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  1. This is a really good site first impressions those shorts are borderline ponographic and PB's tracksuit bottoms seem to be flares.
  2. I was at that game there was a massive snow storm for about 10 minutes of Tromso proportions then it was gone as quickly as it came. You're excelling with your posts erks real legends in Dennis Rofe and Tony McAndrew😆
  3. His son Chris posts some really good photos on Twitter I've posted a few on here.
  4. There is a video I've seen recently of Cruyff selling a dummy to Ray Lewington which is brilliant but I can't remember from where.
  5. Looks like Fulham 1980 never forget the thrill for us 13 year olds Hicky and his firm getting on at FB and sitting next to us and getting off at Putney Bridge all together. One of our older lot (15) told us who he was we didn't have brag about it Monday at school.
  6. Well West Ham, Arsenal and Liverpool have a very limited repertoire about three songs between them bubbles, walk on, and the monotonous Liverpewl Liverpewl or Arsenal Arsenal
  7. When the Northbank was being rebuilt Arsenal had a mural up and piped in fans singing that twat Tony Adams actually waved back when his name was being sang 😂. Mind you he was probably shocked to hear the crowd at Highbury.
  8. Cheers do I have to chip in for petrol money ?😁

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