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  1. i hope this win can boost the confidence of the players and get them back to their top, and i hope is also shuts the haters up (lots of whom are calling themselves Chelsea "fans"), they were getting noisy the past few weeks
  2. before the goal, everyone was OBVIOUSLY afraid of the ball. nobody wanted to hold up the ball even for just 2 seconds, yet nobody wanted to be passed the ball to. either we gave them too much respect or something is wrong with out confidence. the goal evidently lifted everyone's confidence although just for 2 minutes, we could see we were able to (finally) string some meaningful passes to get out of city's press. i pray that it can last beyond the half time
  3. I overslept during the first half (KO was on 2.45 in here...) so just started watching during the second half, 5 minutes in and I knew things would not end well for us. slow movement, indecisive passing, minimum off the ball runs, it was obviously out of character from us. what's worse, even after 2 goals from them there didn't seem to be any urgency from any of the player. it's like watching us putting a Europa League game performance, no interest from the players our performance has gone downhill for a month or so, Sarri has to adapt or improve his tactics, or somehow find a way to motivate the players, whatever it is a change is quickly needed. I've said this in the past with Conte and Mourinho, the factor that led to their downfall was ultimately their own stubbornness to change their approach
  4. magichat

    Chelsea v Fulham (PL) Sun 2nd Dec 12:00 UK

    i hate to be that guy who moans despite a win, but just gotta say that the team haven't redeemed themselves after last week's disaster (bar Kepa who made couple of important saves). the improvement was minimal, and that second half is definitely as worse as our performance last week. the difference being the quality of the opposition was much lesser, even our first goal was pretty much a gift. if the opposition were better, we might have been punished in this game
  5. magichat

    Chelsea v Fulham (PL) Sun 2nd Dec 12:00 UK

    still unconvincing if you ask me
  6. Fabregas passing range and more importantly verticality tonight showed what's missing from Jorginho. certainly limits our options when it comes to attacking
  7. I always wonder how opponents seem to be able to get past our defender(s) so easily, just need a dribble and maybe some one-twos, while we would need about 935 passes to get past opponent's DM. and I haven't even talked about getting a shot on target
  8. sloppy first half killed our chance of winning. very sloppy and dirty in possessions, sometimes i feel like we were passing just for the sake of passing, lots of time toward players under heavy pressure
  9. magichat

    Antonio Conte to Real Madrid?

    I hope this ends Hazard's interest in Real and I hope Conte prefers Navas than snek between the post
  10. can anyone tell me why Morata get yellow carded? he didn't dive, didn't even incite the fight afterwards, mostly the victim in the confrontation, but somehow Pawson decided that he needed to get yellow? wtf?
  11. 1. I was talking about some other guy's comment saying that "Mou is the face of modern Chelsea". the same Mou who's currently the manager of our biggest rival in the "modern days". nothing to do with hate or anything 2. did you seriously just compared Derby friggin County with Manchester United, our biggest rival in the last one and a half decade or so?
  12. newsflash: he's currently United's manager
  13. there was definitely that chant at the end, not sure from which side though. who cares about him anyway, he's the past; as long as he's United's manager he's the enemy we were tied with them in term of points before this game ffs be a little optimistic
  14. although draw is a fair result, it was mostly because our inability to control the game in the second half, so can't help but feel disappointed with the result. btw I thought Sarri made two mistakes in the starting lineup by starting Morata & Willian, arguably the two quietest performers today