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  1. Very surprised Munk you;ve actually answered a question without resorting to terrible jokes. Sorry mate I was expecting you to say something like bog off 😀
  2. Is anyone getting else getting ads between posts ?
  3. I was getting the adblock message as well I've unblocked for this site and now I'm getting loads of ads which I wasn't last night and it's a bit intrusive.
  4. Wimbledon away 89 I mentioned before I got locked out tried bunking in all parts of that sh ithole but to no avail. I don't know if keepers tops were available to buy back then bloody awful every one of them. And Frank pulling his shorts down ha ha.
  5. I was at that game against Luton and I don't remember him getting booed well certainly not like against Palace and the away game at Blackburn. I can't recall major booing of him after that but I do remember Pat Nevin's intervention. He played in the 5-0 against Derby and Brighton and Fulham away and I don't recall any booing at all.
  6. Palace away was 81-82 where Canoville got booed. You then said it was his home debut this did not happen Canoville was never booed at the Bridge. When we played Palace at home in 82-83 Canoville didn't play. Again don't believe what a Fulham supporting Tory says he didn't go to Chelsea then as that link proves he was a regular at Fulham. Who do you believe a Chelsea fan who was there or an MP who clearly wasn't.
  7. Absolute bollocks Canoville didn't play against Palace in 82-83. The booing of Paul Canoville was against Palace away 1982 and the following away game against Blackburn which wasn't as bad and was the last away game of the season. Black players didn't get openly booed after that although Keith Jones and Dublin were giving a bit of a hard time but that wasn't because they were black just they weren't very good. Don't believe what Fulham supporting Tory mp's say mate.
  8. http://www.fulhamfc.com/news/2002/november/27/black-amp-white-eye Paul Canoville's debut was away at Palace in 1982 Mellor wasn't there and he certainly wouldn't have been sitting next to a family of Chelsea fans at Selhurst Park.
  9. What did he say when the match was over good game good game. Mellor is not a Chelsea fan no one who says I'm supporting another team just because I don't like what's going on and then when things get a little bit more sedate and middle class comes back is beyond contempt. I was there for all the racist incidents including the Palace Canoville game I doubt Mellor was by the way. I stuck with Chelsea because they're my club I wouldn't dream of supporting someone else. If I felt strongly enough doesn't matter if it was when I was 15 or now mid 50's about anything to do with Chelsea that would be me done with football end of.

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