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  1. sad, but not surprised at all. which makes it extra sad i'm fully convinced that we came in without any gameplan whatsoever. for 90mins we basically just moved the ball directionless hoping that someone would be able to create something
  2. well that was actually entertaining. but why were we so f*cking dirty in possession though, it's like we kept choosing for the hardest possible pass option. yes sometimes it resulted in mesmerizing pass sequence, but lot of times it led to dangerous opportunities for the opp. had Kepa not pulled a masterclass, we would have lost the game guaranteed. oh well, thankfully we won so let's not moan too much
  3. that's what I thought at first too, but I thought Ruben chant stopped just before the fans clapped Kante, and then few boos among claps when Jorg name was announced
  4. that was really harsh from the stadium fans booing Jorg (if true). the media and social media really have turned up the narrative in scapegoating him. if anyone is solely responsible for our recent demise, it's not him
  5. woke up at 2.45 AM for that, just a few hours before I'm gong to work later. not gonna lie, lately I've been wondering whether it's worth the effort. everytime we have late KO (equals to silly hour for me) we seem to show our worst performance. don't know if I can keep this up
  6. good decision by the board to reject the transfer request (if true). anything can happen in the next 6 months, and it sends message to other youth & clubs that we will not go down easy i'm sure there will be some people who moans "but he hasn't and isn't going to get meaningful minutes in here etc etc, better go to Bayern to get gametime etc etc", to be honest who f*king cares really, we're really thin in the winger department, only 4 wingers and one being Hazard who we depend on so much, one injury crises and it can derail our whole season. i love the kid, but i love Chelsea even more so I'm not going to pretend that I want the best for the kid. no, I want the best for Chelsea, and currently this decision is the best for us.
  7. good win, and a win is always enjoyable despite the boring patches throughout the match. seeing that Kovacic played the 90 mins, really hope RLC can start the next game ahead of him, but only if his back has fully recovered
  8. Alonso was uncharacteristically quiet. which was a good thing I guess? means they weren't targeting his side like pretty much all of our past oppositions did
  9. with Pedro Willian RLC and Giroud presumably still out... I sure hope he does for the sake of meritocracy
  10. Morata playing for the lols here. he was walking back toward the offside line before the header ffs
  11. it's very evident from this match that Barkley doesn't have the footballing brain to perform at the highest level. dude's so slow at making decision, hell even Ampadu decides faster than him, and he only been started playing professionally for some times. how he's able to keep his pecking order for the CM position in front of RLC (as can be seen in this match where he's moved to RW) is beyond me
  12. this is probably the millionth time i see statements like this. you have any solution? maybe a time travel back to the summer so we can repeat the transfer window?
  13. good win. not gonna moan about the lack of chance, Bournemouth displayed an excellent performance til the end, could have been gone either way

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