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  1. In fairness, goalkeepers tend to be veey underpaid. His role on the team is worthy of that salary. Maybe his performance this year doesn't justify his salary, but he deserved the lucrative contract he got since it was based on how he had performed previously and was expected to perform in the future. Many goalkeepers deserve to be the highest paid for their clubs based on their contributions and importance.
  2. Because they were scouring the videos with a magnifying glass trying to find something to charge him for. Once the biting speculation happened, Costa was a marked man. He was painted as a villain by the media and the public, and the FA felt pressured to charge him for something. Then it was confirmed by Gareth Barry himself that Costa didn't bite him. Credit to Barry for his honesty. He could easily have had Costa punished heavily. At this point from a rational perspective people should have asked themselves, "If I had never heard the word bite, would I still think Costa did anything worthy
  3. Wasn't Pulis fined for asking where the punishment money went? Not just football, anytime you have an organization with lot of money and power, and little transparency, it's an incubator for corruption and incompetency.
  4. Do you reckon there's a possibility of them not making the contract final until they see how he does at Euros? Would that be unusual for contract negotiations? Van Gaal was confirmed before the World Cup no matter what happened at the World Cup.
  5. Then why not post an accurate translation for goodness sake! I've contributed more in terms of that than you have, and I don't speak either language fluently.
  6. Surely it would be as a backup, not as a first choice, right? Would love to get Cech back even if that means losing Begovic to Everton or wherever. If this kid serves as a backup to Cech and develops with Cech's mentorship, we'll be in a fantastic position when Cech retires.
  7. Your English might not be good (personally I think it's more than good for a non-native), but your Dutch and I assume French are very good, so you're in a position to translate accurately for us. And if you did that, a lot of discussion about what Thibaut said or didn't say would be clarified. Why haven't you posted a translation of the interview you linked to a few pages back? In the time you've taken to make these nonsense posts, you could have done it.
  8. Krc-fan, you are most in a position to explain how Thibaut has been unfairly portrayed and translated by the English media. Yet instead of doing that, you've written a bunch of empty nonsense posts. In that time, you could have written a clear explanation and translation. If your goal is to defend your countrymen, you sure aren't doing a good job at it. It's ironic that I don't speak French fluently, and I only speak a tiny amount of Dutch due to a past long term relationship with someone from the Netherlands, yet I have taken the time to ask a Flemish Belgian for clarification, while you'v
  9. I hope Guus says, "So you think the fact that there's competition with the national team raises the level of training? That's easy to solve. From now on you compete with Asmir."
  10. First of all, his words in the context of his native language and culture weren't so bad. They were a bit rude and condescending toward clubmates, but they haven't been translated in the most accurate way. Nonetheless being publicly rude about your clubmates is never a good thing. I hope Guus will give him some tips since Guus is the master of the boring non controversial interview and knows how common Dutch phrases can be translated in a way that isn't technically wrong but that has some negative connotations. It's not Guus's job however to micro manage them off the pitch. If this were in
  11. If hypothetically Italy are dire at Euro 2016, how do you think that would that affect Chelsea fans? Would it affect the board?
  12. If players want to leave, they surely aren't making a good case for other clubs to buy them!
  13. It's not permitted under FIFA rules for him to make a change because he's been capped by Spain in a senior competition.
  14. You can't deny that there are differences between cultures in terms of how people express themselves. I don't know if it applies in this case. I do know that in my experience Dutch culture is more blunt and less diplomatic, and that may carry over to Belgium. I think Thibaut's words have been translated unfairly. But let's suppose hypothetically that they he intended to say them that way. He would merely be saying aloud what others might secretly think but not say. There are definitely differences between cultures in how much you say aloud what you think. In some cultures people supress it
  15. I meant semifinal. Probably the goalkeeper of the tournament for me. Here is more of Rene Higuita as sweeper keeper. https://youtu.be/CFxAwdP9CXM
  16. To prove me wrong he'd need to show me what he can do on a weak squad. For club and country he plays with one of the most, arguably the very most, organized and skilled squads. Would he be able to replicate his form on a below average but not horrible team such as Northern Ireland for instance? Behind the Villa or Newcastle "defense" or, more generously, on a team like Everton that is decent overall but defensively weak? Or would he lose it due to frustration, pessimistic dressing room atmosphere, lack of confidence in his teammates, etc? As far as his supposed revolutionary sweeper keeper st
  17. He was put in a tough position. Imagine if he had said to the Belgian journalist that he prefers to play for Chelsea over the national team. The people there would throw him on the waffle grill. Our lads could really do with some American or Canadian style media training. All athletes there are contractually obligated to be available for during official media access sessions. Is this true in the PL too? It seems like managers always talk to the media no matter how much they clearly don't want to, and I've seen players at press conferences alongside the managers. On the other hand we haven't
  18. Of all those players Costa is the one we should try hardest to keep in my opinion. His heart, at least for the time being, is clearly here. If the reports of Roman offering Guus a backstage advisory role are true, I think Guus can convince him to stay. Costa seems to really appreciate Guus as both a manager and a person, and he has been eager to make Guus proud of him in an almost childlike way.
  19. How ironic for him of all players to say that!
  20. Especially when this season he has been one of those slightly weaker players! While some of the posts on this thread are too critical of him, I think fans have a sound reason to hold him to higher standards and expectations. We demoted a club legend and one of the greatest PL goalkeepers of his era due to his demands. When you make those demands (no doubt his representatives repeatedly trotted the "looking to the future" line during the negotiations), you better back that up. In hindsight perhaps the reason he refused to compete with Cech for the starting position was a premonition that he w
  21. Yes Butland signed a 4 or 5 year contract recently. I think Stoke would be willing to sell him for the right price. You can see that Hughes is looking to the future and trying to assemble a young field squad with a pedigree that reflects his personal career. Those players don't come cheap. Unlike us, Stoke actually encourage managers to think about the long term and support those efforts rather than empty talk about it.
  22. He was asked whether the training is higher at Chelsea versus the Belgian national team. He said the national team because with the national team you get the best Belgians at each position. Every player is strong. With Chelsea you have slightly weaker players in addition to strong players. Also the national team doesn't train with the youth national teams so that's another reason the training is higher with the national team. So a bit untactful and rude toward clubmates but not as bad as The Guardian implies. He sounds like he's been trying, maybe too hard, to ingratiate himself with the na
  23. You could buy Neuer with that. Bayern doesn't need Neuer with the quality of the rest of the guys on the field. Personally I've always felt Neuer is overrated. Would love to see him prove me wrong.
  24. We'd sell Begovic in that scenario. He's been linked to Everton. Maybe even sell him back to Stoke That's not so outlandish actually, and I've seen some Stoke fans discussing that. In fact that's probably the only way we could get Butland. I don't think the fans would tolerate losing both their goalkeepers to us. I've heard talk of Hart leaving when Guardiola arrives. No clue how much substance there is. What would you think about that? A step down from Courtois for sure, but if we can get what we're asking for Thibaut and Hart is available, don't see why not although in that case maybe jus
  25. Okay this is important. I found the original interview in French. As a disclaimer, I am not a fluent French speaker and do not know about differences between French in Belgium versus mainstream French in France. When asked about the manager switch, Thibaut said, <<On avait sans doute besoin d'un changement à ce moment-là.>> ("A change was sans doute needed at that moment.") sans = without; doute = doubt Literally translated, sans doute means "without a doubt". In classic formal French such as you'd find in historical French literature, that would be an accurate t
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