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  1. Heard good things about him. Monaco seem to have a nice group of players coming through. Saw highlights of one of their Cl games and their left back Mendy can't half put a ball in.
  2. As soon as Costa and Pedro had that ridiculous tiff I knew it wasn't going to be our night. They should know better.
  3. Remains to be seen I guess. How is his left foot? Just with Dave having the experience of playing on the left side already and Zouma playing right back a few times before?
  4. Where can we see Kurt slotting into this back 3? Presumably RCB? But what does that mean for Dave? Would he go to LCB? Will there be a need to rotate any of the 3 CB's next season for freshness as well? I seem to remember prime Terry playing pretty much every game in all competitions except for injury.
  5. Haha no but I watch every game and I think it's a fair assessment. I am absolutely buzzing with how we're playing at the moment, but we need to be proactive to be continually improve surely? For the record I don't think Dave would make an effective WB despite what I said before.
  6. Because we need to look to the future. Everyone is absolutely loving our current run but some of these players will be found out in the Champions League, simple.
  7. Surely he would replace Moses & a new player would be bought to replace Alonso....?
  8. Does anyone have a clip of the cross pitch curling pass Luiz made nearer to the start of the season with his left foot? I don't think that got anywhere near enough attention. I think it was to Batman who should have scored...
  9. While every player naturally wants to play every week, it's worth noting he's learning his trade alongside one of the best strikers in the world. Watch him grow, and notice when he starts banging them in in a few seasons.
  10. Does anyone know where I could get a Costa 'The Guv'nor' flag like the one at the bridge?
  11. Beginning to be more and more sceptical that there's a place for Fab in this team. Would people be devastated if he left? If not, who could we replace him with? Presumably someone with the same distribution level but more mobility throughout the midfield...
  12. The more Zouma plays with Terry the better I think.
  13. You must never have seen Mike Bassett England Manager...
  14. A wise man once said... if you're old enough, you're good enough.
  15. Such a presence in the box as well.... can't wait til he's back!
  16. My view on the situation, I feel like Conte may know Fab is a half a season player, so is using this as a kick up the back side/chance to give Oscar some time to build his confidence... Views?
  17. Please never compare Matic to Essien.
  18. "Nemanja Matic is a better passer and more of a goal threat than N'Golo Kante..." Souness doesn't have a clue what he's talking about.
  19. I'd be moody if I had Moses & Willian crossing to me as well
  20. When Utd sign Pogba, how can you say they haven't done incredible business? Barring the money they've spent. If we bought a centre half & a left back i'd say we'd be on par with them this transfer window.
  21. I reckon it's just his club media obligations. Not looking good, especially with the Gameiro deal looking to be on hold...
  22. This one really annoyed me. Everyone else can jog on
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