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  1. If the two points were mutually exclusive then perhaps so. Ergo Aguero has spent a large part of hs career injured AND has also spent the first part of the season not even starting, being benched.
  2. WhiteWall

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    And he's been to every game, home and away for the last six years, which is a lot more than most of these "so called fans"
  3. WhiteWall

    That Sterling Incident

    I'm in no way trying to diminish the unacceptable and frankly neanderthal behaviour that has been highlighted here. I would, however, say, that the vitriol, whilst fully understandable, does seem to be coming towards the club almost with a gleeful level of over reaction from some quarters within the media Raheem Sterling wasn't the only black player abused this weekend. Hell Sterling wasn't the only black player abused and highlighted nationally in the media this weekend. A cracking young 22 year old lad, that i had the pleasure of managing as a youth player, Christian Mbulu, who is now a pro at Motherwell was also racially abused this weekend. Abhorrent behaviour, despicable. Maybe i am just a bit overly sensitive as well, that it feels like its another oportunity for the media to undermine our club.
  4. Odd comment to make considerign teh amount of times that bloke is injured anyway. In fact it wasn't that long ago he wasn't even starting games and had a period on the bench
  5. WhiteWall

    Christian Pulisic

    I don't think Sarri wil have a shopping basket in january with probably one signing only, if we don't foul up the negotiations. For me, why this guy is definitely worth investing in, a striker has to be a prime target, surely.
  6. WhiteWall

    Man of the Match - Chelsea Vs Man City (PL 2018)

    Everyone!! Even Oliver had a decent game. Michael that is, this isn't a misspelling of Giroud
  7. The saddest part of your post. Football for the masses! What chance do we all have of passing on the buzz and enjoyment of match going to our sons and daughters, good lord.
  8. Great post this. One of the most pleasing aspects for me was our game management. We all know Man City are the best around without everyone bum loving their every move. I along with others have been critical of some of our players lack of willingness to work hard without the ball, but yesterday we were magnificent. Other then 1 misplaced pass from Kepa i cannot think of a single defensive lapse. Yes they opened us up on ocassion but they are the best around. Really encouraging that we didn't employ Conte's hedgehog tactics and we stood toe to toe with City and beat them. I even thought Willian played well which is fair praise from me as he is my go to guy when the frustration and anger bites and i want to vent. Lol. One very minor thing, I did think that Barkley was a little up and down, whereas i actually thought RLC added a bit of impetus and a change in atmosphere. Its undefinable because RLC's contribution was no greater but perhaps he is slightly ahead of Ross as he sems to engender an extra spark in the crowd at the moment. When we get a great performance like this it does make the Wolves debacle all the more frustrating though. I do believe that with a strong focal point up top and an addtiional option of a longer pass we could really be a force this year. Really pleased that the two game changers today were two of the guys that have been coming under the most attention and criticism in the press recently. Well done Luiz and Kante.
  9. Spot on. Add to this a bunch of aunt sallys behind Jorginho and/or Cesc and the problems become self evident
  10. We spent more time on the ball until Spurs at which time they sat on Jorginho , played off him and thus exposed his defensive liabilities and his critical lack of pace. Critical because in possession he is the pivot, out of posession he is the screen for the defence. But the defence is as laborious and error prone, with Luiz in la-la land, Dave decidly average and Alonso falling over his incrediby slow feet. The answer has been to put Fabregas in Jorginho's position, because Sarri is only looking at the play with the ball. Out of possession Fabregas is every bit a liability as Jorginho is. Two games ina row now, and it looks like the penny has dropped with teh rest of the teams. What Sarri needs to learn, and bloody fast is that to compete in this league you have to have two games, one with the ball and more importantly one without. We have no clue how to play without the ball. It started off high intensity pressing. We scored 3 against Arsenal and looked fantastic. But hang on, if we think about it closely we could and probably should have conceded five in the first half of that game. Have we improved defensively? Probably not, we have been very lucky until now with some criminal misses from our opponents. and teh inensity of of high press is a distance memory
  11. As hard as it is to swallow, in reality probably Morata, Giroud, Alonso, Willian, Christensen, Luiz, Fabregas, Zappacosta, Emerson, Moses, are not good enough to compete at the top of this division or the higher elements of european football. From those that i would say are good enough, Kepa, Pedro, RLC, and even Hazard at times, need to show a higher level of consistenncy in their effort and game play. Its quite damning and i am not knee-jerking because of the result, but could any of those in the first list get into Spurs, Arsenal, Scouse, Athletico Madrid, Inter, Juve, Barca, any of them. Surely even the staunchest of rose tinters must acknowledge that we are critically bereft of players capable of sustaining a valid attempt at the main trophy targets.
  12. Its no consolation because he didn't really have sh*t performances, like us he had a dodgy slow defence prone to erro. The difference is he then spent a quarter of a billion on replacing just his defence. He's shopping at Harrods, we're in Poundland
  13. I'm sorry but this argument no longer works for me. These are millionaire superstar footballers who have been using their god given talents since they were 7 and 8 years of age. They have played academy football all their lives and have been schooled in tactics constantly. I can no longer believe that we bring in a manager who says play 15 yards up the pitch and the team suddenly and collectively has a complete brain fart and fail to understand basic tactics. Pattern is pattern. They have done this 2-3 times a week, every week for four months. If you was showing this level of capability in your job you'd be put on a PIP by now.
  14. At a club that sacked a manager six months after winning the champions league, four months is way beyond honeymoon period for learning the system, imo
  15. i think the reality here is that we made half hearted efforts for marquee players that we could never truly compete with getting. Higuain must be sat at home laughing his t!ts off at Morata et al