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  1. We play like this after every international break. I’ve seen. The City and Juve games were worse than this but it’s getting tiring seeing us so bad up top. Especially after spending so much money.
  2. How do Liverpool look so good in the early kick offs? They make us look like amateurs
  3. Surely can't be that hard for Tuchel to get Lukaku, Mount, Havertz & Werner in the same side
  4. We've been toothless since Conte's second season
  5. Azpi really messed up that header across the box in the second half. All he had to do was cushion it to Lukaku and it was a certain goal
  6. Really not impressed with this start. Way too casual and messing up these chances. There is a lot of space behind the press
  7. Dangerous game this. Mendy out, Kante not fit and Son back for them. Nervous
  8. Can we go to Turin though? That’s the question
  9. I think we will start the season with 3 at the back but eventually we will move to 4 at the back once Tuchel is satisfied he has coached it into the team enough. If we have learnt anything from Conte’s time at the club, it’s best to be proactive with the formation before it’s found out. I think he will be keen to change to fit Mount in alongside Lukaku, Havertz & Werner/Pulisic/Ziyech as well and 4 at the back allows this.
  10. Get you a keeper that actually dives
  11. No way he’d be 50m. He’s in the last year of his contract
  12. The only thing that would worry me would be the overall height of the team if him and Silva were in a back 4 together. Our full backs aren’t that tall. Midfield are average height to very small in Kante’s case and up top only Havertz is over 6 foot really. I’m sure Tommy Tactics could think of a plan
  13. I would take Ings if it was cheap. The guy scores goals… simple
  14. He could score 20 goals in pre season and he'd still probably go out on loan. Would love to see him in the squad for this season
  15. Camavinga available for €30m. I’d be amazed if Chelsea weren’t enquiring
  16. rtwelch

    New CB?

    Pau Torres? Anyone watched much of him?
  17. I’m a big fan of having a young player as a back up. So let’s back Livramento. Then you have Azpi as even more experienced back up if we need it.
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