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  1. Witty and your assessments are bang on. Special mention to the Kante one. Did crack me up
  2. The fact he is 20? His stats will likely improve. He has scored 4 and assisted 4 in 20 this season so if he plays nearly every game and his stats get better 15 isn’t too illogical.
  3. Exactly we don't want anyone blocking CHO's rightful position of LW when he's back fit. (Touching wood he stays.) Pulisic can fill in there for the start of the season. These injuries are just increasing the likelihood of us keeping Willian & Barkley I think and with them as rotation in the team I don't see us going anywhere.
  4. Real are big enough to be ruthless. They know they can get both without breaking sweat. Shame really. I thought they would go for Icardi but Jovic seems to be a cheaper and way less stressful alternative. Would hedge a bet he'll go on to be better as well.
  5. Watching him throw his arms in the air moaning at other players when he's had an abysmal game is laughable. Happens so much
  6. I agree on buying rubbish but Coutinho is awful business at 100m. 70m on Pepe and 40 mill on Telles wouldn't be buying cut price average players. Telles has a buyout and the Pepe fee is a lot of money. I think he would be worth it.
  7. Where would he play? LW or AM? I swear he is played out of position at Barca and played his best stuff at AM out on the left for Liverpool a bit further back. Would rather spend the likely £100 million on 2 other players. We could probably get Pepe and Telles for the same price.
  8. Watching Liverpool on MOTD makes me embarrassed with how bad our crossing has been this season. How many goals must they score that way?
  9. People pay the money and can do whatever they like but i do wonder how many are thinking logically after 8 pints. First of all booing will hamper the players in the long run. If they are not trying (like we have seen this season) then the players do well and truly need a kick up the arse and I guess booing is the only way to get your view across. But booing the boss for doing his job and bringing off an injury prone player who is being managed atm is just tacky and isn't helping at all. Football is a lot about confidence and positivity will breed good football and vice versa. If the players are putting a shift in but they're not doing that great then booing is just going to make them worse? First of all we need players that are willing to bust their arse every week AND are willing to play to a system. Can you imagine if a player had the choice to come here or to another club and all they'd seen in the press was the fans booing the team? Chanting "f**k sarriball" over an extended period. They would not want to join us. So there possible goes our "number one target" because he doesn't wanna play in a cauldron of hate. So not helping part 2. Your point about the football is valid but when we were rumoured to hire Sarri I did a lot of research on his style and why he was so reverred by Napoli fans and other managers. I can see for a fact his main philosophies are not being implemented yet so I can only see the football getting better. It is an intricate system so it needs more time and his first year at Napoli had similar issues and in the second season they were completely on it.
  10. I'd ship him on this summer for a profit. Have Reuben + Mount or a signing take the two AM spots.
  11. If he stays people are eventually going to have to get behind him. The constant negativity doesn't help the team.
  12. City, Liverpool & Spurs all have 4.
  13. I can only see this being a good decision if it makes us more money selling him on. If the ban is frozen and we bought a cb to play alongside Rudi, Christensen & Ampadu then why would we need Luiz? People are moaning the team is rubbish and the players are making mistake after mistake. The way to rectify that is to sell the players who can't learn after 12+ years playing professional football. If you can not learn after that length of time you are nowhere near a great player. Sell Luiz, Willian & Alonso for starters. Luiz seems a nice guy but let's not beat around the bush here. He is not the level of player we should be keeping around. That's my cynical opinion anyway.
  14. He's a bit odd but I guess so are most managers.
  15. Spot on really. Team for the final then: Kepa Azpi Christensen Luiz Emerson Jorginho Kante RLC Pedro Hazard ?(Both equally as sh*te)
  16. Yeah odd isn't it. That's what I mean i've never seen him step foot past the lines of the pitch and have read about his many superstitions.
  17. I'm convinced it's one of his weird superstitions. Like never touching the ball. It is weird/a bit sad he never goes out to celebrate though
  18. Reuben has been playing well and scoring because he has been managed well this season. He hasn't been over worked or left on the pitch for too long. If he was no doubt he would have got injured and been out for weeks or months.
  19. The bottom line is, the players we started with today are all average barring 3 players. Thus our performances are average. It really explains a lot.
  20. Hazard loses the ball and just walks. Show some heart boy you're our best player.
  21. If it wasn't for Luiz, we would probably already be through.
  22. Look what you can do with a decent striker. They pull you through. We don't have that.

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