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  1. Looks great against garbage opposition. Nothing new there
  2. Hoping he gets a rest over the internationals. Get that ankle some rest. With my England hat on i’d like to see Maddison given a go as well.
  3. I think a lot of fans have gotten too accustomed to Willian’s mediocrity over the years. He plays well for a few games and all is forgotten. I’m in the lucky/unlucky part of the fan base that doesn’t forget. Imagine we hypothetically got Mane in who has all the energy of Willian but scores every other game. Those fans would be like damn we should have got rid of Willian ages ago. We will never sign him but you see my point. You can have a player who does both. And I really hope the club is scouting for that kind of player as we speak. Fair play to him for playing well but i’m just ready for the club to move on.
  4. Yep echoing the sentiments on here. Looked off the pace but showed what he is all about in moments. Great crosses and that will be such a weapon in the future. I do think players like Reece would benefit from just playing in the same system constantly. I like the adaptability different systems give us but chopping and changing too much can be bad as well.
  5. Tomori looked good but he gave the ball away in bad positions at least 4 times from what I can remember. Let's not pretend he was flawless.
  6. Lamps has got it wrong with the formation
  7. Yep Kante & James off the pace. Pointless having 3 centre halves if they can’t defend one player between them. Kovacic & CHO on for James & Willian.
  8. Don’t really rate the 3 at the back. It works for counter attacking teams but are we that? Especially against a back 4 like against Valencia I don’t think it works
  9. I can’t believe United beat us 4-0. What an embarrassment
  10. If he continues to play well and Rudi stays fit it will put the club in a bit of a predicament as to what level of centre back we go for in the summer. Rudi, Tomori, Christensen & one more will be a good 4 to have. I think Zouma will go to Everton and Christensen might well try force a move after time though. Ampadu I feel will end up as a midfielder. The situation with City just shows you need quality rotation options.
  11. The way Klopp did it with Robertson & Fabinho was a master stroke. Hopefully will be a similar situation to Pulisic.
  12. Shock, Pep has over complicated things and City might drop points again. They’ve just won 8-0 and he completely changes the attack. They are bad defensively but when they are on song offensively the other team can barely get the ball to score. Stick to what you’re good at man.
  13. We will get beat on Wednesday if we play like this. Then we will be in the sh*t in our group

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