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  1. Some graffiti from Minder and the Evening News was a far better paper then The Standard my old man used to buy it for the tube journey from work.
  2. Forgot about that game the Graham Stuart goal was superb. How come you don't post much anymore CB you always have some great photos/stories in your locker.
  3. Because this is a Chelsea forum and we're Chelsea fans perhaps ? Edit : You're talking about in media circles well the pressure is only going to be ranked up further if we lose to Fulham. As for Mourinho someone should tell him he hasn't got the Chelsea defence of 2004-5 and when they take the lead they need to score another one at least especially when that team includes Dier.
  4. Looks like training sessions were popular under Hollins. He had that Palace twat Ernie Whalley as his number2 who was supposed to be a sergeant major type.
  5. Everyone has had bad haircuts Chi but nothing could come close to Clive Walker's🤣 It's the straightness of the fringe and then what looks like the shape of a bell. My mate's son found some photos of us at a weekend piss up in Margate from 1990 when the baggy scene was at it's height my mate's got on a coat that looks like something that might be worn on Harry Potter it's more like a cloak.
  6. He chose to buy these players and it's his job to integrate and get the best out of them. It's increasingly looking like we bought Havertz because we could he looks completely lost at times and I know he's young and had Covid but judging on his performances well I doubt he will turn it round goal aside he didn't play well against Morecambe either.
  7. Sheff Wed not sure of the year possibly 96-97 or the 4-1 I. Probably from a fanzine.
  8. You'll be posting pictures of that Chelsea legend Tony Godden next Ersk 😆
  9. The moustache wasn't that bad !. I must admit I never heard anything about that Clive Walker yes. He scored for Derby in 83 which started all the trouble and seat throwing I was glad I was in the seats cause some of the Chelsea fans below were getting hit by them. He reminds me a bit of Mason Mount there was a big section of the fans who never took to him regardless of how many goals he scored or how well he played.
  10. Three Palace players and one Chelsea player with his back turned that's not a good photo to post Ersk 😂
  11. Not Chelsea but I'm sure we can all relate to this 😁
  12. A Kepa clean sheet and a Werner goal both rare and welcome apart from that it was crushingly dull.
  13. Was that 78 ? I was at the game they equalised in injury time I remember the whole ground shouting '' Blow the Fuc King whistle''. I'm pretty sure that game was on The Big Match and I saw it a few years ago online because Ian Britton changes his boots to what look like Adidas Samba although there might have been a trainer especially adapted for hard pitches sort of cross between a trainer and boot. That game doesn't seem to be online anymore unless your willing to pay which I'm not !
  14. Hideous looks like the sort of top that a team of merchant bankers would wear and were sponsored by the Financial Times. If it's not Chelsea it's nothing.
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