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  1. the amount of disrespect he got from Chelsea fans is staggering whatever, he's moved on, no point debating anymore what he did or didn't, what he's capable or not capable, what he achieved or failed
  2. I'm not referring to current time when all signs point to his resignation, I'm referring to the whole of last season before the Juve saga. just because Sarri is resigning NOW, doesn't necessarily means those Sarri "cultist" were always wrong defending him LAST SEASON. they wouldn't have known that Sarri was going to resign at the end of the season, and they only did what's supposed of them (which is to support whoever at the helm). absolutely no reason to brand them as "cultist" sorry if it doesn't make sense, english isn't my first language exactly my thought, thank you
  3. apparently backing your current manager is called being an "apologist" and "cultist" now. the state of this fanbase
  4. what's the point of debating his price tag and what he's worth, when his transfer is already done and he's a Chelsea player already
  5. (maybe) unpopular opinion: if Sarri does go, I would prefer Lampard over Allegri as the latter would reverse the progress toward attacking football that we've made over last season (if any)
  6. Cech was very emotional during his interview, those lot don't deserve him
  7. that whole outrage about the training bust up now seems a bit silly doesn't it, Sarri Higuain Luiz all celebrated together. mountain out of molehill i say
  8. didn't check this thread until after half time, reading it you would think we are down 6-0 or something
  9. I'm more concerned to the (alleged) fact that Kante could miss the start of next season
  10. what a sh*te 2 months we've had
  11. Do you think we can make the top 4 next season if we keep Sarri? what makes you think we can finish top 4 with Lampard though, considering he finished 6th in Championship
  12. exactly my thought, I would kinda agree sacking him if we have Pep or Zidane or the likes on the line but it doesn't make sense to sack him and then hire a manager with minimum credential in Lampard, at least not yet however if Sarri himself wants out, that's a whole different question
  13. you might be right that the match goers won't boo him, but for the rest the fans? I highly doubt it I think people wants Lampard not because they are certain that Lampard is a better manager than Sarri (let's be honest, he probably isn't yet) but because they are so fed up with Sarri they would take a lamppost to be our manager just to see the back of Sarri. and when ultimately the going gets though for Lampard, you just know how those set of fans will react #LampardOut
  14. FWIW, I don't think Roman was the one that came up with the schedule. he might be the one that initiated the friendly, but I doubt he worked on the detail of the schedule. probably falls under the responsibility of the CEO and his team
  15. I really wish the management to be held responsible for this but we all know it doesn't work like that around here

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