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  1. Are you talking about Maltablue or the Autonomous cat? I didn’t read anything of what you mention from the former, but may have missed it. Haaland is happening in the next 48 hours…
  2. That’s a shame, he seemed like a genuine nice bloke
  3. The last time a group of youngsters went to a camp...
  4. But under Lampard the youth had more chances to make it to the first squad. Tuchel has inherited a team where Mount and James were already starters, he came and did not start them in the first game. He then realised what players they are. But, had he not inherited a team with Academy players in it, it's likely that we'd be talking about how gutted we are that Mount is being sold to Derby or loaned to Norwich together with Gilmour (yes, despite Tuchel playing him more than Lampard, he's gone on loan under Tuchel's watch despite not having enough midfielders to rotate this season). Let's see how many Academy players make it this year, and if they get to be starters as Mount and James did under Lamps.
  5. Maybe this would not be as big an issue as it seems now if the Clubs had B teams playing in the lower leagues like in Spain. For example, all big/traditional teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico de Madrid, Athletic Club Bilbao, have teams that play in the Championship or a level below (Barcelona B, Castilla, Atletico B, Bilbao Athletic) where their academy players play for a few years at a high competitive level and then they either make it to the first team or leave to other Clubs. That seems to me to be a good system where most youngsters will develop within the Club rather than going on loan. Not all make it to the first team, but they are at a competitive level and feed other La Liga teams.
  6. Well, Ampadu got quite a lot of game time at Sheffield while on loan, it was just unfortunate that Sheffield did not play very well last season. I expect Gilmour to get plenty of game time at Norwich, again he's gone on loan. I'm not saying whether these academy players should stay at Chelsea or not, as in some cases it will be the Club that does not see a future for them, and it is totally up to them to choose their professional path. But at 18 years you can't expect to go to a Premier League team and walk straight into the starting 11, whether it is Chelsea, Leeds or Brighton, and a little patience could work out as well as it did for Mount, James or (hopefully) Gilmour in the next couple of seasons. But I have no idea what's going on behind the scenes and it may be the Club who is looking at getting some money from the Academy in consultation with the coach team.
  7. But, are they going to get regular playing time right now in the clubs they are going to or will they be used sparingly as rotation options for one game here and there?
  8. That Leicester goal in the FA Cup final, though a worldie, it was reachable and showed that a shot from outside the box is dangerous when Kepa is on goal.
  9. We are all discussing and linked to strikers, midfielders, wingbacks, defenders but no one has given a proper thought about the fact that we are going to have to field Kepa in January - February against City, Spuds, and maybe Brighton and Arsenal in the PL? No links to a decent second keeper?
  10. If TT decides to use Ampadu or Chalobah, I'll be ok with it though I would have thought that Gilmour would have had preference over these two players, but I'd be OK. If he decides to go with Baka or Drinkwater, I'll seriously consider his sanity.
  11. While I kind of agree with you in that the team as it is is good and can only improve, I think we are thin is some areas, specially in the midfield with 3 players to cover 2 positions and two of these players having muscular injuries on and off throughout the season. I'd hope to get a striker but it is not imperative if Havertz and Werner start scoring more chances (and I am assuming Tammy will be sold). And we are also a bit thin at RWB, but we can live with things as they are there with Azpi and James.
  12. RMH

    Marc Guehi

    While I agree with you on this, and I'm not completely unhappy with letting Guehi go with a buy-back and sell-on clause, you have to agree that Lampard is one of the last coaches to have brought up and settled academy youngsters into the first team, even if he let some go as well. How many has TT brought into the first team? None so far. That's where I believe the comparisons stem from.
  13. I trust the powers of @axman2526. If he keeps saying that we’re not getting him, he’ll land here for £50m. It happened for the CL and his pessimistic powers are way too powerful
  14. How dare you come here to spoil the w**k fest!!
  15. Is that why he subbed the right WB Trippier for Saka who is a winger? He changed there the defensive shape as it meant going effectively to a back 4 with Saka playing more advanced and Mount having to drop deeper into the midfield. There's how he lost the control of the game in the second half, he took his best high pressing and more creative player to a deeper position and Italy felt more comfortable playing from the back unlike in the first half. In addition, he took off Rice who was covering well the defensive line and driving well the ball from the back for that Henderson who is... I really don't know what he is other than a limited player. I feel that the game is definitely on Southgate, he made bad choices in his substitutions. Oh, and don't get me started with Sterling! How on earth did he play that many amount of minutes is beyond me. Plus, he dives, complains and is then disrespectful of the opponent's players. He rejected Bonucci's hand after he fell in the penalty area, just as he did not accept another players' hand I think it was against Denmark, and he had already done that to Azpi in the CL league that we won fair and square. He is starting to behave a bit like a spoilt brat.
