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  1. 4 full days between now and the next game. Hopefully the lads have the day off and they get a bit of a recharge. I don’t think Havertz will start after seeing his little cameo.
  2. Completely deserved. We’ve been awful. Can barely keep the ball.
  3. We’ve been really poor. I don’t see why he’s left Jorginho on tbh. He drops way too deep for the ball and the whole team then drops with him.
  4. I’m interested to see whether Frank plays our own game and goes attacking with Kanté, Mount & Havertz or a bit more solid and Kanté, Kovacic & Mount/Havertz. Are we good enough to play the former? I’d quite like us to go for it personally.
  5. If we win we qualify so I expect he’ll go full strength. Maybe Mason rested as he’s played a lot but I i’d imagine he’ll play.
  6. I still believe Timo will score. He keeps getting himself into good positions
  7. You can point out a player making mistakes without “blaming” them btw. Werner has been wasteful and Tammy has also. Both in different ways. Tammy losing the ball and just walking back is the most disappointing one for me.
  8. For me that was actually Tammy making a crap run. He should have just stayed behind Werner to receive the ball
  9. Timo is doing my head in today. He just needs to whack it
  10. He didn’t rule out Havertz I don’t think? Which is a plus. I guess it depends how he trains
  11. I think he tested positive 2 weeks yesterday so should be back training this week. Let’s hope he is nicely refreshed and hits the ground running.
  12. You have to remember he was injured for pretty much the whole season. Just like Hazard in that Mourinho season, he was rushed back and played while injured and looked crap for it.
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