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  1. Looking at this picture i thought Ron Harris got the nickname chopper because of his tackling!!! Maybe not
  2. This is a bit premature isn't it. Don't get me wrong i like RLC as well and hope he can maintain fitness, which he is yet to do for a full season. However he has only just really got to a position where he is a first team starter here, so best in the world might be a bit early. That said he was starting to establish himself as an importangt component in the team before his injury and hopefully he can get back to the same quality as soon as possible,
  3. Its both. The whole goalkeeping department is not up to the required standard
  4. I thought that this guy was the dead captain from The Pirates of the Caribbean. I'll get me coat.
  5. Yes, I suppose, let's stick with Bats!
  6. But all we ever get linked to are either over the hill or questionable players, and that's if there is any foundation in the links. If there is nor foundation, it maybe that regardless of the war-chest that we apparently have, we're not actually linked with anyone. I think a lot of the players we are apparently linked to actually come from people wish list on forums like this that social media outlets re-hash as actual rumours. From what I can gather the only likely accurate rumours are that we have expressed an interest in Cavani and Dembele.
  7. In the papers the gossip is that we might be interested in Pope, which seems about par for the course. We'll bin off the most expensive keeper in the world who's on a 7 year (?) contract because he has the worst statistical record in the whole of the premier league, and we'll sign the bloke with the second worst!
  8. Yes, all those saying we wouldn't have got the ban lifted if we wasn't going to make a statement in this window. Same old story. The only serious link is a 32 year old on loan for half a season. I suppose that's a statement of some sort.
  9. My biggest issue though is that i'm all for giving time and taking on a few bumps in the road, but I still can't see any identity or style emerging here now. I thought it was at the beginning of the season but I don't see it any more.
  10. Why, no f**ker can win a header.
  11. The thing about the keeper as well is that he is just not good enough. I knw that I have stated before that I don't rate him and despite what many on here have said I don't think he has done well tonight either. Personally I think he should have done better, but i'll concede he hasn't had any howlers tonight. But that's the point, its not about howlers, it about general standard. I could play in our midfield and probably not make any major f**k ups, but I would never get signed by Lampard, why. Because I am not good enough, end of. Even without howlers, throwing the ball and costing us goal this keeper ca still not be good enough. His stats are appalling and he has done nothing to stop the trend tonight. The stats will still say two shots, two goals. Not good enough.
  12. This is spot on. Agree with every point, its pretty much everything I have been shouting at the TV all night. 11 goals conceded in the last 15 minutes of games means two things. Physically not fit enough and mentally too weak. The only thing Scott doesn't say here that I would have said , possibly because it is an unpalatable truth to face up to, but if we continually fail to overcome any team that defends against us and look so bereft of ideas then at some point questions must be asked of the coaching ability I this club.
  13. Clearly something needs to change. We cannot mount any kind of serious challenge if 1 in 2 shots form inside the box ends up in a goal. Not when we have a forward line that lacks the creativity and nous to unlock a a packed defence.
  14. This is a valid point. There are two trains of thought for keeping nowadays. One is the coming off your line, powerful, claiming the ball. But you run the risk of the Leno gaffe of course. Then there is the athletic pouncers, the reactors. Those that face outwards with their feet set early ready to react and block the shots coming at them. So if our guy is this fella, then he should be stopping headers from six yards out that are still within the reach of the span of his arms. Unfortunately this keeper doesn't seem to fall into either category. I think it was telling that 2 minutes after Kepa wasn't able to prevent them from scoring, Dubravka came charging off is line and collected the ball in amongst the crowd of players.
  15. Spurs i will give you but please the Arsenal game was a similar pattern where we would never have scored again for all our possesion until Leno gave us a goal and gave us the impetus.

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