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  1. I was thinking the exact same, would be stupid to let our 3rd choice CB leave on loan. With him gone and also rumors of Cahill wanting to go, who do we have as a backup CB...?
  2. Thierry Henry and Monaco interested in bringing in Christensen on loan in Jan with an option to buy
  3. Just came in clutch in the milan derby scoring the winner. 5th milan derby in a row he’s scored as well, sign him up immediately
  4. Ive said since the beginning of the season that Barkley is definitely a good player to have around. he can start games or come on as a sub for Kovacic and he normally does very well. And as of recently he's also coming up with more goals too at crucial times.
  5. Icardi coming in with Morata leaving elsewhere would be ideal, at least that way we'll recoup some of the money we paid for Morata
  6. Not sure if better, he does pop up with more goals in general but his general play is shocking
  7. Barkley first, RLC 2nd then Cesc and last is stinkwater
  8. if we are gonna sell him, I think selling him with a ironclad buyback clause is best for everyone. and also not selling him to any premier league rival. In that case if there is some sort of situation where he massively improves, we can get him back relatively cheap and we get first dibs over any other teams coming back for him
  9. Enough of this De Ligt obsession, hes not even all that and has a very high chance of becoming another overrated chump in the future. That being said, I did have high hopes for Christensen a few years ago, and he did look class. But ever since that Barca game he has been making mistakes in almost every game he's played in and it just isn't good enough. I know he's only 22, but he needs more game time, I think the best option would be to sell him to another league with a buyback clause, so if he improves we can snap him back up relatively cheap. In the meantime (if Cahill was to leave also
  10. quality player, and given his age (28 in a few months) he's actually still fairly young for a defender
  11. The 40m we payed for him seems ab out right when you say "Championship" level cause those are the prices they are paying too these days
  12. Absolute drivel, were you even watching the game?
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