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  1. You’re* think its quite clear who the moron here is, lower class trampy scum. I’m not watching the game, I’m busy atm but I do like to keep up on the forum to see how the teams playing, but as usual you have armchair fans typing “2-0” or “goal” as soon as we score, instead of celebrating like a normal person. almost as pathetic as those “first” comments on youtube
  2. Embarrassing virgins, the lot of ya! sometimes I wonder if you clowns just sit there at home, never going games, just chatting sh*t on a forum. All these online relationships you grandads are forming, freaks. These people aren’t people you’re ever gonna meet irl, get that into your lower class heads
  3. Some of you losers need to watch the game and celebrate instead of being on the forum typing out “2-0” the moment we score, embarrassing. no wonder sometimes we get called armchair fans
  4. in a pathetically weak league, he won't be doing that in the prem
  5. Emerson for Alonso Zappa for Azpi Ampadu for Cahill CHO for Moses
  6. I was thinking the exact same, would be stupid to let our 3rd choice CB leave on loan. With him gone and also rumors of Cahill wanting to go, who do we have as a backup CB...?
  7. Thierry Henry and Monaco interested in bringing in Christensen on loan in Jan with an option to buy
  8. Icardi is the only top option that fits all the criteria right now; young, not tied to any top top club, bangs in goals, not a 1 season wonder. even today, just scored the winner in the milan derby and seems to score often in big games. just seems like the perfect signing atm, despite his somewhat offputting personality
  9. Just came in clutch in the milan derby scoring the winner. 5th milan derby in a row he’s scored as well, sign him up immediately
  10. Ive said since the beginning of the season that Barkley is definitely a good player to have around. he can start games or come on as a sub for Kovacic and he normally does very well. And as of recently he's also coming up with more goals too at crucial times.
  11. Icardi coming in with Morata leaving elsewhere would be ideal, at least that way we'll recoup some of the money we paid for Morata
  12. Not sure if better, he does pop up with more goals in general but his general play is shocking
  13. Barkley first, RLC 2nd then Cesc and last is stinkwater

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