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  1. Also let's not forget if the league ends up being cancelled and I this continues to run into the beginning of next season and Sky want its telly money back cos nobody is watching it, look then at the appetite of the clubs change. League placing and titles/trophies will pale in comparison to the possible loss of the cold hard cash that keeps must of the top flight clubs going.
  2. Furthermore, if you read the Reddit article the moneys coming in and the moneys going out seem to imply that we are actually at break even and we don't have a huge war chest after all.
  3. Agree. I am a bit concerned about the poor levels of fitness throughout our team and the lack of pattern or style to our play recently, but hopefully that's more about the quality of the opposition that made this look worse.
  4. Zola was Hulk Hogan compared to Gilmour
  5. I knew we'd get nothing against the mancs. I knew things would start going their way. Even this HS2 train link back on so that their fans can get back home quicker from their home games
  6. I'm not totally sure that there is a letter part of thsi season for us. That ship may have sailed. Our recent form is...questionable.
  7. True, but still the only shots we've had on target are the two disallowed goals. The match overall and our part in it have been pretty rancid to be fair.
  8. This is the point isn't it. We'll use the poor decisions from two officials that originate from manchester and we'll feel robbed and aggrieved. But in reality this is another shocking performance where we are tactically outwitted by a very poor opposition manager. People bemoan that some of the young players are out of their depth but the harsh facts of life is hero or not Frank and Jody will come under scrutiny and questions will be asked whether they are the ones out of their depth.
  9. We're not done yet. There is still 15 to go. Let's not forget we can't defend
  10. Same could be said for Conte though and look how that turned out.
  11. There is more to football than just team selection.
  12. These f*kig mindless c**ts have killed football. I grew up obsessed with this game. Who are these f*king morons that have killed our game. F*king VAR
  13. But they look more dangerous in front of goal than us, and that's with one shot on target!!
  14. Probably because he wouldn't want to come to us. I think he said himself his move wasn't money motivated.
  15. So maybe the board don't see him as the long term answer then

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