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  1. It's 25 years since I was involved with Sunday football but now it should be a prerequisite that when you send your squads details at least one of them should be a first aider. If that was Hackney Marshes yesterday hate to say it but it would have been a different outcome if someone was trained in first aid they'd have a fighting chance.
  2. 11 stadiums hosting Euro 2020 and Chelsea have won trophies in 4 of them
  3. If this has been posted and commented on then I apologise but I had no idea there's going to be safe seating in the Shed (that's the rumour could be just new seats). For me one of the reasons the atmosphere suffered was putting away fans in the Shed far better when they were in the E/S Lower.
  4. I'm not on FB my kids are it's not really my thing 😁
  5. His main asset was his pace and that's gone.
  6. Bale clearly finished at the highest level China or the States beckons.
  7. Brilliant love that @Boyne brings back so many memories. It's funny I went to my first Chelsea game six years later and the atmosphere in and out of the ground was so much different. Seeing mates go together like we used to and really young but everyone did it then. That's why I could never understand why people in London supported Man United or Liverpool you went with mates to football with kids from your school/estate etc.
  8. Just wanted to post these to highlight how much better tops were back in the day and no pun intended cause of the Bobby T photo 😆
  9. Another thread ruined by @Munkworth and @Malta Blue with their inane banter sorry but it has to be said this of all threads should be celebrated.
  10. When someone dies can you imagine anyone's boss (apart from Bates) writing on the works magazine/ newsletter this employee was a hopeless pisshead.
  11. One of the reasons I hate Bates as a bloke (put aside what he did for the club) when JMcN died he just slagged off his lifestyle and said his flat was a tip. No need to mention either the poor bloke was a alcoholic and how he lived his life shouldn't have been commented on in Bates programme column.
  12. In my experience I would say at least 80% of people under 30 support Arsenal in London. We have a lot of young temps at work nearly always Gooners.
  13. It's Spurs always has been always will be. As a man in his mid 50's I can honestly say I don't know and don't think I've ever met a Man City fan. That was the worse thing about the Super League our rivalries with QPR, West Ham and Leeds would have been gone. I know plenty of QPR and West Ham fans I don't know a single Real Madrid or Barcelona fan.
  14. https://twitter.com/imartges/status/1401517303230046212/photo/2
  15. https://twitter.com/imartges/status/1399037891641319424/photo/2
  16. We beat them 2-0 in this game as well 😁
  17. Quote from Conte: I'm not the right man for Spurs I just don't know how to polish a turd.
  18. Even though the bloke who tweeted this got it massively wrong It's almost like a charity thing where someone wins a competition and turns out for Chelsea 🤣
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