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  1. I agree with Boyne I don't really miss football at all what I miss is the routine of daily life. Chelsea rarely play on a Saturday so what I miss is going to the bookies to put on a football and racing bet on a Saturday afternoon. I can't see football coming back for months and it's debatable if this season could or even should be finished. Six month lockdown if it happens well football is going to face some hard facts BT and Sky money will be gone leaving some clubs on very thin ice financially and inevitably some lower league clubs going to the wall.
  2. This may have been posted by Bluebeard of this parish.
  3. So many videos on Youtube have an unnecessary soundtrack completely ruins the video.
  4. I have to say I find it disheartening seeing Chelsea fans bickering about this. You can post all the statistics in the world and quote experts and point fingers but just stay safe that's all that matters.
  5. Loads of rucking, Dorigo's goal and that's it really. Got some terrible stick in the pub before and after from Spurs and Arse mates saying you only get to Wembley in a cup hardly anyone entered and made up by your chairman how times have changed !
  6. One thing I think is being overlooked is people's finances are taking such a hit and have other priorities that going to football will be unaffordable for months.
  7. A mate sent me that picture a good while ago I clean up what I download every couple of months and I can't remember who sent it I'm afraid. There is a website called Runnin Riot Mailorder they do those models I think although not of football clubs. Here's a good item that I found which mentions the Shed End and the photos that were posted of Eccles a few years ago. Presumably the guy had a change of heart about publishing more cause they were great and possibly he's got a book in the offing or someone offered him money for them. https://creaseslikeknives.wordpress.com/2017/03/23/chelsea-shed-boys-rare-pictures-of-danny-eccles-co-surface/

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