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  1. Pretty much the same I would say back then. Rangers are a different prospect now Loftus Rd is quite an atmospheric ground and a few teams have found out you can't take liberties including Millwall a couple of weeks ago. My mate works in White City and says the place is full of nutters and the days of away fans turning up and drinking in the local pubs are a thing of the past.
  2. A mate sent me this Spurs fans leaving at half time 🤣
  3. Big Match Revisited the other day Newcastle -QPR who had some really good players by the way but as the highlights started the away end looked packed I thought there's no way they brought that much. They get a corner and there's a section with about 40 people that was their support. Very similar to when teams like Oldham and Burnley came to the Bridge but in hindsight I don't blame them anyone who brought over 200 got the Northstand welcome.
  4. As mentioned on here before I would say those windows at the back of the Shed were to place bets on the dogs. We borrowed Coventry's away kit in 97 here it looks we've borrowed Forest's home one.
  5. Don't think I ever used the gangway to leave the West Stand and I wasn't alone never saw a single person fall although I wouldn't try it now 😆
  6. More rust than Steptoe's Yard one for the kids there but what I am enjoying is the stream I'm watching it on there's no co- commentator. No spitty scouser, no Neville, Hoddle, or Savage etc wish it was like this all the time.
  7. Cleaning up my computer some of these have probably been posted before.
  8. Not sure if this worthy of a topic but I didn't know where else to put it. After Matthew Harding, Peter Osgood and Jimmy Greaves died our next game has been against Spurs. Exemplary behaviour from both sets of fans on all occasions as well.
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