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  1. I had a Slazenger jumper I bought in Wembley in 81 and every casual had to have Farah's in his wardrobe you couldn't get into nightclubs otherwise. What's striking about this video is Londoners having London accents not that ridiculous patter they talk now.
  2. West Ham and Man City were more or less given their stadiums Spurs, Liverpool and Man United extended there's Arsenal moved in down the road. We've had problems with the Bridge since the 70's due to finances, ground ownership, geography, councils, British Rail, the locals so having the smallest stadium is not that surprising considering none of these other clubs have had these problems to contend with.
  3. I had a couple of pringle jumpers but not the diamond ones bit to Ronnie Corbett for me. I had a nice Burberry jumper that I bought in Haymarket in 83. West Ham wouldn't wear Pringles apparently cause they were considered to be fackin Chelsea.
  4. Irish festival in 1975 it was bloody terrible got moved to Willesden the following year.
  5. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Keith Weller's shirt
  6. A young Ossie and a packed Shed doesn't get better Chelsea wise for me. Presumably this was before the Emlyn Hughes leg break ?
  7. Of course he did he took over from Tim Sherwood !!.
  8. The forum seems to be suffering from Foghorn Leghorn syndrome everything I say everything seems to be posted twice or is really slow being posted.
  9. Good site this quite a few Chelsea articles. https://gameofthepeople.com/2016/08/05/stanchion-gate-at-the-bridge/
  10. Good site this quite a few Chelsea articles. https://gameofthepeople.com/2016/08/05/stanchion-gate-at-the-bridge/
  11. Between 82-84 while the casual scene was at it's height we'd be home to teams like Shrewsbury and Carlisle there were always flares in the away end.😉
  12. I knew blokes who worked in the East and West Stand who would let you in sometimes for free when crowds were poor and a few quid or a couple of pints when you next saw them. All stopped when the MH stand was built they got moved but from about 88-94 I rarely paid officially. The Sunderland game in 85 me and my mates just jumped over the turnstiles in the West Stand and we weren't alone real anarchy that night so many two to a seat that night.
  13. Got to say Ersk I always thought the likes of John Wark, Kenny Burns, Joe Jordan and Souness if they weren't professional footballers they would have been on the pitch at Wembley 77. Swigging the obligatory can of McEwan's tartan bitter all day and going home with half of the pitch . Edit: and this Chelsea legend 😀

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