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  1. It baffles me how any fan can put Liverpool being f**ked over above their own team’s position. All that should matter is Chelsea qualifying for the CL.
  2. Jovic made his name playing off Haller at Frankfurt. He would be ideal in a 2.
  3. If the season is extended it will be a nightmare for clubs regarding contracts that end on June 1st.
  4. I would sell all apart from Azpi, who is the perfect cover/rotation for Reece. Giroud won’t stay if we sign another striker which we absolutely need to. Pedro’s legs have gone. Willian is the same as he’s always been. Alonso we have to change our whole formation just to fit in. I heard Maatsen might be covering for a new LB signing next season as well now.
  5. Sorry but Everton were garbage. Haven’t seen anything from him to make me change my opinion.
  6. Billy has an engine on him doesn’t he!
  7. He always tries too hard against Everton. Desperate to score a screamer.
  8. We are never safe. Classic Chelsea f**k up there
  9. Maybe he just hasn't wanted to leave? If I was at one of the biggest clubs in a nice hot country, of which I spoke the language I probably wouldn't be in a hurry to leave.
  10. He looks so much better playing further back. Hope he continues his form against Everton because we need him right now.
  11. Barkley is diabolical. If Southgate takes him to the World Cup I will be very concerned for his mental health. Edit: What a goal Barkley the best player ever! Hahahha typical
  12. I can't believe you just put Mount in the same bracket as Barkley. Bow your head in shame.
  13. People forgetting about Ampadu. Sell: Zouma & Christensen Keep: Tomori, Ampadu & Rudi Buy: 1 world class CB
  14. I nearly flipped my coffee table when he didn’t shoot with that chance when he came on. Their defence retreated and retreated and he eventually got to the edge of their box. Could have even passed it but he had a clear sight at goal.

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