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  1. Hypothetically, If Sane was available for the same price which one would you want?
  2. I don't know how this baffles so many people. Most top coaches do it. He's most likely writing down things he does & doesn't like during the game and probably the time it happened so he can easily reference it after the game.
  3. I think it's a formality to activate the extra year. If our ban is frozen I expect he'll move on.
  4. Wouldn't touch him with a ten foot barge pole. He smashed them in against bottom half teams for United but his record against the best is not great. We need a striker who can score against them all.
  5. Just food for thought. Surely Sarri gave a speech before the game so should he be praised for the first half display? Are the players tired? Are they just not arsed? Lacking leaders to pull the team through? I think now our opponents just know they'll start better and it's making it harder.
  6. I think we need to buy a captain. Not exactly easy but someone to get us through these slumps
  7. Callum has just given the ball away 4 times in the last 4/5 minutes. Needs to use his head.
  8. Didn't move for their first as well. Does my head in when keepers do that.
  9. Commentator just said Sarri's Napoli side hit 318 goals in 3 seasons under him. Not bad
  10. I think you are mis-interpreting their use of clear and obvious. It wasn't given as offside during play and it was offside, hence it is a "clear and obvious mistake".
  11. I'm shocked the ref didn't look at it from a different angle on the tv. You can see his skin ripple on his arm from the ball hitting it. Unsure what the rules are but he has gained an advantage from it hitting his arm.
  12. ? All yellows are wiped after this round if that's why you mean
  13. If our ban is frozen surely Didier has a quiet word
  14. We need more left footers in the team and he's supposed to be class so let's go for it.

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