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  1. The quality of basic passing by this team is lazy, arrogant and generally sh1te. There seems to be no emphasis on keeping the flow and momentum with simple fizzled active passing into runs
  2. Fking abysmal from Emerson again underhit to Abraham
  3. Same old story though isn't. No pattern of play from Chelsea at all and an hour played and the team looks bollocksed
  4. We would be losing now against any premier league team, playing like this
  5. Absolutely no movement in this team at all. Are they all in lockdown and train remotely in their own gardens
  6. This is currently developing into another poor performance. Yet again care of the ball is dreadful
  7. Why would he come to Chelsea. If he wanted to move he would have far better options I think
  8. Why was that hogwash. I thought it was a pretty accurate summary actually
  9. It wasn't that long ago that losing to Leicester did end up being the end of the world for us all for a while
  10. Same old boring pedestrian football with some absolutely abysmal examples of a total lack of care of the ball in completing simple unopposed 5 yard passes. Dreadfully boring team against 4th division football
  11. What like CHO, Abrahams, James. Oh and Tomori during his time at Derby? Groundlessly accusing somebody of racism in this climate is bollox. Sh!t posts, sorry
  12. Sorry, what are you trying to imply here. Before making these types of unsubstantiated rumours about people do you have a single shred of evidence to support this narrative that you seem to want to pursue?
  13. Totally missed the point. As i said i wasn't advocating Bielsa, but Klopp has a style of play, Guardiola has a style of play and a number of others have obtained players that meet the requirements of their systems and not the latest shiny things. Its not new. Clough did it with Nottingham Forest some 40 years ago. Just getting a collection of good players together doesn't make a good team. I was talking about a philosophy and a defined objective. Not the individuals.
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