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  1. Probably the best picture of the Shed I've ever seen. Think it must have been a pre season open day. Looks like a guy is wearing the 89 away shirt (almost dead centre).
  2. I went to all the Newcastle games the 4-0 twice and the 6-0. The 6-0 was the first time I heard us sing a song to the tune of Tom Hark. '' The Geordies sing I don't know why coz after the match they're gonna die''. The 4-0 in 83 was probably the best performance of the season we destroyed them that day. I've still got the programme from 79.
  3. Villiers Road. They used it as the old bill station in Dangerous Davies The Last Detective.
  4. I was watching the Europa League Final on Youtube (everyday since ) and clicked on the link for the 2004 Champions League game against Arsenal Ambrosio was in goal I completely forgot about that (and him to be honest😀).
  5. bluehaze


    This is such a great picture rather than just put it as a random post I feel it deserves it's own thread. Every Chelsea manager who's won a trophy and every trophy we've ever won.
  6. Jamie Redknapp once said '' The ball was literally put on a plate for him'' just a ridiculous thing to say.
  7. Why do people always use the word literally out of context. Jamie Redknapp's favourite word someone who could string passes better than he can string sentences.
  8. You comment on the 80's something you know nothing about more or less saying it's irrelevant like football only started in 1992. And then you blame us for the bad atmosphere at the Bridge and call us old farts your a real charmer mate. Give me the 70's and 80's any day rather than the greedy, grasping, sanitised pc version we've got today. We've done our bit it's up to the youngsters to provide the atmosphere but they'd rather play on they're XBox's That's enough from me it's time for my afternoon nap and my packet of Werther's Originals.
  9. But some of us can accept it if we don't. Of course I wouldn't want to see Chelsea relegated but as someone who's seen them relegated three times in the past I would still support the club not sure you would.
  10. Who cares what our sponsors think ?. If we collapsed as a big club I would still support the club would you ?. If we never won another trophy so what I had to wait 26 years before I saw us win a trophy in 1997. The modern football fan only thinks of money and glory but without the passion. Some of us our proud of our history doesn't matter if it was watching a poor team in a run down stadium it's my Chelsea roots and I'm not going to forget it.
  11. Presumably this was a pre season tournament ?. It reminds me of a mate of mine (RIP) he was always coming out with trivia questions in the pub pre internet. He said '' Which fighter got put on his arse every fight he had but got up to win every single one of them ?''. Most of the pub were guessing including the know it alls who were quoting geezers pre second world war. After about an hour everyone had given up so we said ok you've got us stumped who was it ? my mate with a massive grin on his face took a deep drag of his ciggie took a massive swig of beer and said Popeye 😂
  12. They probably bought their clobber from here.

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