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  1. What do you think about next game, Courtois or Begovic? Begovic was massive against them earlier this season, but that doesn't mean he'll be massive again, nor does that mean Courtois won't be as good as Begovic was earlier.
  2. I think the Swansea game showed how valuable Costa can be. Really hope we hang onto him and that Conte can get the best out of him the way Guus has.
  3. I think it comes down to attitude and desire. If they want to stay and have a good attitude, then they absolutely deserve everyone's support. If they have a poor attitude and want out, then the board are in a tricky situation because like you say we'd be selling them at a lower value, but there's also a risk it'll go even lower. Any speculation about their attitude and desire is purely speculation. Only they know and perhaps those close to them know.
  4. What's especially nice is that he didn't just hand over the money, although that of course is a wonderful gesture, but he also took the time to personally write to the young boy. I'm sure how parents will cherish that letter forever.
  5. I think that the fact that his Spanish girlfriend recently had a baby has made him distracted and care less and prefer to return to Spain. If so, I can definitely understand. Becoming a parent changes so many things. If he wants to return to Spain so that his daughter can be close to her grandparents and grow up in her mother's native country, I hope he's honest with the club and that the club doesn't force him to stay. I would be disappointed if he feels that way but still insists on telling the club that he's their future so they better make him their first choice even if he isn't performing
  6. My impression was always that Guus's potential advisory role was advising the backstage administration, not advising Conte and the coaching staff. Conte doesn't need advising, and I'm sure Guus as a manager knows that it would suck for Conte to have someone meddling with you. I'm sure he'll ensure that Conte is allowed to do his thing without the administration interfering. He could actually be a good influence in suggestibg that Roman and the board back off.
  7. Lovely words from Matt Miazga about JT. When will the board figure out that investing in John Terry means investing in youth?
  8. I have a feeling that Conte would take such a request poorly and not keep him in the bench indefinitely. I can understand if a coach reacts that way, and to be honest I might react that way too in that situation. That's a situation in which JT might be able to speak to Ruben and advise him not to make those statements and then speak with Conte on Ruben's behalf to tell him that Ruben's been working with the fitness coaches so I think you should give him another chance, it'll hurt the club if he doesn't get experience, etc. JT still has so much to contribute both on and off the field. In th
  9. JT is irreplaceable. Conte doesn't seem like an approachable guy, and his English isn't that good anyway. If JT leaves, the youth players will be left to figure things out for themselves in a complicated environment. How ironic that thinking about the long term and thinking about youth development actually leads to the conclusion to keep one of our oldest players.
  10. Why isn't it written into their contracts that they must arrive at pre-season with a body fat of below __, able to run 1500m in a certain time, etc?
  11. By the way, as I saw described with Ranueri in Italy, there is a lot of variation between clubs in terms of how much a coach is like a manager, but commonly it goes like this in Italy. The coach gives the director a description of a player they'd like, and the director communicates with the scouts, other clubs, and agents. The director presents some options to the coach for feedback. Then the director tries to work out a deal. Sometimes the coach will mention specific names, and the director will contact that player's agent. The coach knows generally what the budget is and how much the transfe
  12. Hiddink turns 70 in November. Ferguson retired at 73, suggesting that's an upper limit for managers. It might be different for interim managers though. I get the feeling that even Ferguson could go back for half a season as coach (not manager) now. With Chelsea switching to coaches instead of managers à la Spurs, finding an interim may be easier. Perhaps even Steve Holland could coach for a few months.
  13. So how long do you think he'll last? My bet is three seasons. I think if he makes it to two full seasons then they'll let him finish his contract. No point in sacking him and paying out right before his contract expires anyway. Pretty sure he won't outlast Emanalo. I'd like to think that this season has changed Roman and the board to have a longer term view, but I'm pessimistic about that.
  14. It said suspended sentence, that means he won't actually go to jail, right? I don't know Italian law and can't draw conclusions about the legal case. I do know that I'd be disappointed and upset if he were to discover match fixing efforts at Chelsea and didn't report them. Football is so corrupt, and although one action wouldn't clean things up, it would hopefully give pause to anyone who wants to pull that sh*t with our club. I'm optimistic that he's learned how lesson and would report it if it happens again.
  15. Maybe this is a stupid question. Why haven't the fitness coaches worked more on his stamina? More hours in the gym, more interval training on grass, etc. Costa got a lot of justified criticism for being unfit earlier in the season, but he could still play 90.
  16. "Loftus-Cheek asked to be replaced late in the match, but Hiddink decided differently as he wanted the midfielder to complete a league game for the first time in his career."
  17. Ruben asked to be subbed out, but Guus made him play the full 90 in order to improve his stamina. https://uk.sports.yahoo.com/news/hiddink-chelsea-wanted-loftus-cheek-065500042.html Great job by Guus handling this situation. I can see other managers react by shouting at the player for lacking passion, and as punishment confining them to the bench. Guus acted in a much more productive way.
  18. It's inevitable someone would do this, so I thought why not me. After months of speculation about possible contenders, Chelsea announced today that Antonio Conte will be the head coach starting the 2016-2017 season. Fans have been contemplating this selection. Discussions about managers and head coaches have always been deeply contentious among Chelsea fans. The context in which he enters is unusual. It is incontestable to say that Chelsea have had a disappointing season. You could call it a season of discontent during which expressions of contempt have been common. The club and its fans ha
  19. Conte was scheduled to be in court today because of the match fixing scandal. I assume it's been resolved in a way that won't require him to take days off during the season? http://www.mid-day.com/articles/antonio-conte-match-fixing-trial-to-begin-in-april---press/17030239 I think it depends on the club. In Italy there are clubs that give coaches little official say, but I doubt there's a club that gives a coach almost no say. If a club did that, they would probably find it very difficult to attract coaches. Tottenham limit the head coach's responsibilities quite a bit as Pochettino sai
  20. Maybe that's not a bad thing in the long term. We have so much money that we're not forced to think hard about whether we're spending wisely. It's not unlike the players who have so much money that they buy expensive cars without researching the car's quality and thinking about whether the car is actually suited for them. Developing our young players can save us a lot in the long run because we won't have to pay those ridiculous transfer fees and won't have to spend so many resources on getting new players. The ones that have come through the system will be committed to the club and not ask
  21. Good catch. Perhaps they've changed the range of duties to be closer to head coach like they have in the Bundesliga rather than manager. Spurs use head coach too. Which means more responsibility to Emanalo....
  22. Do you reckon the club will postpone the announcement until after the doping talk has faded? I'm personally uneasy with Conte given his doping history as well as failing to report match fixing when he knew about it. For the record I would be uneasy with Guardiola or Zidane too because of their doping history. The thought of our players doping, or of someone connected to the club participating in match fixing but the manager not reporting it, really bothers me.
  23. Hard to say without seeing him more. Don't have enough data points to evaluate consistency over a meaningful span of consecutive games. I hope we'll get to find out.
  24. Many times in those organizations, you don't survive and/or get promoted if you're not corrupt, so the question of whether you'd do differently in that position is moot because you'd never get the opportunity to find out.
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