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  1. I think I worded that badly. Maybe it's more the fact that they're academy lads and they might not like the fact signings have come in for big money. Chilwell is clearly in with that group as well. Just an observation.
  2. Like may have said, the two German’s make great runs but time and time again aren’t picked out. This needs to be resolved. Chilwell & Mount are particularly bad for this. I can’t help but think maybe the English lads don’t like the fact that these guys have come in for big fees and subconsciously just don’t want to pass to them. Maybe I’m over thinking it but it is a coincidence. Reece is bad for it sometimes as well. They need to play as a team and realise these guys can help the team win major titles if we play the right way.
  3. More points dropped. Is there any other way to look at it?
  4. How many times has Jorginho passed through the lines today? It’s like he’s sh*t scared of making a pass that’s even slightly risky
  5. They will get a breakaway goal. You just know it.
  6. Chilwell is pissing me off. This is what Leicester fans said he was like. Constantly passing back and ignoring the runners
  7. There is slightly more zip on the ball but this is exactly the same as the last 2 months. Which is to be expected
  8. Well we needed a shake up. And we got it! Let’s see what happens!
  9. Mendy James Zouma Silva Chilwell Ziyech Mount Gilmour CHO Tammy Werner
  10. I thought he played well today but we're still not playing the ball into him when he makes a run. It was a bad penalty and he needs a lot of work to get his confidence back up. That'll start with the other players trusting him to receive the ball. He's putting a shift week in week out but he needs to improve. Hopefully starting in the week. I like the two up top. Let's stick with that.
  11. Corners have been absolutely atrocious today
  12. Werner’s run ignored again. He would have been through
  13. Innit! Every player wants the cut back! How many tap ins should we have this season?!
  14. Waiting for the players to show a bit of back bone. Reminder they each earn over 100k a week. It really shouldn’t be too much to ask for them to bust a gut every game. Leave it out on the pitch and dig each other out if they’re not playing well enough.
  15. Havertz is the only one moving out the same boring positions
  16. Literally the same move we always try from corners done against us. Embarrassing
  17. Germany got pumped by Spain. He’s been awful ever since. It might be a coincidence but I wonder if that actually affected him.
  18. My stance on Frank being manager is starting to really turn. This crop of players should be mincing teams like Fulham.
  19. I agree it’s not all on Jorginho but he doesn’t make the team better does he? So why is he playing. But then that goes to the manager
  20. Shock. We play Jorginho and we’re dull as f**k. The rest should be slated just as much
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