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  1. I remember watching the highlights on The Big Match don't know why we didn't wear our home kit. Don't know about everyone else but we had a black and white telly in 1978 and I thought when a game was televised one team had to wear dark tops.
  2. I completely forgot as it goes !. I was at his last game against Oldham in 1980 I've never heard the Shed sing someone's name so loudly.
  3. https://www.podbean.com/premium-bonus/n8x7pkdg-26dd/The+Chelsea+Special+Podcast
  4. No because no one on here will know who he is without googling him and that shirt has nothing to do with Chelsea erks. Someone who played for Chelsea in 1905 is not of much interest to me to be honest a picture of Ron Harris in what looks like a Stoke top that Scott posted is.
  5. Great find Scott these are the sort of pics we need more of rarities not randoms.
  6. There is a video of that goal at QPR on youtube but for some reason I can't upload it. I went with a mix of QPR and Chelsea mates we sat in the stand to the right of the Loft not a good day.
  7. Good shout not sure to be honest. We've both mentioned the 89 game before I got locked out think you did as well. The following season when we played them we were standing next to a geezer who I don't know if you remember it he starred in an ad where they used He Ain't Heavy by The Hollies I think it was for Miller Lite or something. I saw him quite a few times after also about the same time a guy who was in Eastenders I've never watched it apparently he was a punk or something. Also in the 90-91 at Plough Lane our firm took residence in the home end behind the goal not sure why they bothered they wouldn't have had any resistance !.
  8. Harry Enfield's spoof was so accurate😀

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