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  1. Conte had, in the title winning season, Cahill, Terry, David Luiz, Azpi, Zouma, as choices in the defence. Moses had a wonder season and faded after that and Alonso has his ups and downs through a season, but he is still one of the best wingbacks when on the up. Who do they have that can make Utd a solid defensive, counterattacking side? Maguire, lindeloff, Shaw, it is a joke of a line. They do have quality up front, I’m not denying it, and a decent coach would have them fighting for top 4, but we’ll behind City, Pool and us. Conte can’t make miracles with that joke of a back line.
  2. You’re probably right, it’s more about whether we can keep up with them by not losing too many points. While I can see City and the dippers going to Newcastle and battering the barcodes, I can see us losing points next week up there. We are that inconsistent in our play and it’s a matter of trying to keep focused in every match. However, we are still top of the league, so we can’t be doing that badly.
  3. I just realised that Ronaldo is still on the pitch! He’s had a nightmare of a game, completely useless not defending and not creating a thing. He clearly hasn’t got an understanding with his team mates. And looks so disinterested!
  4. I expect that us, the dippers and City will have dips in form through the season, it’s just a matter of how far each falls behind and if we can get hold of the points even if not playing well (like against Brentford). The form of Salah at the moment is extraordinary but he can’t be running and playing like this the whole season. I think that we’ve got better bench than the dippers, they only have Jota to cover the front three.
  5. Haha Pogba off now after 15 minutes. This Utd is hilarious, please, keep OGS as manager! (Though I didn’t want Pool to win this game)
  6. Utd defending like a Sunday league team, I’m really suffering for OGS I don’t want him gone!
  7. That really is game over and it’s just a matter of how many Liverpool are going to score.
  8. Their defending today is Norwich level. But if you look at their defenders it’s incredible that they are not fighting relegation, Shaw, Maguire and Lindelof, really sh*t line.
  9. Who’s Taylor supporting today? He must be in two minds, I feel for him….
  10. So, even when he makes it difficult on himself he still saves a goal that’s supposed to go in 64% of the time! He’s a world class keeper then.
  11. That was a brilliant display of football from us. I was worried before kick off given our lacklustre early KO games (and also given axman optimism), but what a cracking game. And the atmosphere at the Bridge, great fun day out. Loved in the second half when at the shed we spent like 10 minutes or so singing the west side and the middle of the shed to each other. WE’RE TOP OF THE LEAGUE!!
  12. And yet, they could only manage to draw against a 10 men Chelsea and that with a little help from their friend the ref…
  13. Can you please go back to your predictions of us getting thrashed? I don’t like it when you come on here all optimistic, it makes me nervous
  14. Another early kick off... the players better wake up on time and beat this lot!
  15. What’s with Saint-Maximin and his impersonation of the mummy with all those bandages in knees, wrists, head…
  16. Word's out that Stalin has been resurrected and is after Pulisic so he’s been shifted to a safe house by MI6. The press has been briefed by MI5 not to make any questions regarding his “recovery” (if you know what I mean), and Tuchel is believed to work secretly for the Stasi. It’s all like this in Europe, you know? But my contact has told me that they saw today Pulisic in his track suit trying to enter the Brentford stadium waving his US passport and screaming “I’m an American citizen! You can’t kick me out of the stadium!”. But it’s all very hush hush here.
  17. Other than that Toney bloke who tried to cheat with his constant falling and complaining, Brentford have played us out of their park fair and square. No Burnley tactics of kicking players and just hoofing the ball forward, they pressed us really high up and with intensity in the last 30 mins of the second half, won first and second balls because they were in better positions than our players, and put so many players inside the box that we struggled. They were no mugs, we just lacked their intensity, which is something that happens in a lot of games against mid table table teams, and we faded in the second half. We could have put to bed the match in the beginning of the second half, we didn’t and Brentford then took the initiative. It happens, we were lucky to get the three points, but that’s how top teams win titles, winning even when they play crap.
  18. Undeserved but a win! Serious questions need be asked, how on earth do we struggle so much against these kind of sides? We had all under control and then we just lost every control of the ball and Brentford should have at least level the score. But hey ho! Three points where Liverpool lost two!! And we rule West London!!
  19. They are winning every second ball and that’s crucial. They are all over the pitch and we are just missing that bit of energy. Mendy saving us again there with a great save.
  20. Why do they have more energy than our players? It’s always the same, opponents seem to want it more than us.
  21. What the hell is going on? Thanks to Mendy we are still in it.
  22. Brentford are no mugs and they’ve played well at home against most teams. This was always going a tough match but we need to gain control of the midfield to see out these last 10-15 mins.
  23. That Toney is getting on my nerves with all the falling and complaining.
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