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  1. Clearly the right players aren’t available. I am not shocked we haven’t made a signing. I would rather we wait and get our top targets in the summer. You have to remember these people have contracts and most aren’t actually available. Just because we want to sign someone doesn’t mean they want to/the club want to sell them.
  2. Hasn’t Mount been carrying injuries for ages and clearly needs a big rest? Just when I think Frank is going to give him one he starts him. Happy with the rest though. Thought Gilmour might start but Barkley is better deeper (likewise with Gilmour from what we’ve seen) so it was probably either him or Gilmour in that spot.
  3. Can we sign Batigol instead?
  4. Willian you’re f**king sh*t. I can’t believe every attack is going through such a waste of space
  5. Infuriates me when you see your own players not busting a gut to try get another goal. That break was an epitomy of it. 2/3’s of the team in our own half jogging up the pitch when Willian got the ball. Would like another so I can slightly relax 😩
  6. They have Mustafi as a centre half and we’re not putting the ball into the box. Absolutely criminal
  7. No idea what our best team is at the moment. The only players I have confidence in are Reece who is injured and Tammy who can’t do it all on his own.
  8. The balance isn’t right. We have a few options: Play Kante in his old role ala Fernandinho & Fabinho and buy someone else to put next to him that can create but also has a bit about them to defend when needs be. I was very against this argument last season but the more I watch now the more it makes sense. City literally just won two pl’s on the trot with a cdm to break up the play in front of the defence. Play Jorginho with Kovacic. It worked at the start of the season. We could try it again. Could we win trophies in the long run with this combo? Sell Kante and buy someone to play next to Jorginho that is an all rounder for £100m. SMS springs to mind. (Funnily enough just read his agent is Mateja Kezman). Must be able to attack and defend. Play Kovacic with a new signing. This won’t happen.
  9. How much would we get for him? 50m? To the right league? Is it worth taking the hit and getting someone else in. I wonder if Oblak could be tempted nowadays.
  10. I agree but we just don’t have the players atm. If he plays Jorginho & Kovacic (which he should) then he is left with Mount or Barkley for the CAM position. Barkley is awful in CAM. You could play Pulisic there when he’s back but then that leaves Willian & CHO playing every game as wingers. Not ideal. We need Reuben back fit and new players. Unfortunately we’re just going to have to scrape through until summer I think. I’d rather we do that than buy average players just because we need them. Maybe an older striker that can play 3rd choice when we get a Werner level player in the summer.
  11. Too many false dawns with Barkley. Sell when we can get the most money for me.
  12. Get a winger in who scores 15/20 and assists 10/15 and you’ll all quickly forget about him.
  13. I think that’s just you getting ahead of yourself. There’s no doubting Reece’s talent but TAA has started in two CL finals. He has won one, is a starter for his national team and is about to win the league at a canter. He is a level above Reece at the moment.

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