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  1. Should have signed this guy. Gutted that we d*cked around over a bang average Rice who we didn't get anyway
  2. I generally like your posts, but are you seriously comparing Tammy Abrahams to Erling Haaland.
  3. I don't think anyone is in the Frank's not up to it brigade after 5 games though. There remains no pattern or style of play and we are over a full season in now. We are incapable of defending and we have not improved since the 4-0 shoe-ing Man Utd gave us in his first game. We are all massive Frank fans and are desperate for him to succeed. But it seems to be becoming more and more of a reality that both Frank and Jody do not seem to be equipped with the tools to set teams up and compete at both ends of the pitch. Yes individual errors have to be down to the players but surely a bett
  4. As true as this undoubtedly is this is a stunning indictment of the quality or lack of in our side. Both players have only played a couple of games each and already we miss them significantly when they are out.
  5. Or he may prove better than what we have.
  6. I agree. I would like us to periodically go into the champ or lower to try to find a possible gem. I think this guy could be one. I also watched the Victor Moses thing with interest because apparently Moses doesn't want to be frozen out (pun intended) and wants to play football, so he has gone/is going to Spartak Moscow i undertstand. If so surely he wants to just play football, at the wages he can command, because if it were just about playing football, surely a loan move to West London Brentford would have been preferable to the frozen Russian tundra. If we could have lent Brentford Mos
  7. ?? You think this is a race thing? Ben Chilwell? Seriously. Hey perhaps it was just about another group of entitled self absorbed kids thinking that the fking rules don't apply to them cos so many people pander to them. Black people commit crimes just the same as white people. Maybe not every piece of reporting is part of some underlying racist plot.
  8. Any chance we could drop a Kepa bomb on the scouse for a month whilst Alisson is out. No fee, go ahead. He's yours for a month
  9. Is this definite. Has it been done?
  10. I can't agree with this. Regardless of apparent potential CHO has rarely shown anything to support this assertion of his potential which is evident by the fact that he is still yet to cement his first team place. In the middle of a pandemic with an uncertain economic future, a season long loan with an obligation to buy at £70m should be gobbled up in my opinion. But its probably €70m and not £70m and its an option to buy rather than an obligation i think.
  11. Silva, Zouma and Mendy oh and Kante all communicating in French. Vive le defence!!
  12. Same with Kante for me. We are one more solid sensible CB from a decent defensive unit. It's just about keeping this area simple and the rest starts falling into place
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