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  1. rtwelch

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    Do we want Tottenham in the Europa with us? Would be bad if we face them in the knockouts but probably good for our top 4 hopes.
  2. rtwelch

    Mateo Kovačić

    We need quality players for rotation and squad depth, simple as.
  3. On the bus down to London. Cautiously optimistic now. We need to get at them. The blueprint on how to beat them was layed down by Liverpool last season and even Bristol City used it to good effect. We need Hazard to have a blinder. Let’s at least have a go. COYB
  4. rtwelch

    Christian Pulisic

    In the Bundesliga he got 4 goals 5 assists at the age of 19, 3 goals 6 assists at the age of 18 while making around 30 appearances in each season. Not far off Willian’s stats and he’s what 10 years younger?
  5. rtwelch

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    God the stigma on Sarri has really flipped hasn’t it. Sarri’s philosophy is based on defending in a completely different way to other managers. He wants his players to defend in terms of where the ball is and the press is dependent on every player moving as a TEAM. Clearly at the moment the players aren’t doing this properly and that’s why we’re giving away so many chances. In the ‘’offensive phase’’ we have Willian, Morata, Alonso & Luiz who aren’t up to the standard we are desperately craving. Couple that with the imbalance in the midfield and Sarri really is facing an uphill battle. Have said it before but we’re 4/5 players away from challenging for the PL and in the CL. We need to be patient and give the man time and money to implement his ethos.
  6. Fabregas has always been gash at shooting. We’ve been rubbish all over but I have to say, this is the game you want your best player to pull you through and get a goal and he hasn’t stepped up. Hazard hasn’t really done anything in ages.
  7. Give Jorginho a rest ready for City no?
  8. Sarri post match saying Jorginho can’t play in a midfield 2. Interesting
  9. Ampadu playing at right back...
  10. Complete over-reaction. This is the first game we’ve lost all season.
  11. Yes I have and i’m watching this one. He’s either offside or falling over. He’s scored a few goals as well but the amount of attacking opportunities he wastes is unreal. And our best player doesn’t score when he plays with him.
  12. Given up on Morata. Hazard won’t score if he plays either so start Giroud.