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  1. TheChelsRVA

    Eden Hazard

    Well this club has always used the academy as a means to make money, not a means to build a squad. Outside of a few outliers it's been a pretty successful business model. Problem is we end up with a bunch of mercenaries who fold at the first sign of adversity, no matter who the manager is.
  2. Cannot stand Jorginho. Kovacic should play there and barkley should come in.
  3. Jorginho and Alonso are terrible
  4. TheChelsRVA

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Three players in our squad consistently show the heart and desire I would expect from a championship caliber team: Kante, Azpi, Rudiger. Everyone else has no heart.
  5. TheChelsRVA

    Jorginho is a Blue

    Jorginho is so limited it's baffling the fee we paid for him. As said above he lacks proficiency in any particular skillset, other than arguably understanding how Sarri wants to implement his football. He touches the ball a bunch but can't dribble. All his passes are sideways or backward. He cannot properly defend when teams counter as he lacks real physicality and pace. I would really like to see kovacic in this role. His defensive ability alone would really help.
  6. Jorginho is the Sarri golden boy. He will never be dropped because we paid an exorbitant fee for a bang average player (and one who is not suited to the PL at that). Kovacic in my mind would be a much better option in his role. He can spray passes and is much much more athletic. He has key defensive abilities as well. But again Jorginho will never be dropped, which is unfortunate he is the cause of lots of our problems.
  7. Don't make a single change. Make the players who got us into this mess carry the burden of the result. Then make changes next game. I wouldn't sub a single person off but you better believe Barkley Jorginho and Alonso are not playing in my side next game.
  8. Sarri is gone. It's over you cannot have a game like this and bournemouth
  9. Alonso stinks. Sub him off