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  1. Oldham and Cardiff coldest places I've ever been Stoke probably getting the bronze.
  2. Why are so many people in the left hand corner I wonder ?. Plenty of space in the Shed although the white wall and middle covered bit looks pretty full.
  3. Blimey Cockney Rebel I bought a couple of issues was sold by an old geezer as I recall I think he produced it by himself.
  4. Yeah I was at that forget about it completely. Also Watford away in the cup possibly 87 we got locked out.
  5. Was it our first ever game on a Sunday ?. It was pre premier league and I can't remember off the top of my head any other Sunday games at the bridge. Edit: Apart from holiday matches that happen to fall on a Sunday.
  6. The semi final against Wednesday was such a weird day playing on a Sunday the atmosphere was flat and we played terrible. I'm convinced we would have won if it was midweek .
  7. bluehaze


    I bought this scarf from a clothes company a couple of years ago but I haven't worn it as I thought it's a bit to QPR. But now with the blue socks we wear I'm thinking about wearing it so question is if you saw someone wearing it would you think that geezer is a Chelsea fan or not ?. I'm incredibly paranoid that people would think I'm not a Chelsea fan although I could put a pin badge on it but you'd have to be near me to see it. Pete Townsend wears one on the cover of My Generation I'm not sure he's a football fan but he does come from QPR territory.
  8. I've still got the programme mad day. I was 14 loads of ice on the terraces I could only see the top of the goal, got badly crushed getting in we didn't know there was a kids entrance and I've never seen so many geezers still clearly pissed or with hangovers. And of course Fillery scoring the first goal of the 1980's which was something we boasted about at school .
  9. It was a good day and first time I'd seen Chelsea at Wembley but I can't agree with your statement it was a tin pot trophy that Bates organised with none of the then top five in it. Beating Spurs 5-1 and the final against Liverpool and the 2-1 semi final against Arsenal were brilliant. Even the 2009 final against Everton was great because a pub in my area was run by a Everton fan who had a load of mates come down seeing their faces after the match was hilarious.
  10. Hell of a quiff on the lino the old Brylcreem bounce

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