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  1. Jorginho must be going in the summer. I like the changes apart from Barkley. I don’t think he gives us anything
  2. I think we have to go Reece at RB and Azpi at LB. Centre backs I don't even want to think about. Tomori surely not fit enough to come back yet? So Zouma and one of the idiots.
  3. I just meant seeing the description Nevamind used. I'm in no way comparing Tammy with Morata overall don't worry
  4. Gives me Dejavu of Morata! Let’s see next season...
  5. It’s because players have one good game and everyone buzzes over them. Happens every time with Christensen and don’t get me started on Barkley. Why is he playing?!
  6. LOL that’s Chelsea. And what is Tammy doing there? Just falls over instead of kicking the ball.
  7. Yes by 16 so it would be 13 then but we would be 1 point ahead. Or they can lose and Soyuncu score. That's the ideal 😄
  8. Us to win 3-0 and Leicester to draw 0-0 so I get a clean sheet on FPL and we move up top third. That would do nicely.
  9. Can't see this anywhere...
  10. When Ziyech gets 15 goals and 15 assists you won’t miss Willian one bit
  11. What is Kepa doing? Not extending his arms? Absolute basics
  12. Alonso in a back 4 and Barkley against a top side... can’t see them playing well. Not really rating this selection at all.
  13. We need a centre back and a left back. That's been the case for a few seasons now and hasn't changed one bit. Don't forget about Ampadu though...

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