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  1. Lampard has a contract with BT sport, Marina isn’t going to want to pay them to get Lampard and Lamps wants to become a coach, he will most likely take over from Jody Morris soon.
  2. Marina will be in charge for the time being, Emenalo left her a list of targets and she will be in control of everything for now, Drogba will very likely get the role in the near future even though Marina will still have all the power though.
  3. Musonda is a better talent and also Hudson-Odoi will develop into a better player than Pulisic.
  4. He is a beast! Massive upgrade on Matic.
  5. Azpilicueta needs to be dropped, Rudiger, Christensen and Luiz back 3 is the way forward
  6. I would love Mahrez at Chelsea, we should loan out Boga to a PL team and sign Mahrez.
  7. Yes my profile picture is in honour of my all time favourite Lukaku performance when he got 36% pass accuracy against West Ham
  8. Because we are, Chelsea have always been confident of getting him, I am certain he will be a Chelsea player before August 31st 2017
  9. He isn't actually talking about Obama it's what he does, he is talking about someone else I think Sep Blatter. He also calls Mourinho Merdinho and he calls pep the credit card man
  10. I was told to watch this video, this guy has contacts and seems to know alot about Juventus and is also hilarious, he believes the Juventus board want to go back to having a team full of Italian players, which is why they are going to be willing to sell Sandro, he also mentions Juve want Verratti and then today Juve are getting linked with Verratti.
  11. Chelsea will give Juve the £70m they want imo, the fact we haven't even tried to sign anyone else makes me think we are going to go all out for Sandro
  12. Should make the bench against Arsenal on Saturday
  13. I think we will get him, can't see Juventus turning down a £70m bid.

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