  16. Really sorry lads. Unfortunately, Southgate got the first subs all wrong in my opinion. Bringing on Saka for Trppier meant that Mount had to drop deeper where he is less effective, as we know. The press up front stopped and that gave Italy the control. But England has a group of young, talented players that will make you enjoy. Also, though Rashford’s penalty was dogsh*t, he had just come on and had not had time to get into the game. Also I feel for Saka taking the last penalty. Again, I think Southgate got it wrong.
  17. All the best to England tonight, I hope Mason Mount gets the European double. I wished Southgate playe James and/or Chilwell , but that is not going to happen today when it hasn’t happened throughout the tournament. I hope all my English friends get to celebrate big time tonight! I’m away on hols so can’t be in my local with them tonight. Having said all that, for me Italy has played the best football so far, maybe the exception being the match against Spain.
  18. He had one successful long range pass against Spain, Chiellini had more accuracy and successful long range passes than Jorginho. He was quite ineffective to control the midfield and help Italy get past the press.
  19. And this is why I don't enjoy the national teams' tournaments, it brings out and normalises all the dividing nationalistic views and sentiments rather than make it a party of exchange. This happens in every country, not just England, but having been living in the UK for over 20 years, I have seen here things I haven't in other countries (my home country Spain or Portugal where I also lived for 10 years). Some complain in here that the 'mainland Europeans' will point at the game against Denmark as a cheat because of the penalty that it was never a penalty (if that had happened to Chelsea, I'd be mad about it just like about Chilwell's non-offside in the FA Cup final). But coming from people that have hung on the "hand of god" incident since 1986, or Beckham's red card, I find it amusing. And don't get me started about every game against Argentine that was preceded by Journos first pages remembering the Maldives war (I was even challenged in my local market in the 2002 World Cup before England's game against Argentine as they confused me with one!), or about Germans I've known that were reminded of the Second World War before England played Germany in some or other World Cup or Euro. So yeah, overall I find it amusing that they don't understand why some other people point at Sterling's dive. Having said that, I really find this England team likeable with how they stand to bigots and racists, because they have some quality young players and, mostly, because of Mason Mount. And I will be happy for all my English friends if England goes on to win the final. And this is coming from a 'mainland European'.
  20. I was kind of neutral last night but, as soon as I saw Mount on the ball and trying to do things up front I started cheering for England. I don't know how many English fans don't like him, he's such a non-controversial and likeable character, in addition to a great, honest player (I don't recall Mount diving, trying to cheat or complain to the ref). Oh well, sod them, he's Chelsea and we know he's going to become one of the best players in the PL, if he is not already one.
  21. That's just not right, he was for me the best creator they had up front. Always trying to pass through the lines, getting into the box with danger, and the best foul and corner taker always getting to Maguire's head. As soon as he came off and Foden was on, the corners started not to reach past the first post. He may not have been the best of England's team, though I certainly don't know who I would have picked as MOTM from the team, but whoever thinks Henderson, Trippier or Grealish were better than Mount is deluded, simple as.
  22. Sterling diving c**t and the ref and var falling for it.
  23. He was having a good game but left with some injury, I hope it’s nothing and he recovers soon.
  24. So far not a very good game from England but Mason is doing well and making things happen. But it’s being a very disputed match, more than what I thought it would be, .
  25. Cringey is Jorginho not having a very good game and having to read things like "Class of his own tonight. Without meaning to offend people... If you cannot see how gifted he is as a player then for me you simply don't understand football." "Jorginho had 8 ball recoveries and 7 interceptions... " etc Most critics came here to mention how well he took his penalty and then the Jorginho lovers came here to render homage to the greatest of them all. If someone is showing any balance in here, it's the critics, who indicated that he was ineffective (as he was) but took his penalty superbly. I think that's more balanced view of his game last night than saying that he was a class above all in last night's match.
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