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  1. Don't think I ever used the gangway to leave the West Stand and I wasn't alone never saw a single person fall although I wouldn't try it now 😆
  2. More rust than Steptoe's Yard one for the kids there but what I am enjoying is the stream I'm watching it on there's no co- commentator. No spitty scouser, no Neville, Hoddle, or Savage etc wish it was like this all the time.
  3. Cleaning up my computer some of these have probably been posted before.
  4. Not sure if this worthy of a topic but I didn't know where else to put it. After Matthew Harding, Peter Osgood and Jimmy Greaves died our next game has been against Spurs. Exemplary behaviour from both sets of fans on all occasions as well.
  5. You can see it in this pic as well where Ossie looks like the CFC is on his shoulder 🤣
  6. A while ago a photo was posted not sure who might have been me or @erskblue where it looks like there's windows or something in the back of the Shed. Definitely looks like there's something there.
  7. Apart from what happened on and off the pitch what made it even worse was The Big Match used the Wilkins miss on the opening credits for the whole of the following season.
  8. This flag has reached it's Go Fund me target of £3,000 !! and should be on display in the Shed soon.
  9. Sums it up pretty lethargic bound to improve on Sunday though. I've been patient with Ziyech but I'm just not seeing it not a top rank player.
  10. Last one of these but it's funny what you notice looking at them. Martin Keown on Pat Nevin I can't work out if he stumbled or it was a Boris Johnson charity match type tackle. But best of all is the way the commentator pronounces Roy Wegerle 🤣
  11. Just wanted to post this just because Townsend's goal the ball doesn't touch the floor. I watch The Big Match revisited now and then and what you notice and especially Liverpool is Clemence kicking the ball straight out of his hands and they never played with a target man as such this was Dalglish's era.
  12. Saw this on Twitter the Shed end hoodies are ok but that lion is dreadful it looks like something you'd get as a sticker in London zoo's giftshop. https://www.cfc-blues.com/#/store
  13. Think Villa in the league cup would be a better option.
  14. What do you think of Scousers, Anthony Taylor and Spurs lads ?
  15. It was his first game in the Prem don't know why people use the most overused word literally thank you Jamie Redknapp. No one was expecting a Messi type performance but we weren't expecting that although hopefully he will improve.
  16. Saul is going to need a Road to Damascus conversion to stay part of Tuchel's plans.
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