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  1. He certainly doesn't look like a "young dude" to me!
  2. Even if he plays, I can't imagine that wearing a mask won't affect him in some way. Are the masks custom made to mold to their faces? The fact that Costa has played through injury and now through a broken nose sends an unequivocal message that he is not lazy, he is not apathetic. Deep down is a passionate hard worker. The difficult task is to bring that out. If you know how to motivate him and give him the positive reinforcement and constructively presented criticism he thrives on, he will go to the ends of the earth for you and for the team. I think Costa has been misunderstood by many, i
  3. Has he done interviews or press conferences lately? Been quiet on social media too. Hazard, Mikel, Courtois etc have all been interviewed. Others are active on social media. Considering Costa's been the most important contributor in the last dozen games and has had a fascinating comeback, I expected to hear more from him.
  4. How did you tear it? How long did it take to fully heal? And what would a professional athlete get instead of the hamstring surgery?
  5. Hmm good question. Is there a way to injure the ACL such that it would require surgery that isn't a tear? Maybe it's a minor tear? A minor tear is still a major injury but not one that would put him out more than a season. Maybe they won't know the full extent of the damage until they cut it open? Fingers crossed. What an awful thing for anybody to go through.
  6. After the season, they should give Guus Hiddink a job as Diego Costa's personal sports psychologist
  7. Here is some information about ACL tears in athletes. This doctor, who was referring to a basketball player, said the recovery is 9 to 12 months. I imagine there are varying degrees of tears though. It's interesting what he said about fatigue and ACL tears. A more scientific explanation of ACL surgery. They cut off part of your hamstring and attach that to your knee As you can imagine, one possible side effect is weakening of the hamstring. This video shows an MLS player representing Hondurus tearing both the ACL and PCL (posterior cruciate ligament). Click on the link at your own discre
  8. Real Madrid has treated its longtime players even worse, and they have no problems getting players. I don't think young players, young people in general for that matter, think that far ahead.
  9. Zouma's injury may have helped John Terry. If Kurt has a torn ACL or something similar, he's looking at a whole season out. The board would be crazy not to renew John Terry's contract.
  10. Who were the other three? It's disappointing that they didn't show their traveling fans more appreciation.
  11. Upon further reflection, I may have unfairly jumped to negative conclusions about Ruben's work ethic. What appears to be laziness could be a psychological thing. Maybe he has trouble sleeping the night before a game, and that affects his mental acumen and makes his legs feel heavy. Some athletes get so nervous before a competition that they can't hold down food. How is he when playing youth games where there isn't the same pressure?
  12. How much of the lack of fitness could have been prevented by him training harder on his own? If he had put in more time in the gym on his own, run more laps after the others had left, would he still lack fitness? I was never a player, so I don't know how much you can accomplish on your own. For many coaches evaluating youth, technical and tactical mistakes by youth players are more forgivable to managers than lack of passion. They know that youth players will feel lost and confused sometimes. They know youth players will make mistakes on the pitch. Youth players MUST make mistakes on the
  13. I won't jump to judgements at the moment because the details aren't clear. For all we know, the board might have offered John Terry a contract but at a lower salary than he wanted, and both sides are posturing and eventually one side will give in. We'll wait and see. But this is the John Terry appreciation thread, so I'll say this, with the disclaimer that I don't have any inside knowledge of the club. I get the impression that NO ONE at Stamford Bridge--no owner/administrator, no player, not even the most diehard of diehard fans--loves Chelsea as much as John Terry does.
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