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  1. Not sure who the guy in the B&W pic is when in doubt say Nutton 👍
  2. Blue is the colour where you going Erks Norway ! I know the Scots are used to the cold but hopefully you'll get a bit of a tan 😀
  3. In the white wall ?. I started going regularly in 79-80 before then I went with cousins or one off games and I'm pretty sure it was their then. What year was the fence put in all the way along the west side early or mid 80's ?
  4. Brilliant. Every high street in every town has an oddball he chose to pay to be an oddball in a football ground 😀
  5. Yes I did have that Grimsby programme if it was against Oldham then it was the last game of the 79-80 season and Nutton and Pates both played !!. We would have got promoted if Micky Droy had stayed fit and hadn't missed the last few games of the season. I remember a couple of mates went to the Swansea 1-1 game where ultimately we lost the chance of automatic promotion. I remember the Oldham game the benches were cheering all the time they were following the Notts- County- Birmingham game that finished 3-3.
  6. I've just got back from the pub I might have this programme so I'll have a look over the weekend. I'm with you I think it's Nutton or Stride it's definitely not Patesy.
  7. Still cleaning my computer apologies if any of these have been posted before.
  8. Bristol Rovers 1980 that's a terrible ground even for back then and looked even worse after our fans left 😀
  9. I do love a picture of the Shed from any era and a picture you posted a while back Boyne is my avatar on my Whatsapp.
  10. Having a clean up on my laptop sorry if any of these have been posted before.
  11. John Boyle on the left. PB looks a bit frail.
  12. Everton in the league cup a very eventful night off and on the pitch.

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