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  1. These mate ? I can't say I ever had one had an Adidas one which unused would be worth £75-100 on Ebay.
  2. What the bloody hell is a headbag or are you talking about a sports bag by Head ? or a headband ? I can say I've never seen anyone wearing them at football or anywhere else apart from John McEnroe.
  3. Bloody hell I didn't know that the only decent Burt Reynolds film in my opinion.
  4. Cleaning up my laptop some of these may have been posted before.
  5. Ron Atkinson who's use of phrases has given us early doors, lollipops and many others used the phrase several times duelling banjos which I had no idea was him referencing Deliverance.
  6. It sounds like a riddle mate what are you talking about clothes ? you have to be more specific than red/ blue ones
  7. Agreed no young bloke went clothes shopping in Marks. Farah's I had a couple of pairs but you never wore them to football but would do clubbing as you had to have a pair of strides to get into every single nightclub in London in the early 80's. I can only think of one where you couldn't and that was Morgans by Paddington station mind you I was only 16 in 1982 so you wore them just in case. They tended to be sold in gentlemens outfitters where you could buy everything from school uniform to cheap suits Micks in Edgware Rd sold them.
  8. Does anyone remember the face in the crowd in the programme? I stopped buying them when I left school in 82 so not sure how long it went on for. But the first thing you'd do was see if you're in the pictures which is exactly what I did with those Cambridge photos posted I'm just out of shot unfortunately in this one. I could make out myself in a picture in the Mirror during the trouble at Derby 83.
  9. There's a few Chelsea goals scored and conceded in this their's one for Man City that's like a schoolboy scramble the scruffiest goal I've ever seen.
  10. I'd been away with Chelsea several times as a schoolboy and seen us take grounds over with numbers but this was on a different scale. When you think they were a non league team till 1970 (they played Chelsea to celebrate that think it had something to do with Ian Hutchinson being an ex player) the ground just wasn't up to having Chelsea on the first day of the season. Official crowd 8,500 or something was just bollocks there were far more in then that although as I said previously not all of them paid !
  11. Here's some more from Cambridge 82 I hope you don't mind Charierre I don't like piggybacking on someone else's posts. I had just left school and was due to start my first job the following week can't believe it's nearly 40 years ago.
  12. That's the stand I was in to the right out of picture. I don't think anyone paid in and there was a camera crew on top of that stand they didn't hang about and legged it. It was similar to Sunderland at home in 85 the turnstile operators just gave up trying to stop fans jumping over.
  13. I'll never forget the 82 first game of the season total anarchy. Pop Robson scored a great goal.
  14. In a perverse sort of way I'm glad we didn't equalise extra time with nine men it could easily have ended up 4-2, 5-2.

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