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  1. We don't have the quality in the front 3 to play Jorginho, Kante AND Kovacic atm. Liverpool can get away with it because they have a striker that connects and actually scores and two forwards that get 25 goals a piece. We need goals & assists from midfield.
  2. Saying someone switched off for a goal isn’t making them a scapegoat. They analysed it on Sky Sports and you can clearly see Azpi is only concentrating on the ball when it is played in. Defending corners 101 is to have half an eye on the ball and half on your man/runners coming on. He was flat footed and got beaten to the ball, simple as. Whether zonal marking is any good is another story. Dave is in decline most can see it but I think this is a perfect situation for the transition from him to James. With him & Rudi coming back in I think we will be way more solid.
  3. He should have been sold about 3 years ago. Same situation with Alonso... a few people could see it but somehow most have been blinded as to how bad they actually are.
  4. Shades of Liverpool in Klopp’s second season about us this season I reckon. Lots of energy and attacking intensity if somewhat erratic at times, and a propensity to make mistakes at the back.
  5. Happy with that. He’s stuck with Mount and Pedro for me gives us more than Willian. Tammy off the bench to get his first goal then...
  6. He is in my fpl team for a reason 🤞
  7. He’s been spouting off again to Sky Sports. Moaning he didn’t get a run in the team last season.
  8. Shoot on site. We need way more of that in the team
  9. But they speak so highly of you. Haha that made me chuckle. Trust slowly building
  10. Wouldn’t bother me. We know what he is like and the fact he is seen as experienced despite making silly mistakes all the time isn’t a good look for the younger players.
  11. Another year, another centre back many don’t really have faith in. Seems we will actually need to buy a world class partner for Rudi next summer.

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