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  1. Surely starts over Werner on Tuesday. Hope he continues to chip in with goals as we really need someone to in the run in
  2. Azpi man wtf. At this level you need to bury that
  3. Well we can’t score more than 3 goals so we’re not winning this
  4. So the West Brom player is let off challenging Werner after he hits the ball and Silva is given a second yellow for that?
  5. If they score we are in trouble. Squeaky bum time soon
  6. Another before half time please! God we could do with one to calm the nerves
  7. How wasteful are we with the ball STILL. So much room is available to us and it’s wasted every single time
  8. Tuchel banking on Ziyech having a worldie game and pinging pin point balls over the top... let’s see if he actually produces today
  9. That is so poor from Ziyech. From a so called wizard his touch and passing has been so bad for us recently. Havertz would have been through if he played it a second earlier
  10. Brain fart from Christensen. Been waiting for that
  11. Havertz up top. Why not try something new? We are barely scoring at the moment
  12. United are playing so badly. They’ll get a flukey goal 100%
  13. Kovacic is great at giving keeper’s nice easy pea rollers to “save”
  14. Anywhere else and that is in. That is a poor finish
  15. Fernandinho is so much better on the ball than Kante. That is what we are missing from a midfielder. Someone that can do the dirty work but also actually dictate play. I think it's no coincidence City are playing so well with him back in there at the base of midfield.
  16. Atletico know we will do absolutely nothing with the ball. They want to sit in and just watch us pass it about aimlessly. Then they will pounce.
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