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  1. Who were the other three? It's disappointing that they didn't show their traveling fans more appreciation.
  2. Upon further reflection, I may have unfairly jumped to negative conclusions about Ruben's work ethic. What appears to be laziness could be a psychological thing. Maybe he has trouble sleeping the night before a game, and that affects his mental acumen and makes his legs feel heavy. Some athletes get so nervous before a competition that they can't hold down food. How is he when playing youth games where there isn't the same pressure?
  3. How much of the lack of fitness could have been prevented by him training harder on his own? If he had put in more time in the gym on his own, run more laps after the others had left, would he still lack fitness? I was never a player, so I don't know how much you can accomplish on your own. For many coaches evaluating youth, technical and tactical mistakes by youth players are more forgivable to managers than lack of passion. They know that youth players will feel lost and confused sometimes. They know youth players will make mistakes on the pitch. Youth players MUST make mistakes on the
  4. I won't jump to judgements at the moment because the details aren't clear. For all we know, the board might have offered John Terry a contract but at a lower salary than he wanted, and both sides are posturing and eventually one side will give in. We'll wait and see. But this is the John Terry appreciation thread, so I'll say this, with the disclaimer that I don't have any inside knowledge of the club. I get the impression that NO ONE at Stamford Bridge--no owner/administrator, no player, not even the most diehard of diehard fans--loves Chelsea as much as John Terry does.
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