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  1. I think Frank did well starting Tammy, during the first half we needed to press them and try to create chances playing through their defensive set up. The second half should have been for Giroud. It was clear that we were going to boss them and it was also clear that Spuds would be defending very tightly. This is when Giroud should have come in to get the attention of their two CBs, opening up a bit of space and to give us a better finisher of aerial crosses.
  2. Yes, true, that was another missed great chance.
  3. But that's the thing, we DID get past them. Werner scored though marginally offside, Tammy had 3 (or was it 2) great chances to score, and Giroud at the end could have also scored. Against a Mourinho side, that is more than many teams will get. We need to be more clinical in front of goal and Tammy so far is a bit of a hit and miss.
  4. Only if you wear the right colour shirt. Wear Chelsea blue and you’ll be lucky not to be shown a card for simulation...
  5. We hate Tottenham!! Next week we need to do them a new one. Bar the attacking two, those c**ts have nothing. And that twat/pentelho of a coach needs another lesson in football.
  6. f**k it, great game with so many chances to put it to sleep missed!! I wish I enjoyed a game like this last season at St James’ Park... On a negative note, my god Emerson can be mediocre
  7. Not a surprise, really. Arsenal has a midtable team at most. The only quality they have is Aubameyang and Partey, other than that they are not much better than Palace, West Ham or even Brighton plays better football.
  8. I’m rewatching the game and, who says we weren’t in control in the first 10 minutes? We were all over them until their goal, and Chilwell had a clear chance to score in the 5th minute from a cross. Only the keeper’s good positioning saved them. Then they had two consecutive corners and scored. That’s all from them. So I think we were controlling the game.
  9. Yes, and they were fighting to win the title with a two goal advantage and they f**ked it up, even with all the help of their friend the referee. And that’s what this lad is basically saying of Frank Lampard, that he’s naive and lost points to Southampton and West Brom, while he’s at the same time advocating for a coach that has bottled it every time that has counted. It makes no sense.
  10. He wants Pochetino in, guys, no Klopp or Guardiola or anyother proven champion, a proven second best is what he suggests...
  11. Just like it's yours that FL and JM are Championship level, but yours is unsubstantiated as they took us last season to 4 place and a final, so obviously they are not championship level. My opinion, however, it's supported by a lack of any title won by spuds with Pochetino.
  12. It's not free, I already pay quite a bit to get BTsports and SkySports on top of my monthly box subscription, and they want me to pay extra £15 per game of my team? If Chelsea TV had the rights to Chelsea's games and was available in my Virgin Media, I would probably not subscribe to BTSports and SkySports and give my money directly to the Club, as I do with my membership and when I go to the games.
  13. But it's OK to experiment with a manager that is top second best at his best? Frank has as manager so far as many titles as Pochetino and we play better football than the spuds did with Pochetino.
  14. Lampard is starting to get it right defensively, great improvement. Now we have to start building on the attacking front, we have the players to be great in the attack. Come on Lamps!!! Fraaaanky Lampard! Fraaaanky Lampard!!! Oh Franky Lampard! Oh Franky Lampard scored two hundred against the ******!
  15. I take gladly the point, difficult ground and they’ve played well in the second half. We should have got a penalty and probably would have taken all points. Overall really chuffed with our defending for a change. We just now need to learn how to attack whilst defending well. COYB!!
  16. Utd are playing well to be honest. I hope with these changes we get back on top of them.
  17. Not sure I agree, I think it’s been a very defensively strong game, so little chance to shine for any attacking player
  18. Really? I thought he gave some slick passes. To be fair, none of our attacking three have had many chances to do much.
  19. At least the pundits at the Studio recognise that it was clear penalty for us but nothing on Rashford.
  20. So Rashford loosing the ball in the area is possibly a penalty but strangling Azpi In a corner is nothing to comment or review? Joke of refereeing and punditry.
  21. For the same reason that you can get Anthony Taylor as a ref...
  22. Maybe Lamps knows a bit more than everyone else in football regarding this Chelsea team. But obviously you haven’t seen all the aggro that Mount gets in here...
  23. Well it’s also raining down here too in Hertfordshire.
  24. Lampard is obviously giving the two fingers to the whining lot in this forum by not playing Mount! 😅
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