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  1. Recall mentioning sometime back that Conte was the best defensive ( defence organization) coach in Europe and some folks thought otherwise and said it was you know who. Best defence in all the major leagues in Europe!. Merry Xmas and a happy new year in advance to every shedender. Forza Chelsea, Forza Conte.
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/nov/18/eden-hazard-antonio-conte-chelsea Very good article. Headline's a click bait though.
  3. Still the old arguments about him downing tool and not able to forgive him. Last season is gone and Im sure many really don't care why he wasn't up to it last year ( maybe his dog died or something, who cares?). He's a class player and it's a privilege to watch him play in that lovely blue color. Must be a cold hearted bast*rd to watch Eden right now and not have 'bro' love for him.
  4. Conte has reiterated that Chelsea are still willing to spend the big money but that the issue is rival clubs' reluctancy to do business. "We didn't refuse to spend the money for the right targets," Conte insisted. "The situation is that the target is not available to buy and to spend the money on. "Then I also told [them] that I'd prefer to spend a lot of money on the right great player, not on a medium player."
  5. Don't you get tired of posting the same thing repeatedly?
  6. he hasnt "sussed" him. Still early days as Conte rightly pointed out.
  7. 25 million for Mandzukic's experience and ability to attack a cross into the box. Does Traore have these abilities yet?
  8. A shame he has to be dropped in order to accommodate a player like Matic ( maybe we should just accept he's a lost cause) or Oscar who can put in a shift but offer absolutely nothing upfront. And for once I'm worried because Conte sounded frustrated when saying they needed numbers in defence, clearly stating he's only an injury away from crisis at the back. If after the transfer window we still inevitably have to start Iva,Cahill and Terry, I fear Cesc will leave come the winter window as the manager has no choice than to keep protecting the back four.
  9. According to Il Messaggero in Italy,Chelsea have made an official €50m bid for Koulibaly; an offer described as ‘mind-boggling’ by the newspaper. http://sport.ilmessaggero.it/calciomercato/napoli_il_chelsea_offre_50_milioni_di_euro_per_koulibaly_conte_non_parlo_di_lui-1913435.html
  10. We found Papy and Hector last season If one looks at the profile of central defenders being pursued, one would realize we are after the ball playing types, very difficult to acquire them to be honest, unless of course papy and hector.
  11. Show working mate. That was really an insane statement.
  12. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/chelseas-cesc-fabregas-offered-european-8639367 Rumors won't go away.

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