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  1. When CHO came on he sacrificed himself on the left for Callum playing there. Tammy playing well midweek justified that formation. He’ll slot in better in the future
  2. If we get another player especially for the money being touted it does make the club look a bit like spoilt brats just throwing cash around.
  3. More quick crosses please Mr Chilwell
  4. Nearly is yeah. I’m talking about our starting XI in the weeks to come. One of Tammy or Pulisic will have to be dropped if Werner plays. I can’t see a way around it personally.
  5. If Tammy starts on Saturday and plays well Frank has a real dilemma on his hands.
  6. Woooo someone but a cross in straight away. This is football
  7. Smiling is not efficient. Only true efficiency makes Kai happy.
  8. Chelsea playing a dangerous game especially as he helped get Werner & Havertz in but let’s be realistic Rudi & AC will be gone sooner rather than later.
  9. Chelsea can apply for an exemption to the quarantine rule as Mendy is classed as an elite sports person. Let's hope they have.
  10. Let’s be honest if Frank went at them and we got spanked 5-0 the media would be calling for his head. It’s really interesting to see how much they have turned after one defeat. He is severely hamstrung atm but some of his choices are bizarre. Some based on behind the scenes stuff we don’t know about no doubt. Now we need to go on a winning run until at least the United game.
  11. A few points from my side: Kepa shouldn't have played in this game Alonso is infuriatingly slow and just passes backwards constantly. Can't wait for Chilwell as long as he's not the same. Christensen did an AC special. Kante is back to full fitness but he keeps messing up so many attacks. He shouldn't be the furthest midfielder forward when we're attacking. Mount is wasted out wide. He should be playing way deeper near to Kante or not at all. Werner is making great runs but the rest of the team are way below his level currently. It's almost embarrassing to
  12. Giroud and CHO on what is he waiting for! And keep Werner on
  13. Kanté ruins so many attacks. He looks back to his best defensively but god he doesn’t have a clue when he gets up the pitch
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