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  1. Are we going to get absolutely shafted price wise buying in jan though? We should only be buying world class players imo. Players that go straight into the first team.
  2. How can any defenders be in great form if we’ve conceded 13 goals in the last month? Our defence is incredibly poor all around.
  3. Yeah I was just referring to the replacement for Tammy in that particular game. Giroud for me would have allowed us to keep the ball better and brought Mount & Pulisic into the game more. I am of the parish that your striker needs to score many goals and we’re not blessed like France so in the long term Giroud isn’t the answer. Lamps remembers the days of Didier & Anelka & even JFH & Eidur so hopefully we spend the big $$$ and bring a good one in.
  4. Giroud a better option surely
  5. He’s garbage. How many attacking opportunities does he waste? We will continue to not win/scrape games playing players like Willian.
  6. Tammy probably out for a while now. This is where it becomes obvious we need a new striker.
  7. Said this on another thread but we need 4 players. CB LB ST RW Right back we have Reece who will start permanently by the end of the year and Azpi who will be the perfect back up. Left back is self explanatory. Alonso will be moved on and Emerson will hopefully stay and rotate with a world class LB. Emerson would be a more than adequate back up. Centre back I think we clearly need a calm experienced presence in the heart of the defence to get everyone organised. They will also give the other CH confidence. Hopefully improving set piece defence as well. See Romagnoli. Midfield we are stacked and we have Ampadu and Gallagher who are ready to come in in the next few years. We do however definitely need a striker to challenge with Tammy. Michy ain’t good enough and Giroud will move on. Maybe in January. Wingers I also as self explanatory. We have Pulisic and CHO here for however many years and we need another in the summer to replace the probably outgoing Pedro. Willian I still don’t rate but can’t see us replacing two wingers in the same window. (The only point that negates this is if Frank sees Mount in the left forward position when Reuben comes back. But time will tell on that)
  8. Keeps giving the ball away in very dangerous areas every game. Hopefully cuts this out. I think we need a world class CB in the summer.
  9. Jorginho was the wrong player to bring off
  10. CHO isn’t in the squad. Mount on for Willian surely. Willian has been back to his wasteful self today
  11. Messing about with the ball on the half way line. Such a stupid goal to give away. Why aren’t we pinning them in further up the field? Making runs behind? They win the ball on the half way line and they are two touches away from a shot.
  12. Need to take our chances as they definitely will. On the edge of my seat

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