross with the ball, track back, tuck in and cover exposed midfielders without. Forward players we know generally get a bit of a pass defensively but even they, without the ball, need to be showing for the ball, making runs in behind, pinning defenders etc. What does Jorginho offer at the moment without the ball? With the ball I would accuse all of the midfielders (Excluding Hazard who I put in the wide/forward bracket) of providing very little at the moment. Barkley, Kovacic and Jorginho all fall way short of what is currently needed with the ball. But for me additionally Jorginho offers very little without the ball simply due to his physical limitations (when he is faced up one on one, he is actually a very good, clean tackler of the ball), being his lack of pace. I also think that the shortcomings of the other midfielders undoubtedly puts added focus and attention, unfairly on Jorginho, but if we are going to have a pivot that is purely keeping us moving, with little off the ball responsibilities, then the other midfielders need to step up with the creative forward passing to allow for our defenders to play the line that Sarri requires, which is a total of 35 metres from back line to front line at all times.
  10. WhiteWall

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    His five yard wall passes are second to none! He is probably the only person in the entire squad capable of such consistent five yard sideways passes. Buffoons like us clearly don't fully appreciate the technical merits of this role.
  11. WhiteWall

    Emma Hayes

    Seriously? What has sexism or any other ism got to do with it? This club's fanbase is in uproar at the moment because our manager apparently is not good enough, has never won anything, can't cope with the tactical and physical aspects of top flight premier league football. The proposed answer, appoint Emma Hayes because she is involved in the club and is a decent coach. Never played the game either, just like Sarri, so why not. What qualifications can she possibly have. She talks sensibly. So did Merson last night, and he's a Chelsea fan. She's a decent coach, so are probably 70 other people in the game at the moment. This is nothing against her but what qualifications does Emma Hayes have to meet the demands of top 6 premier league football. Its nothing to do with the fact that Emma Hayes is a woman, it is simply that she is under qualified for this particular role. Gianfranco Zola talks a really good game, is a great bloke, club legend and a decent coach. How many of us want him as our manager?
  12. WhiteWall

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Watched The Debate. Merse absolutely bang on. Caning the others and everything he has said is on the money.
  13. The only thing i would say is that the leadership is so toothless from above that i genuinely don't think anyone would have the gumption to sack him. He would have to resign for there to be any change. What on earth would we do then, there can't be many managers left in Italy by now!!
  14. The point being her is that there is no Plan A. I see no pattern other than possession for possession's sake. So Plan A cannot be perfected until it is started and i personally cannot see any direction