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  1. rtwelch

    Jorginho is a Blue

    If the whole team did their job pressing properly he wouldn’t look so vulnerable. He’s not there to be a defensive midfielder. Sarri defends from the front and the sooner the players and the fans realise that the sooner we start winning games I think.
  2. Anyone see BT cut to Bruce Buck’s face after the whistle? Absolutely no emotion on his face. He looked gutted/fuming.
  3. It sounded separate. Reuben’s sub was before and the crowd had quietened down. Then Jorginho came on and some boos. He chuckled because he seemed to hear it
  4. Embarrassment if that was fans booing Jorginho
  5. Willian you f**king melt. Was literally through and could have hit that. Hate that kind of attitude
  6. Get Kante off now jesus. We need him for Sunday
  7. Giroud average, Willian average, Barkley average, Kovacic average, Emerson average, Caballero average. That’s why we’re an average team.
  8. One of our coaches looks so much like Laurent Blanc
  9. Barkley should be nowwhere near our starting XI. Happy to eat my words tonight though.
  10. This means he’ll be playing on Sunday. Not a good thing in my eyes
  11. Just intrigued to see who YOU WOULD LIKE to see start on Thursday and Sunday. Bearing in mind we can’t really play our optimal team in both games because they’ll be knackered plus the fact we play again on Wednesday after the final. Fire away!
  12. Managed to shuffle some work commitments so I can now come to the game. A big thanks to @12medals for doing me a solid and sorting a ticket for me. I had doubts about coming and seeing us being tonked but this is what it's all about right? Getting behind your team win or lose. I'll be there singing my heart out. There's always hope. As @the real shed end says, get down with your mates and have a good day out.
  13. Hi, yes I have a spare ticket for the Carabao Cup Final as my friend can't make it, I am still going.Ticket cost £72 (category 3) - will accept as close as possible to that. Send me a private message if you're still interested?

    1. 12medals


      Ok, perhaps you could pay £35 then another £37 when you have it?

  14. How have United made more subs more than us?
  15. Hahaahahah that’s the biggest joke of an offside call i’ve ever seen