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  1. You were 17 and had a 15 year old bird ! I hope you weren't shagging her mate that's an absolute disgrace.
  2. Seems stuff we post on here is being put on Twitter normally it's the other way round 😁. I posted these on Monday and were put on Twitter on Friday good to see all Chelsea fans appreciating good photos and memories.
  3. Shed t-shirts are good don't know about the rest of their stuff does anyone remember the kids show Parsley the Lion that's what it reminds me of it looks nothing like the Chelsea badge. https://www.cfc-blues.com/#/store
  4. Bookies maybe like a portacabin ? Great picture.
  5. That was the sort of turnout you saw all the time late 70's early 80's our reputation had a lot to do with it but you could count the away supporters from the Shed even though they were so far away . So many of my mates at school either converted or started supporting Chelsea cause of our away support and we were a struggling second division team. Comparison from home attendance to away no one brought the numbers we did and that includes Man United and especially Liverpool.
  6. Someone posted this on Twitter think it was the first time I sat at an away game. We were terrible but as usual our support was superb.
  7. One place I was never in although I know plenty of blokes who were regulars luxury flats on the way I would imagine.
  8. I was at this game with a gooner mate in the East Stand Arsenal made an appearance in the West Stand I posted the pictures a while back, but what I want to know is what's happening with the benches I don't recall it being like that more or less empty although it was 34 years ago and my memory isn't what it was !
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