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  1. I was at this game last game of the season against Oldham in 1980 don't remember that part of the Shed being closed.
  2. This has probably been posted before this is possibly a larger version.
  3. Against Barnsley 84 after the game on the pitch on the pitch. When was the first time you were on the pitch mine was 4-2 against Liverpool 78.
  4. A lot of mind bleach needed for that image and I hope you're not at work 😁
  5. At the full members final my mate nicked a load of ski caps from a stall there were Chelsea/ Celtic ones among them. Never saw anyone wearing one at the Bridge it or you wouldn't last long if you did. If you look at the stall there's an Arsenal centenary scarf so 1986. The first year I heard songs about Rangers was at Watford in the 86/87 season we all agree Chelsea and Rangers are magic was sung.
  6. Can't shake it about unless you're socially socially distanced Munk.😁
  7. I completely forgot Zouma was on loan at Stoke not good enough then not good enough now.
  8. Go to his homepage he's from Saudi Arabia and see if you think he's on a wind up or just someone who's just posted a couple of clumsily written questions. Anyway that's enough from me I'm more concerned about Kepa probably being in goal later.
  9. If you're a WUM it implies that you wind people up are good at it and enjoy doing so that's what a wind up merchant is. If someone said they'd heard rumours that Abramovich was pulling out of Chelsea and then made up a few loose but possibly credible sources and then they got more exaggerated that person would be sussed out after a while. I remember Yorkley sussed out a Spurs fan because he realised something didn't sit right and that guy had over a 100 posts I can't remember his name but his avatar was a picture of Alonso. Someone in poor English saying something along the lines of Lampa
  10. Say you're going to spell something out and then use acronyms IC. I don't think the guy is on a wind up at all someone who was would make their points far more succinctly then he did he just made a rash statement in poor English.
  11. Disagree with him yes but this is over the top it's obvious his English isn't great so no need to throw insults at him.
  12. I could be wrong but I think Chelsea were one of the first with matchday mascots Stamford has been round since the late 70's early 80's. The only other one I remember seeing was Man United's red devil who had to run away after getting pelted by celery in the cup game in 1987😆
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